Axis Team vs Allied Team (4486 views)

nl Sco
be Keithh
nl Vyjiii-
nl outlAw
pl snny
ee kraby
de mental
be Zaklantaarn
be Slic3r
nl exoh0l
nl phan
The teams will be announced tonight at 20:00.

It will be a 6on6

the TEAM that wins gets to go the second round. This is a last man standing cup.
For example if the last man standing is on the allied team the allied team wins.

1 Keith - aged 16
2 SimonKinsler - aged 18
3 outlaw - aged 18
4 Slic3r - aged 17
5 fuJiii - aged 18
6 snny - aged 18
7 Sco - aged 19
8 zaklantaarn - Aged 16
9 exoh0l - aged 21
10 vyndEm - aged 16
11 Mental - aged 18
12 DMZZ - aged 25

The winner gets a massive 20 euro prize!
26.01.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Regret's LMS Cup » Matchlink
Manager: Regret (Requestee)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Total Pot: € 3607
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 15


gl sonny
damn, I am not with outlaw :(
U dont mean that :p
Cup Signup
Sent by mental on Wednesday 25th January 2012, 17:08
- mental
- Age: 18


Max signups are 12 players.

mucho fail
I actually meant that there will be 12 players picked of the signups :-)
gl outlaw , Sco , thjis , keith , venom
np for mental :>
The winner gets a massive 20 euro prize!

hf 20/6
do the maths!
Fail :D
quel con..
gj bro
3 Rounds:
1. Round: The team that won gets to go to the second round.
2. Round: The 2 players who have the most Kills get to go to the second round.
3. Round: The player who eliminates the other player won the game and won 20 euros.
succes outlAw <3
cheaters playing for 20 euro
your mother is proud of u that u using her money to write that shit?fuckin little cunt
please leave my cups alone as I leave you alone.

You're freaking 31 years old, start acting like that really..
whats there to act like that, while stating the facts?
your cup is good,the ppl u let in it is bad.pleny clean players to give opportunity to win 20 euros,why u so anxious of letting cheaters/retards to play in it?
cheaters playing for 20 euro

spec my mate zaklantaarn for etbot :s
cheaters playing for 20 euro

20 euro to upgrade bot :S
11 Mental - aged 13
Regret's LMS cup #2 SNIPER EDITION
thanks for adding the age, so fuckin cool to know how old they are
gl keit vyndEm
isnt outlaw banned or something?
i need to ask. why did you add the ages of the players into the match details? was there an age limit on this?
why is it on be-ne cup, care-o-meter |*-------------------------------|
Don't even try to speak with him, total waste of time
haha, i see that :)
Well age are also on be-ne cup, but does it matter then?
of course it doesnt you nutcase, that was my point :/
get age kids :D
Thought this was a bust list before I saw the description :\
fuck, forgot its today
medpacks gg wp
Shit map for such a cup, 2bad
tnx You have € 10 on AL
You won € 40.8
great match :)