Croatia vs Australia (5584 views)

hr danL
hr frozz
hr rimi
hr ekjuret
hr nocTis
hr praskOo
au MiDAs
au dongo
au Meadow
au shaggy
au pedro
au Im_Constructing

CB NationsCup XV

Group D - 1st Matchweek
05.02.12 13:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: biggz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 28179
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 61


First ! omg shaggy omg !! MO* Powaaaaaa
gl danl and noctis!
Hf croatia
GL Both!
gl aus!
gl danL !
gl all crotards, especially ekjuret, praskOo, danL and nocTis
GL aussie friends :DD
gl rimi
gl aussies :)
needs more aCozZ
gl Australia
gl h$ frozz! hf both
praskOo <33 =*
hr aCoZz
hr calisto
hr frozz.
hr gumiflex
hr komar
hr suVi

Tu ne jouais pas encore quand ils ont arrêté. Merci.
gl prasko m8!
there has been some mistake, as you can see I am american
same :DD US globalization has stepped up a notch
same :DD US globalization has stepped up a notch
same :DD US globalization has stepped up a notch
GL Croatia and rimi :)
its a heavy mistake to bet on us.

just sayin'
dont underestimate yourself brah
don't overestimate us
gl aus
gl australia, midas <3
gl rimi
gl midas!
gl richard

gl hf joe
gl Australia!!!
no ETTV? :P
nice1 changing rico out in last min
gl bro's
score ?
4:2 Croatia
wp rimi, dongo and shaggy!
gg croatia mates.

actually a really fun game, and gl with the rest of your nc.

also, wp rimi!
et Today 14:00 Croatia hr 1.29 vs. 4.50 au Australia 1,337 € on hr CRO Won 1,725€
et 03.02 00:00 Belgium be 1.01 vs. 100.00 cl Chile 1,337 € on be BEL Won 1,350€
et 02.02 22:45 France fr 1.03 vs. 38.16 es Spain 1,337 € on fr FRA Won 1,377€
et 02.02 22:15 Finland fi 1.01 vs. 100.00 br Brazil 1,337 € on fi FIN Won 1,350€
et 02.02 22:15 Sweden se 1.02 vs. 55.76 tr Turkey 1,337 € on se SWE Won 1,364€
et 02.02 21:00 Netherlands nl 1.01 vs. 100.00 ch Switzerland 1,337 € on nl NED Won 1,350€
et 01.02 23:00 Estonia ee 1.01 vs. 100.00 pt Portugal 1,337 € on ee EST Won 1,350€
et 01.02 23:00 Ukraine ua 100.00 vs. 1.01 pl Poland 1,337 € on pl POL Bet was cancelled
et 01.02 22:45 Germany de 1.01 vs. 100.00 si Slovenia 1,337 € on de GER Won 1,350€
et 01.02 21:00 Czech Republic cz 1.07 vs. 14.79 il Israel 1,337 € on cz CZE Won 1,431€
et 29.01 22:00 Netherlands nl 1.03 vs. 36.84 no Norway 1,337 € on nl NED Won 1,377€
et 29.01 22:00 Colombia co 10.03 vs. 1.11 hu Hungary 1,337 € on hu HUN Won 1,484€
et 29.01 21:00 United Kingdom gb 1.01 vs. 100.00 ru Russia 1,337 € on gb UK Won 1,350€
gg & wp, gl in the rest of tournament
gg guys, really enjoyable game ! Gl for rest of nc.
gg croatia, wp rimi=)