HighBot vs Queens (6650 views)

de humM3L
ru jOKE
ee mant
lv Clown
fi Swanidius
nl aphesia
sk FiluS
be dAv1d
JeeSports.ET Qualification #2
Semi Final
11.12.11 19:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: JeeET Series » Matchlink
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: MerlinatoR (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 38406
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 113


gl queens
gl flop
gl flop <3
played both, could be so close omg omg :PPPP
whos david
dAv1d* ?
gl FLoPJEHZ faggot :)
gl filus m8
yea gl m8 ;)

PS: Andrassy je majster SVK v dvojicich s Vitom ;) Tak nabuduce nech ta tam vidim ja ;)
Sa dalo cakat, ze Luky+Lubo to vyhraju
lowest Queens ever
Wait till game is rather dead and everybody inactive
Go active
Flame people for being bad

1. Nerd hard for 7 years
2. Be shit for 6 of those
3. Be able to compete at a 'decent' level when ET is dead
4. Flame others for being lowskilled
5. Profit
6. Repeat with other game when ET is dead
where u at bro
true story of your life 8)
I've been playing this game rather long. Played with good teams and players for ages but never actually played this game active. So no, not really, wrong on all accounts.

I just think that, from what I read, you somehow managed to get an immense ego. You are a good player, but you are not the best thing that has ever happened to this game just because you finally managed to reach EC :D

I guess you might be trollin abit, but just felt like I had to say something because it's like the 5th similar comment of you I encountered.
"because it's like the 5th similar comment of you I encountered."

stop stalking me, im a bit afraid of myself :S
Killing Spree QmixSwanidius 8 frags without being killed
so, hummel finally found players who is able to carry him, gg :)

You have € 5000 on de HB
You won € 10200
lolz wat
DAAAAAYUM look at all those capital letters mixed in with lower case letters
darkrider for uk captain, gl razz mate
german powerhouse is back :D