pro5 vs Impact Gaming (23594 views)

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de Shy
de Hatred
de Butchji
de Drago
ch Gifty
fi mystic
fi Tiigeri
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ClanBase EuroCup XV Losers Bracket Round 1
22.05.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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gl impact
my money on Impact :)
gl Impact ! :)
gl zP!
gl zp
plz stfu!! if u dont like zP say at least 'german HAXOR kiddies'! thx cu bb
whats wrong?
fLar3 :D
lol fmj oO never seen u before here on gtv :D
@zire: plz stop editing ur comments, if u receive some critics cause they are brainlless ffs noob ;)
I'm here for a long time :)
Nice edited comment. :-D
btw im registered since gtv exists -,- :o:x
gl zp
easy bash for impact
go zP!, go go go!!!
Impact will take it
da hat zP aber auch die leichtesten play-off gegner erwischt..
easy bash for Myztik
gl all :D

it will be a nice match :D
zP! will win imo
OLOLOL MY JEROEEEEEEEEEN IS BAKC !1111 <3 bash them all tekoja !
gl gifty and tekoa >_>
gl impact
much gl for zP
impact ofc :>
tuff game (;
Ich verstehe net wieso so viele von Raveneye's Riflebegabung träumen. Sein Rifle Skill ist maximal ein viertel von Gifty.
raveneye war zu praodia zeiten riflegott.
genauso wie mystic aimgott war.

heute sind beide viel schlechter wie früher.

aber @ deine aussage: 1/3 xDDDDD
i lol'd hard
beckenbauen und pele am diskutieren....
warum dürfen shy und keran immernoch spielen ? shy ist doch schon längst in der esl gebannt ... ich versteh sowas ned :x
Your bet: 617€ on Impact Possible Win: 795.93 € (+178.93 €)
If butchji and the others from zP! have a good day, the match will be close.
easy 4 impact
gl both!
well hopefully Keran and Shy's bans will be through by then! doubt it tho ....
will they seriously get banned?
gl impact
zP! <3
So if shy gets cb ban, zp can still continue playing EC?
imo the prob of zP. if they wouldn't have cheated they weren't any reason to ban them

so no "known player" mercy pls :s
agree, so they zp should be removed from EC, like happened to hx cos razz got busted from using rivatuner
no sry i dont play fear
wrong infos dude
the difference is that razz is online only and shy and keran arent
Cheating is cheating.
hx didn't get removed iirc, they just had to forfeit all the games which razz had played. Have zP won a match yet?.. wont make any difference...
very sad if really shy and keran used cheats... I used to like zP :(
Goodluck Impact=]
I'm disappointed in zP. Why shy keran allowed to paly??? Fuck clanbase
your chance to get me some money in here, all-in for zP!
:o !!!!1111!!!!
gl zP!
gl tiigeri
keran and shy should be banned for atleast 6months cos they have tryid cheats, altought they have the "real" skill.
haxors ftw :<
Imo match cancelled due to cheats. But is it true keran and shy_ that you have cheated say it:?? i like zP! i would even bet on zP! due to Butchji he is undoubtfully skilled:)
Cheaters always win? NO PLS! Admins sleeping or what the fuck? :/ We must burn cheaters from the beggining and not show new players that top clans can play with cheaters ....
Cheaters wins!!
ps. Ban cheaters for life.
Make me rich zP! :)

Your bet: 115€ on zP!
Possible Win: 465.75 € (+350.75 €)
hf both
gl impact
gl zP!
jupi byc moze bede nawijac w impact!1 jako backup :DDD haha teraz bede w top 3 polskich medykow bo bede na mnie glosowac impact !
Hitman ten tekst jest pelen ironii, hitman slyszalem ze melony Ci rosną?



and these are..? :]
ur fat and ugly or why u have to post pics of someone other ?

btw the pic is 2 years old so i wonder were u found it
od lewej : Myrasz od gory koza a dole kocurek po prawej Hitman ?
gl ss.log players
more slots pls :P
gl zp!
cancelled imo
i lol'd keran and shy still playing.... no comment :)
Need an english shoutcaster tbh.
To scream: 4-0 Impact?
could anybody tell me what happend to potter and darky?

i probably missed it :P
Your bet: 91€ on Impact
Possible Win: 118.30 € (+27.30 €)
olol nAps im regen, wAs ein segen
GL Impact
hf impact. GL zP! they will win impact. =)
nice slots °_°
2 easy for impact
Your bet: 15€ on Impact Possible Win: 18.75 € (+3.75 €)


The ET Squad of #zP! got kicked. Statement of zP! Leader:

se APaX on 22/05/07, 18:44:12 PM | Reply

There were several reasons behind why I decided to remove the Enemy Territory team from zP!. One of them being the fact that keran and shy were involved in cheating related matters. During the three years I've been a part of zeroPoint! Gaming we have NEVER been involved in something like this and thought I never would. I'm really disappointed in the way they acted. We are against cheating and won't tolerate nor support any players choosing this way.

But that was not the only reason. Another is the fact that it's not the same team as once was recruited to zP! with only two of the original six members still playing. The many roster changes during the past few months, less stable results and that the Austrian trio called it a day played a big part in our decision.

Whether we will recruit a new Enemy Territory team or not is not decided. I would like to thank the original six (darky, potter, rapture, gifty, hatred, butchjii) for their time in zP! and I must say I'd a great time with you guys and I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet you at sHg Open or CPC2.
zp wins!!!
what goes around , comes around

specially for cheaters :)
zeropoint renamed to pro5 - lineup doesnt change, bets not cancelled
low/mid 5
pro5 ? o_O zP! changed omg
ROFL @ zP!
gl pro5 xD
I lolled...
what a name..sounds
i lold, they left zP! or what?
pro5 wins
go gifty&Butchij
nice playing with cheaters =)
gl gifty butchji
cheaters FTW!!!
pro7 xD
omg wer hat noch nich gecheatet ....
Arent we jumping to conclusions here?? "involved in cheating related matters" dont have to meen they use cheats.... Im not justifying it. I hate cheaters as much as the next guy. But if there was proof of cheating they would be banned from EC, right?

and I agree pro5 WTF!
more slotti pls
1800 slots :p
pro5 5.22 vs 1.24 Impact Gaming Total pot: 320152 €
Your bet: 250€ on pro5
Possible Win: 1,305.00 € (+1,055.00 €)

make it pro4
sokl wierze w ciebie ale i tak jestes plebsem w porownaniu do Rhade:(
wtf pro5
pro5 ?
pro5 2:0 Impact
whit walh4xz enebled or dizabled? /c:

pro5 2:2 Impact
comeon, give me a final bash mystic ^^
4-2 for pro5
drago won the match :D
ilizulijl LO L
drago's mine ftw
np4 butchji
not too hard to win a match having butchji and 2 whskillorz
Oh please like they used it now, get real.
doenst matter if they used it now, if they used it once, they should be banned.

not saying they used it once though..
pro5 4:2 impact
wp , nice results , this ger + gifty lineup rocks :)
wp pro5
thanks for money :D
pro5 won. :|
Why do I always forget to bet :(

wp pro5 and drago potm for sure.
pro 5 ftw
deserved win!! WP butchji!
no tekoa + karsiah = no win
Tekoa was dominator :x
That's Mztik's fakenick.
ETpro guid says alot these days
Hmm, are u serious that teKoa didn't play? o_O
I don't care if Mztik or teKoa played I just said it's Mztik's fakenick. Maybe teKoa wanted to confuse us!
Didn't really work it seems :(
I didnt play :3
zozo, op die manier.
If those mines werent there...

wp, great match!
drago's mine ftw
thnx for the money =)
Your bet: 36€ on pro5 Won 197.64€
gg pro5, i'm glad you guys won! :)
old shape, im coming!
are u serious i think its not funny .... fucking cheaters
Your bet: 8000€ on Impact Lost
IMO Keran did a great job with k43 too ;)
Your bet: 115€ on pro5 Won 631.35€
so what's the deal with shy and keran exactly?
were they caught cheating or something?
Clanbase admins tried to get the ban through before the war was played. It wasn't forced through in time so Keran and Shy_ were still allowed to play by Clanbase. However, there's around 90% chance that they will get banned in the future. What they're going to do with pro5, not sure, but I hope that they wont throw them out of Eurocup, because there are other nice players playing there aswell.

GG btw
but what have they done?
they cheated

impact didn't deserve to be knocked out by known cheaters
Shouldnt Keran and Shy be banned already?
Your bet: 13500€ on Impact Lost
big joke
fu**ing cheaters kicked my favourite clan =(
I fucking knew it

Your bet: 10€ on pro5 Won 54.90€

why didnt I bet more =(
don't slap me master :(
your fault!!!!!!! ARGHGHHHHHHHHHH
n1 cheaters won...
justice is rly blind :/
justice can't make everything happen in 1 day also. maybe you should once think further than usual. Although I'm not sure if your shrunken brain could handle it
netCoders said : cheaters always win !
shy banned for life!
ban keran und shy die husos ........kack noobs
n1 gifty : o)
impact lost-gj pro5
Does anybody else think that this game was really really boring (except for the first-rush part-run on radar by impact). I mean there was no tension in the game. It was like watchng some lowskillers.

Oh, and ban the cheaters. razz was banned for using tweakings, and nothing is done to these guys. wtf is up with that
tb I dont give a fuck that they cheated on some noob pub, at the end of the day they rolled impact and thats that. Aslong as they did not cheat in any matches who gives a fuck. Everyone has cheated, your telling me none of you have used cheats on Age of empires to get more money or any other game like that lol
quote: kipstertb:-
I dont give a fuck that they cheated on some noob pub, at the end of the day they rolled impact and thats that. Aslong as they did not cheat in any matches who gives a fuck. Everyone has cheated, your telling me none of you have used cheats on Age of empires to get more money or any other game like that lol

I don't give a fuck that they cheated on some random public, at the end of the day cheating is cheating!

Well i've never played Age of empires, and i've never cheated.. you're admitting you have previously cheated? Where is the proof that everyone has cheated? How do you know they didn't beat impact with cheaters? Impact are a great squad and zP (pro5) do not deserve to win this match, nor compete in the EuroCup, good game clanbase!

Well clanbase have cool admins but the cb thing overall are total shite when it comes down to bits n bobs such as this!
People are making a bigger deal out of them cheating because Impact lost. Oh and im not a cheater, unless you count using !throw in a scrim about 3 years ago.
its a difference between using codes implemented in the game to overpower the bots, and using software hacks to cheat vs. human player on a competitional level
cheating in singleplayer and multiplayer are totally different things
are u joking dude?

I have played enough publics to hate public cheaters. I think it's much worse thing to cheat on publics than cheat in clanwars. At least ppl in clanwars are up to challenges on their own will, but ppl on public are innocent and don't necessarily realize who hax and who doesn't
big joke rly, even the most retarded person can see that they are not cheating in EC matches now, or neither did before..

cheaters always win!!11½½!!
tb I dont give a fuck that they cheated on some noob pub, at the end of the day they rolled impact and thats that. Aslong as they did not cheat in any matches who gives a fuck. Everyone has cheated, your telling me none of you have used cheats on Age of empires to get more money or any other game like that lol (c) kip
wp cheaters
so if someone is highskilled he can cheat on public? cheater is a cheater
easy for zp
lol... ET is DEAD
no =( pro5 lal
Your bet: 950€ on pro5 Won 5215.50€
gg was fun to watch and didnt expected :d
ClanBase is right now allready to late with deciding about the 'zP! thing' because what should they do next? If they ban the cheaters and delete the team of EC will this result in a forfeit win for the next team? Or will Impact go to the next round? Or should Impact play against the number 3 of the group of zP! ?
in the end it are all the Impact fanboys whining for them to be bannaned..
no its the people who dont like cheaters who are whining for them to get banned. I dont give a flying f**k about impact
and there it is, the professional comment, the storyteller of life, the voice.

zp with this lineup is very strong really... but we want more impact & mystic n tekoa :[
if impact played like against dignitas or vae they would took this
ofc they are, with 2 hackers, keran and shy
oh stfu

it sux that cb let some busted guys playing in the ec, but zp (or their new fuckin and shitty name pro5) won this match, and they deserve it.
but still it sux, cheaters have to be banned for life. its their own fucking fault, why the fuck do someone have to cheat :S

well, shy_ and keran, u have to take the consequences!
stupid guys ...
man im not gonna blame on them..they proved their skill @ LAN
i blame on impact fo sho :)
nice 1 , duts : DDD
I went also to a LAN, so if I cheat now, it would be nP ?
ofc its a problem, but in this match i didnt see where impact's teamplay is at :)
they cheated or not, impact didnt play well
u know what i mean?:)
yup :)
oooh my god
Your bet: 617€ on Impact Lost
i will never bet on impact again
Not even if they play against CWG?
especially if they play against cwg :)
i wont, now i hate impact:D
96€ poszło sie kochac xD
Your bet: 31€ on pro5 Won 170.19€
fuck off why do they let busted people play
Your bet: 50€ on pro5 Won 274.50€

lol my bettings have gone really well in past days ^^
omg fu pro5
Your bet: 313€ on Impact Lost

weird people...

imo it's shitty talk here. why should somebody be considered as a cheater if it was only pub?
i bet 2/3 of the community has already tried it out on a public or anywhere else just to KNOW how it's working.

I am not an active ET player - but I've tried it out too.

I've been playing online games for over 8 years now and I admit that I've tried WH in Rocketarena3 on a PUBLIC.

But I've never used it in any official match or pcw before or after.

I don't get it. As long as you don't use it in matches which are "important" it sounds like you envy them and now got a chance to ruin the team.

I have never respected cheaters and was definitely also pissed by public haxors because it's annoying and killing the fun, but still.. on a public i switch the server and that's it.

Many of you are just crying, having no idea what real skill is and bla bla bla... I don't wanna know how many of you accuse good players on a public for cheating only because they are owning you....

If anybody disagrees - quit ET then. Go to rl and chill out.

My personal opionion to keran and shy is ... I don't give a fuck on what they have done on a public and as long as they are clean in officials I have no problem by letting them play with us.

just my 2 cents.

wp :)
That's the problem, nobody know if they use them in CBmatches too, but they were already banned from the ESL leagues, maybe if CB and ESL worked together, there would be a whole lot less misunderstandings.
And tbh, if they tried it on a pub to know what it's like, maybe they tried it in an offi too, to see what it's like and to see if they would get busted or not. Just to find out if other people would notice if they are using a WH. I'm not quite sure if they actually cheated at all but i sure support CB because IF you get busted of cheating, you should get banned, end of story.
Sure, you are right but still it was on pub and why was it detected on pub and in offi not, huh?

Don't get it. If it worked on pub - cheat and pb. Why doesn't it in offi then?