Forsakens vs HardMethodGaming (10953 views)

fi exla
fi sandi
fi Wandaa
fi Olden
fi Jawa
fi Emerica
nl appel
be X
fi olBaa
gb Confo
si Snail
06.08.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #GamersNation ET Cup
Manager: exla (Requestee)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: Rickk (ettvd)
nl _Snake ETTV.1
By: Snake (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 68


izibash for pstartZ
lold :D
Maps bremen b1 and radar, and the date is not sure ( 30 or 31 ) 0.o
pstarz is dead ?
Hmm they joined to MGC, so i think we play against them.
gl twinz
izi bash for pstarZ (hMg)
Your bet: 5e on Forsakens Possible win: 500.00e

Forsakens ftw
loeeel ??
Rofl dudes Its the same lineup

nl appel
be X
fi olBaa
gb Confo
si Snail

I am not playing with them anymore
GL appel the fake high :D
Forsakens :)!
gogo Forsakens
exla <3
most likely to be played later on the week than the 30th (monday?)
easy for forsakens !
lu forsakens?
some finnish noobs
We played against ur rtcw team -.-
2 easy for pstarZ
forsakens ftw!
match is gonna be played on thursday
nice slots :D

changin name would be cool though
Easy for twinzz's boys
Do your thing exla
Forsakens lineup:
fi exla
fi sandi
fi Wandaa
fi Olden
fi Jawa
fi Emerica
iceblue kicked from clan by me : )
good decision at last
GL me
GL iceblue
GL fi Iceblue/Mystic

Pretty damn great aimer!
agree :DDDDD
et_aim 1 & nex_settings.src (len=32) idd ^.-
sandi replaces iceblue.
you are gonna lose anyway
izi bash for "pstarz"
maybe cos me & wandaa are @asm, so no sound :D
go appel : > .
ik zei het omdat die naam hard is ^^
i'll spec sandi @ asm!
whats asm :|?
lan partyyyyyyyy
***DEMO*** partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
let the hackers die please
gl isEN <3
Forsakens ftw!
gl hmg
i heard the match wont to be played today
Your bet: 10€ on F’
Possible Win: 47.60 € (+37.60 €)

gl Forsakens gl Capu<3<3<3
Maps are: Radar & Bremen_b1 !!!![/B]
geeäl sandi olden ja exla
gl olbaa <3
You really love your brother?
well, not love love, but ofc I love him as a bro. You know
[flag=ea] Emerica, pls
gogo haRd!!!
go olBaa own them so hard with nexus 3.0
where are ze slots?!
probable lineup:

izi for olbaa and emerica,gl
2:0 HARD but why are they playing with 5 ?
uhm olBaa had broken graphic card appel + slaijdan holiday as they told me :p
ya and i have a broken headset, so fucking hard to shoot cos cant heare anything from the otherside :(
have u tried to play with otherside of the headset in use only?
nobody tells you truth
GG, First map 5v6 and second 6v5 ^^

Almost won radar(2min ;<)

4-0 HmG Won
Eiks sun ois pitäny viedä se "med+"?
most complicated war EVER! still wondering why there were 68 viewers=o;p really bad war to watch:)
Should have been match of the week
was so lolling when i shooted the other side of the main entrance in radar and the enemy was on the other side but i didnt have sound so :DD
wandaas rifle was POTM. Need avi !