PIMMELBANDE vs haxbyjam (2982 views)

de sassy
nl mary
fi sungi
2on2 Clanbase OpenCup Fall 2011
2nd League
Grand Final

05.12.11 20:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Fall 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: waYneee (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 9348
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 2


this final is just bullshit :d already played them once
true story
tbh u should be in bronze match only : D
true story. maybe we cant play tomorrow. if not we need to reschedule it or win 4 u. idc
admin said we need to play asap and we can't tomorrow, so wud be nice if u could play tonight
Hey bro multiply my cash :@
boots to asses
gl sungi and LORDI my man
gl sungi and LORDI
haxb :P
ertS Sunday, 6th November 2011 19:09
nice teamwork guys

gl teeemu :o)
Gl Lordi.

U mad u mirin' u jelly?
lordi so skilled that he plays in 2nd division when this game is dead, awesome
>implying playing 2nd div has anything to do with my real skill

if you pracc a bit more you can finally reach some good spots in 2on2 ladder ^^ :P

virgin cunt

i care about 2v2 as much as about trash like u

why would you make such a comment then? you should go outside once in a while and take a break from playing ET 24/7 :D in fact you are just like stRay - pathetic lowskiller who plays this game non-stop and thinks hes good but has a habit to suck when he plays against me or other people who are clearly better than he will ever be. i could type several facts about you guys but you wouldn't understand that i'm obviously right. oh and you should apparently flame a bit less if you cant back it up here nor on the battlefields

take care man xoxo