explosionC4 vs cdap - Identical (5820 views)

pt Koto
pt kMt
pl uf0l
se slajdan
it diO_
it bLiz
fi pipsa
fi Simo
fi Vanhaomena
fi Sample
fi Anging
fi Morin
fi Zeku
14.06.07 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Qpad CUP by cadred.org
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: _dio (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

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Enemy Territory TV
By: SaQq (ettvd)
nl _Snake ETTV.1
By: Snake (ettvd)
nl #snd-gaming ETTV #2
By: Frenky (ettvd)

nl #snd-gaming ETTV #3
By: Frenky (ettvd)

us #Ghulnah.et ETTV
By: GLH-Candyman (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
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it is funny comment
easy 4 ec4, go k0t0!
go ec4 go

cdap identical will be pwnd
1 open bet since 2 months , can someone do sth...
I played against cdap yesterday eve
I were able to make double kills and that for a med-
So I think ec4 wins
We had 2 snipers, 1 FG42 cvop (who owned) 1 MG42, 1 Fop and one afk
GL you really gonna need it
HAHAHAH made my day =DDDDDDD
pls XDDD so easy for ec4
lineup ?
line up plz....:)
gl cdap... you really need it
Possible line-ups would maybe be:


fi pipsa
fi Simo
fi Vanhaomena
fi Sample
fi Anging
fi Morin

Back-up: fi Zeku


pt Koto
pt kMt
pl uf0l
se slajdan
it diO_
it bLiz

Back-up: fi olBaa
and fi olBaa as back-up for eC4
olBaa tappaa kaikki <3
why this match it's unscheduled?
becouse we didn't agree that time which you wanted.
read my pm on xfire thx.
pmme @ irc @ ~16:30(CET)
gl cdap =)

eC4 can't play @ 20.00 cet ( 21.00 @ fin=gmt+2 ) cause often we have people workin till 20 / 20.30 ( like me ). they don t wanna play 21.00 cet as standard clanwar time cause one of them won't be able to talk on comms cause his mother goes to sleep ( OLOLOL ) and whines @ him.
They didn t agree about ETTV coverage i don't know why they are so scared about it.
After this we will be very glad to play in a standard playtime for clanwars (as we are use to do ), like at least 20.45 cet ( 21.45@ fin=gmt+2 and 19.45 @ por=gmt ). I barely believe it should be a problem for any cdap player if you play a clanwar @ 21.45 and end on 22.30 at most, explainin to your mother that he must wait only 30 mins even if her sleeps over your desktop or near your pc.

I hope admins of ETQcup and of gtv can help to sort it out and fix the match time with an ETTV coverage.
Well dio, we had chance to like schedule it to 20:45, but the thing which makes me angry, is that you make your own decisions, and like we have agreed that.. I talked with Keytaro, and now we are talking about 20:30 time :) thats compromise. And we just said that you can choose between ETTV and your 21:00cet time, you cant get both, but 20:00-20:30cet + ETTV is ookey, but you cant get everything what you want, thats fact. So let me talk with Keytaro, we will handle this out. With the result, whit everyone can be happy. :)

EDIT: btw, we aren't scared due ETTV, we just dont want get ourselves to embarresed to lose against you guys, @ the time when half of our team can't be on comms. And due that, this scene would just get wrong picture of us. Thats why we dont want ETTV at the time which you wanted.
more useless excuses, we take a backup just yesterday so he will play till i get back @ home; you forced us to play 15 mins earlier, that won't change anything for your clan while i won't be able to play cause i m not @ home and not cause i have my mom sleeping near my mousepad and whining @ me if i say 2 medics are coming flag!!!

( you never said to me that we could choose 21cet as time, you started to say 20 / 20.30 since beginnin, i told you we can try to stay here but dont complain for delay then i said 20.45 will be best choice and you agreed about, then you whined @ ETTV coverage sayin u wont agree about it, then you said we must play early.
the truth is that 's ugly arrange a match with people like you taking so much troubles while every other finnish clan i ve challenged before could play @ 21.00 cet with an ETTV coverage without any matter. )
i said to you that we can agree 21:00cet without ETTV, mut you NEEDED ETTV.. and i said that we can play 20:00cet-20:30cet @ ETTV if you want. But you wanted way too much dude. :)
if you are able to play @ 21 cet you are also able to play @ 21 cet even with ETTV , i wonder to know since when ETTV is a problem for a clan. If you act like this then you must be a kid. conversation is over imho, don t reply with any useless excuse
kenen pitää mennä 10:lt nuqq? :D

"eC4 vs cdap
Sent by bLiz on Thursday 14th June 2007, 15:47
can u play tonight @ 20:30cet maybe????
Gl ec4!
eC4 lineup:

fi olBaa
pt koto
pt kMt
pl uf0l
it bLiz
[flag=se] slaj

-> [flag=no] uBer when get back @ home
Gl kMt
need slots!
Why dont you clans play without ETTV it would be a good decision and make them think about their schedule which only fits them not you:) i would play without ETTV:) it would be fair:) uBer dont hurry up because you will be out of breath remeber about that :
SRY for my English:(
in ETTV we trust !!!

well squad & managers think is good to play this match on ETTV so why we don t?
gl olbaa & vanhis <3
no zeku , no win
gl Vanhaomena :)
plz play sniper :D:D
score ?
2-0 ec4
4:0 to eC4 gg wp
<3 kmt & koto
Zeku :<
update negers
gg wp guys
wp ec4