Rise and Shine vs aToOn - logic (6394 views)

gb h3lix
ee JyrkZ
be Sh1zzle
ee Sinnu
nl stib
fr inVi
fr Gast
fr jAu
fr talG
fr mustee
ESL 5on5 Summer League 2011
Division 1
Group D

13.07.11 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 5on5 Summer Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: stiiib (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 39400
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 43


GL Invi, Gastéropode & talGounet ^^
hf atoon :)
gl m8s :)

david back?:P
gl les frogs & stib !
fr mustee ahahah !!
uk mustee ! :) andrew !
OH NOEZ OH NOEZ OH NOEZ! gl mes coupines en slip! <3
gl darren ;D + shizzle+stib+sinnu :)
gl atoon!!!
gl stib & invi!
You have € 3000 on <?/aToOn
HF frogs
gl r&s!
Gl jauzephe
gl de mustee !
de mustee plz
gl les nubs
Izi jau
61 € on eu r&s Lost

dtc :XD
good lack naabs! gonna be tough :) de mustee plz!
gl easy for atoon bosses!
izi for stib lol

gl de mustee!
gl talgess and garstige gast!
GL stib h3lix Sh1zzle
den deef ga rape :)

en de shizzle ook pakt
hey remove that german flag!
Qu'est ce que tu fous en angleterre maintenant ducon?

Arrête de voyager tu m'donnes le tourni!
speak english u tit. I aint french!
seriously though, put money on the frenchies.
+1, never heard of em, and yet their owning good teams...
but i believe in u guys, U CAN DO IT!
theyre french. and if you have never heard of them, theyre the greatest players in the history of the world when you need them to be.

Gonna be mega ownage for them.
I know them. I have played vs them in ESL SC too :) and they r beatable
(and its me specula :P)
stop that you just want better odd :F
check my gbooky, im not joking! all on you
so if you were not joking why are you still so mad and so fucking arrogant ?
i have every right to be mad and arrogant. You were throwing molotovs in jaymod 6 months ago. now youre any skill you need to be.
if you have every rights to be stoopid so i'll deal with it .
and yep I master the art of playdead and double jump dont be jealous i'll teach you
gl buddy :)
You have € 1000 on r&s
Possible win: € 1480

You have € 870 on r&s
Possible win: € 1278.9

gl david :)
gl r&s
Edu Sinnu!
luck&fun r&s
r&s no polak= win gl
gl dav1d
GL Mustee
Jau montre leur ce qu'est le phaskill ! :)
le paskill tu veux dire? :{D
dav1d > elviss gl sinnu <3
Gl h3lix
montrez le quakeliveskill gast et jau.
ohh mata will play :O
You have € 20 on fr <?/aToOn
Possible win: € 69.2

Gl les Franchies.
Mata is going to win this!
r&s gettin raped :D
as expected!
cheating is an unfair advantage imo
too bad talg played many french lans + aef
XyloS should get some tips from talG. He's gone to aef n shit still !
u dont know him so he cheats?
u mad, that's sad.. :(
watch demo...nothing special!!!

it's alright then
+aef u morron
"16775 damage given"
u mad? that's sad :(
well you are just ridiculous...you lost against better oppo, blame your gameplay and deal with it
u mad, that's sad.. :(
well, amazing nonamers with 8-10k dmg without dbl fullhold are great !
You have € 70 on fr <?/aToOn
You won € 242.2

no suprises to be had there.
You have € 100 on fr <?/aToOn
You won € 346

ouais trop quoi talg thé tro un pschiteur kwa
You have € 90 on <?/aToOn
You won € 311.4

You have € 2000 on <?/aToOn
You won € 6920

expected...merci jau
You have € 20 on <?/aToOn
You won € 69.2

quels gains!
c'est le debut de la gloire x)
rage incoming after my comment
hehe hoho
merci josé !
tu fais mad copaingz
grace a notre 3o3 :)
gtfo cheater
Je vois que tu a fait mad.
Je suis fier de toi fils
to mad
to selfbust
ohohohoho quelqu'un qui a de la répartie??????????? Oh wait ...
gg logic
You have € 1000 on fr <?/aToOn
You won € 3460
gg les frenchies :-)
gg !
so much of bitter nerd tears in this match :D:D
:D kinda knew this would happen

too bad ...
1st b2k

now this

just saying :)
Rise and Shine, then fall :<
whahahahah stib.........
You have € 2800 on r&s
You lost

ty stib