Team Dignitas vs NORDIC-eSport (12377 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
fi olBaa
si Jakazc
be Lazio
gb Griim
no Eirik
de kReSti

Playoffs:Loser Brackets Round 4
02.06.11 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: YCN Spring Challenge 2011
Manager: Robert (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 123100
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Radio Commentary
By: eujeN
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Language: English

Total Slots: 100
Listener Peak: 23

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 294


1st easy 4 nordic



Izi 4 Night
lol xD
just got back from army?
not an excuse. He should not have played because he was not prepared to compete on this level yet. Lightning should've played untill night was back in shape. he is, in my opinion, the one to blame for the loss of dignitas.
You are here to blame
Nope. i'm just stating a point that is imo shared by a big part of the community.
I hOPE het gets back in shape and fast! But he shouldn't play if not ready.
your ego is the thing to blame. ugly fuck face.
Dignitas is praccing for LAN with their LU, they honestly dont give a shit about the online competitions
shit admin
I was referring to stats and fact that Night is not in shape yet and most likely won't be on such short notice. stop the mad cuz you failed vs nevo
go Eirik
You have € 1449 on dk NE
Possible win: € 6361.11

nordic lost
gl Dignitas!;)
You have € 400 on dk NE
Possible win: € 1604
gl Eirik
gl stownage!
gl Kresti
gl Eirik
stown und krest regeln das schon
Gl Nordic :D It will be nice war ;)
You have € 12221 on dk NE
Possible win: € 27008.41

all on dave
Remove that bet u gay, I want to earn more moneyz
You have € 104 on dk NE
Possible win: € 299.52

all on dave, no pressure
Gl Stowni!!!
You have € 336 on dk NE
Possible win: € 823.2

All on dave
You have € 100 on dk NE
Possible win: € 279

All on dave but i'll blame henk if i loose
dave doesn't lose.... ever
gl thommy und simone
und was is mit sebi? :<
ok team macht mal keinen quatsch ja, ich setz mal geld auf euch weil ich euch lieb habe.herz.♥
gl stown & krest
gl night
You have € 250 on dk NE
Possible win: € 717.5

You have € 20 on dk NE
Possible win: € 49.6

all-in on mah boys!
will jaka play or olbaa ?
Ich liebe deine Kommentare haha :D
gegen queens hat olbaa gespielt und des war nach den news
Nah, er ist bestimmt noch als Backup bei denen bzw. steht im Team drin...
03.06.11 00:30 AFT
What Da ... o_O ?
polak cannot into timezone
A no faktycznie :D
polak cannot into reply
no Night and Jakazc tonight, dignitas gathering mercs atm
cancelled or rescheduled?
Quote by Robaciekdignitas gathering mercs atm
so you're allowing mercs? just clearing that up, i know how you like to do things "differently"
if they aren't mAus then why not? better than getting forfeit
thing is. if you allow a merc (or two) , you cant really say no to any merc they get. so if they get sqzz and maus, well, youll just have to let them wont you....
but those both are playing the cup alredy with their own teams as far i know
I can easily refuse sqzz and mAus because they are playing for other teams that are still in the tournament ergo they can't use them according to the rules :)
my point is though, that using mercs isnt in the rules? or correct me if im wrong (and i usually am) , so if you bend the rules for a game to go ahead, how far do you bend them? i just want to know if i have to up my bet on NE or not :D
there is no rule on how many people you can add to lineup during cup
so..... these mercs..... STAR. they turning up :D
np tell em im avi

gg guys
Pls hold me up2date!
eujen shoutcast :PpPpPp
who is bab? :<
oh well everyone was telling me random names and i was rly unsure thx :P
fresse noob 3on3?
geh jetzt zur gf
dreckiger jude!
sagst du zu ihr auch, "du bist der beste?" oder sowas? xD
sie ist die beste :P
du bist der beste in et un sie is die beste in rl :o

gute skill verteilung :D
natürlich :P beste!
ihr seid schon die besten xD
fuck yeah, dignitas! Gj
You have € 200 on
You won € 352
gg wp :)
to bad :<
Was good game :D
Action of the match - JaKaZc on goldrush ;) ftw
what did he do ?
With gold run all way to truck and made 4 kills during this run :D
Goldrush complex for NE continiues
Gratz to those who thought that lazio can beat dignitas :D:D
war ja klar... gg drago :D
No idea why people bet on us. :D
You have € 20 on dk NE
You lost
You have € 3000 on dk NE
You lost

trusted in you!
people want to see you win dave maaan :) trying to boost ur self-confidence.
lol kresti :) i win 143 € :D
You have € 796 on gb
You won € 1400.96

was it question?