Queens vs inteRaction (7086 views)

lv clown
gb razz
fi miNd
nl perfo
se nuggan
cz denton
pl ridji
nl L4mpje
cz malfoy
cz milhAus
cz Green_Clon
27.10.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle for Berlin
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: baggiez (Generaladmin)
Maps: Missile_b3
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Total Pot: € 108350
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 128


gg gl hf wp
izi Queens bang bang ,'=- ,'=- IR R.I.P
sup with the lineups? ross and sqzz playing for queens and anexis?
there's a function called autofill which makes lineups mixed up every now and then
ah explains it, looks like queens CB line-up was auto-filled
succes lampenkap
milhAus EC? :D

This is worse than kiss...
League: Battle for Berlin

So, you're not in EC because this is B4B-match?
Now it makes even less sense to me.. and I thought that even your first message had no sense at all..
If that's the case I hope you're only 12 so there's still hope for you.
Thank for your - I am sure - honest interest in my future.
On the other hand, you as - atleast as you think - maturer one, should have explained your unclear message to me, instead of being aggressive
Well, I've played against milhAus almost a dozen times 1-1,5 year ago and even though he's a nice guy I've never got the impression he had the potential to play EC. That he does now is quite surprising and a bit funny. A bit funny in the sense that ET's general skilllevel seems indeed to be dropping down. In 2007 (or 2008) mmf played EC and one of their members was kiss. Nice guy and everything, but not exactly EC-material either. Which was greatly made fun of by the community back at the time. Hence my remark "worse than kiss..."
If milhAus however did greatly improve then I'd like to offer my apologies if he felt offended by my comment.

Ofcourse, the comment would've made more sense if made in an EC-match on GTV but I didn't see one with your team so I put it here. I hope this explanation has been clarifying?
u mad
Definitely, I'm raging behind my computer. MilhAus in EC and I'm still in lowest division of OC. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!
Thats generally what happens when people play for 1.5 years... they get better. General skill level has dropped but its hard to tell how much as people have improved. Its sort of an automatic response, you see a name and wonder how they're in EC but don't consider how much they've played/improved in the time you last saw them.
well, I am not going to comment on who is worthy of EC and who isnt, this season I see many names which (with their current skill) wouldnt be considered as EC players year or two ago (including myself). But in this case, its not about milhaus and how much he improved in last year or so. Its more about iR, they were improving together as clan and its really hard to judge their individual skills because they were evolving together for a significant period. As team they developed kinda unique play style, a bit annoying for other teams at first and it turned out to be effective as they happend to win last OC season. By that, they earned a spot in EC qualification and they passed. Unfortunatelly, the same style they were showing off before wasnt good enough for current EC and they kinda didnt stand a chance there. So, I wouldnt really judge milhaus as individual but as one part of team which (by todays standarts) is EC skilled.
Well, I wouldnt really say our failure in EC has anything to do with our playstyle. Our LU changed alot in this team and we are - at the moment - able to have 'any' gaming style at all.
Yes, this is exactly what I had in mind, tho you could just said it in two sentences. Thanks for the effort tho ^^
And yes, 1.5year back, milhAus just came into inteRaction if I am right. He did improve alot since then.
Well, it actually didnt make any sense to me, because you wrote it into this match, completely unrelated to EC.
get a life
Yeah, because expressing your opinion about a subject (regardless of it being petty or not) means one has no life.
Gl milhAus and queens!
gl zeroE =]
clown razz nuggan mind kot lepari/perfo
Gl iR!
gl l4mp
gl nuggan
Queen looks like stable line up.
Indeed. Fucking Queens.

I suggest boycotting their future games. They're ruining ET as we know it.

Gl l4mpje
sry but mousecon b2k on at same time, not interested
only razz your not missing much
You have € 2 on zeroE :*
hf Q 8D
l4mpje gonna carry 0E.. again..
gl nuggan razz
4:2 Queens imo


lol ridji :D
gl milhaus, ridji, lampje and mind =D
Nuggan to tear several new holes tonight :O)
gg,both maps pretty close ^^
tbh you had luck at some parts..
Who's this PEFRO guy? Sounds like a coolguy91.
more like youngcoolster98
he is weirdo from what I've seen :)
never been much of "LUCK!" player, but here.. was close :p