vs haxbyjam (2208 views)

de mental
de stRay
fi lordi
fi sungi
16.01.12 19:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: mental (Requestee)
Maps: Et_ufo_final
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Total Pot: € 7080
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12


gl sungi<3
it is LORDI not lordi
19:17 sungi• lordi sungi
GL sungi<3

You have € 1700 on fi haxb
You won € 4896

gg 0-4

stRay whining like a little bitch :D
You have € 400 on fi haxb
You won € 1152

I could hear the tears droppin stray ;[
LORDI sungi <3
decent hold at braundorf. ufo is just shit though, especially when nobody plays it. :-(
oh man hey... wtf?!
You have € 1000 on Aura
You lost

that was fast. shit i forgot that lordi is national team 2o2 player
don't forget it next time ;]
Aura.stray 2 - 22 H3H3
Quotehis replacement is none other than upcomming german star: stRay


Are these pliers sharp? Aura.stray 16 deaths without fragging
It's 2on2, who cares? Like we should take it serious
Aura.stray [Intermission]: btw u know taking wrong nicks = forfeit lose?
Aura.stray [Warmup]: and yes i will complain about the 1st map!
Aura.stray [Warmup]: same goes for 2nd if lordi doesnt nick up

stray seemed pretty serious
nah, he isn't. Just kiddin like always
I don't see the smileys?
:D :-). np bro
Just saying, theres no sign whatsoever of him trolling there

m8 its not my team or what ever, i didnt even take this match serious cause of these maps, told that to mental b4 the game.. ofc i was trolling there :XD and btw never went for such wins^^

these guys were definitly stronger at these maps, couldn't do anything...
I'm not trying to flame you here, it was just that either u were being a dick or you didn't understand the concept of 'trolling' (imo), apparently its the latter one
are there ever signs in situations like these where someone pulls the old reverse all-troll tactic?
I would consider any troll in wich no1 can spot wether its a troll or not a bad troll
At least some (and preferably more than half) of the people should understand its a troll

Wich could be:
1. Going completely over the top, so its obvious (unless you're braindamaged)
2. Putting smileys for unexplainable reasons
3. Using MeMes
most 'trolls' are like what happened here though; situations which have no hint of being a joke until it is in retrospect. all it does is make the person(s) involved look even dumber than they did before :[
I don't agree that "most" trolls are like that (still too much, but not most) and every1 who trolls like that is indeed just fucking himself
Are these pliers sharp? Aura.stray 16 deaths without fragging
was just kidding around but
1024 total screenshots

ich weiß nicht warum man überhaupt gegen solche cheater wie die beiden spielt