Fear Factory X-Fi vs Team Dignitas (19272 views)

ClanBase EuroCup XV Losers Bracket Round 2
31.05.07 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Radio Commentary
us Radio iTG
By: WooKasH
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
cz eeriness ETTV
By: Smejky (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de #LoFT ETTV1
By: DerGraf- (ettvd)
de #re-play ETTV ONE
By: RaZoR (ettvd)
de #Sonatix.ETTV
By: lblbw (ettvd)
de ETTV.fr, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

gb [#Impact.Gaming] TV Server
By: eVo (ettvd)

it #team
By: Smejky (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 2
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 617



ff ftw :O_
With new line-up, easy for FF, whoever will be tba :)
in EC they have to play with old line-up
so they'll must forfeit :?
nice knowledge about polish et scene tbh
is there any?:o
this stupid post makes you just redneck and nothing more
not really
Your bet: 25€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 2,500.00 € (+2,475.00 €) :O

go dignitas :)
lololololololollololol GL chlopcy przyda wam sie :<
Your bet: 10€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 337.10 €


GL Wiesiek & Wrobel (MAGICZNE NEJDY!!)
i'm a patriot bet on Poland:D
ok Dignitas...its time to destroy sumting.... ;) u can do it ..cut his f.... head off :P
Possible Win: 131.45 € (+126.45 €)

jc i love you

FF lineup:
pl wiesiek
pl S4rna
pl r1co`
pl JC
pl Wrobel!
pl sMi
easy for John Carpenter
thats trve! C: <333333333333
you are idiot :o FF will play with old lineup :x
nice english zetttt and largo.
I think that Dignitas should get mAx from Belgium team (;

yes, and kick urtier for his 8/33 performance

also senji for being ugly
Bah stfu retarded brainless fag.
agree, poor germany,.. <3 GER line up
Go Go FF!! Dignitas is only legend :) U can win !! Wiesiek > Dignitas but.... Urtier > world :)
ff zrobcie z t teamD miazge
imo ff>td :]
cipa > dupa
pusy > ass
gL ff you will need it
i remember that showmatch idle vs ff :)
You mean the showmatch zp vs ff?
no, i mean the showmatch idle vs ff?
yea that with raping FF on goldrush, hope it won`t happen again and FF will win; and it would be an over of Dignitas in this line up imo.
I still belive that idle will win
go FF!
nice replying skills
go jakazacj!
dignitas most likely but gl FF
wiesiek > night!!! gogo ff! ftw!
Your bet: 10€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 1,000.00 € (+990.00 €)

easy bash for dignitas
FF !
Your bet: 28€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 2.800 € (+2.772 €)
go FF:) i bet on you half of my money...:*
so be it i/m a patriot can't help it:D
Your bet: 10€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 1,000.00 € (+990.00 €)

2:4 dignitas but worth a shot
Your bet: 46€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 4,600.00 € (+4,554.00 €)
Your bet: 50€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 5,000.00 € (+4,950.00 €)

hope FF will win :D
Your bet: 100€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 10,000.00 €
easy for wrobel :D
wrobel and nades gl
pl Fear Factory X-Fi

pl wiesiek
pl r1co`
pl Wrobel
pl sMi
pl S4rna
[flag=tp] JC
Your bet: 8€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 800.00 € (+792.00 €)
Your bet: 10€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 1,000.00 € (+990.00 €)

easy for wiesiek
I hope dignitas will take this one
Your bet: 50€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 5,000.00 € (+4,950.00 €) plz win FF=*
Possible Win: 2,500.00 € (+2,475.00 €) oO
Your bet: 5€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 500.00 € (+495.00 €)

xD FF FTW, make me rich^^
FF ftw ;]

& let's dance! ~~
i hate [flag]pl[/flag] clans but FF GL , must win on dignitas
Your bet: 5€ on FF X-Fi

Possible Win: 500.00 € (+495.00 €)
izi bash for pl gays :ccc
Your bet: 5€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 500.00 € (+495.00 €)

with new lineup ff>dig
with old lineup dig>ff

but... et is lotto :XD
ftw FF!!
go wiesiek :) !!!
FF !!
Your bet: 5€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 500.00 € (+495.00 €)
Your bet:10 ; on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 1,000.00 (+990.00)

i believe in you ( XD )
wiesiek will make me rich :]
GL Fear Factory ! :)
My money on u
wiesiek rocks
FF wont even touch them, nice to see dignitas at loser brackets tho :D
GL FF :)
Your bet: 20€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 1,146.60 € (+1,126.60 €)
widac komu zalezy na pieniadzach na gamestv a komu na prawdziwej wygranej ff<3, pozdro chlopaki zbijcie gojlata
go wiesiek
<3 smi
izi 4 FF
GG FF :D wiesiu Rulezzzz
go go FF . !!!
Zrobcie nam prezent na dzien dziecka <3
Your bet: 20€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 1,116.80 € (+1,096.80 €)
gl FF !
hf FF, gl teamD :xD
Dignitas 2-0
gl ff!
GL d.kot LoLoL!
Your bet: 75€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 76.50 € (+1.50 €)
gl ff
GG FF, go wiesiek....Thoro!
^6go go go ^7FF ^f!! :)
Your bet: 5€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 5.10 € (+0.10 €)

make me rich.
if FF win, then tosspot will cut his balls :)
<3 delay
any score yet ?
d.kot :O
4 man panzer rico nice
FUCKING ETTV SERVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wtf is happened???thay are kind of embarrissing!!!!
please be polite, man!
most of the servers were still showing j52-tlr, be smart and connect the japanese server, you can only blame your tiny brain.
2;0 intel
4-0 d.ignitas
rly n1ce match :)
it was gg, too bad that bremen was so easy for d... but gr was exciting
FF put up a very nice fight, wp
why were FF players spamming so much polish crap in the game?
that isint cool imo
I bet it wouldn't be a problem when they had spammed something in estonian. besides the haxing ET is a god damn nationalized game.
r1co played great :D
They have taken best polish player: kot, because dignitas could not lose next match :D :P