Low Land Lions vs Anexis eSports (3533 views)

gb cHoobie
gb ono
be cozje
no froz
se Mumma
hu kZstaR
hu Stormy
hu z1koX
hu Boco
Corsair Vengeance Cup
Grand Final

hu Anexis eSports - $6,000
be LowLandLions - $3,000
gb Team Dignitas - $1,000

Broadcast on QUADV show starting a little bit before 21:00CET
07.12.11 21:00 CET
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Game: cod4 Call of Duty 4
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: MerlinatoR (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 8936
The bets are closed.

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anexis gonna roll
gl low land lions.
want to watch this!
how to watch this?
wanted to Bet on LLL -.-
gl futureeeeeeeee
grand final [*] 1 STAR, LOLED .__. whats wrong : s

750+ VIEWERS...
its a stream, not a server connected to cod4.
Mumma ! nice need qlimaxzu now
awesome final!
anexis got this shit! stormy ftw
gg anexis
so LLL got strike finally? stoped watching when they were loosing 10-12 Oo
nope thye didnt win strike, at 10-12 anexis won the round but LLL complained of lag and instead of taking gold, they agreed to replay on another server.

LLL won two round to bring it to 12-12 and overtime, in which Anexis went 2-1 up on the first half (defending), they also won the first attacking round meaning they had 2 match points. the round went really well for Anexis, they were all alive with 2 of LLL dead and one very hurt then just as anexis wiped them the server lagged again - there were some calls to replay it but couple of the LLL players concended that they probably wouldnt have won that round given the circumstances as Anexis had full control with 5 players on A site.

so Anexis won the two maps on the night, LLL had a point because they came from winners bracket so they initially only had to win one map but couldnt manage it.
stormy pwns
boco SK?
olaboga ile pieniedzy :D