Germany vs Colombia (9446 views)

de Bl4d3
de butchji
de s1LENT
de sNoOp
co Paper
co Stoner
co Terra
co Zicario
co Sem
co torM
co dAvid

CB NationsCup XV

Group E - 3rd Matchweek
12.02.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Shmoe (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 394388
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 113


have fun de
hf krest, snoop and blade ;)
n1 LU ger :D
Realy nice , dutch uber alles
Gl butchji
HF s1LENT :]
Oh now butchji is playing too. That might even it up.
I know I'm a has been but that's kinda harsh.
Sarcasm :P
kann nicht schlafen :(
Yeah lol that was some heavy sarcasm on my part. Glad to see you back though.
gl GER & HF Flop, Kresti ;>
oh good butchji again :fffff
oK team macht ihr ja. ich glaub an euch. <3
gl stoner
hf jungs gl braucht ihr nicht höhö
Hi, Paper and Stoner, where is Scissor mates? HAHAHA, oldbutgold

Let's be honest though, probably smarter than anything you ever said in your life :_((((((
easy for colombia :)
gl Germany :D
gl s1LENT
GL t0rm !

Does my team even know they're playing? xD!
Good luck though, sorry to ditch you guys but Uni is taking a lot of time :D
Hopefully be back in 8 months or so when things settle down!
would be nice if your team shows up this time... first match was agreed on 2 weeks ago and this one was challenged by me, forced by cb since no one responded. if your team is inactive, just let the admins know pls.
I'm really sorry Schmoe, I talked with Goldorak and we agreed that t3rra was taking over Colombia's captaincy. I really thought that he would be a little more committed to it, especially after a long talk with him about all the duties he had to do, but it seems he failed :(
np. not your fault. you did a good job for the time you did it ;)
we ll play tomorrow, and, "show up this time"? "no one responded" , i got no pms from u..?-- we kinda said in the other gtv link ger vs col that we couldnt play ..that day, no big deal
Quotewe kinda said in the other gtv link ger vs col that we couldnt play ..that day, no big deal

that simply is the wrong way to communicate if the match was already forced back then (I suppose) :D
ffs i didnt know columbia is that far behind in knowlege.
You contact someone via irc or crossfire ... and not typing that u cant play on a gtv link
racist motherfucker

edit: Ignorant racist motherfucker.
go back to school! u need it, believe me.
Graduating top 10 in my class, after these years of schooling, Im ready to go to work.
as what?
I do the devils work, lawyer.
ayee, from which school?
i think flopje should go school instead.
lol don't make yourself an ass, your comment is not very smart little boy
columbia is a state in usa
colombia is the country
seems like you are the one "so far behind in knowledge" clue what knowlege is.
big comment from your part tbh.
wowowow there are the smart asses who flaming about misstypes ffs lol dont even want to comment on that
"dont even want to comment on that" , yet u did, u are so smart man
i see it makes no sense to talk with you, u seem to be even more retarded than roba, i wouldnt be proud on that
i think you should your comments , and call your self a retard instead.
dude if you know you cannot make it to the date, just let us know. and not put a comment in the matchlink on gameday. the date was scheduled for weeks. i tried to contact paper on gameday to give him the ip. tunred out he quitted the job. thats fine with me, but let the other team know if the whole team stops careing. we got better things to do. and about the new date, why would i try and contact anyone after your team has shown how inactive you are? how about someone cantacts me for once? cb system works just fine. you check your upcoming matches, propose a date and wait on the opponent to counterchallenge or accept the date. if the opponent doenst care to check his pending matches, the game gets forced to your entered date. its that simple.
as i said.. no big deal, we couldn´t play that day, some of us posted that info in the gtv , where i know for sure one of your german friends probably saw, since i see you are all replying here is not like you didn´t actually know... and i didn´t apply for captain so i didn´t have to be paying much attention to this sort of things, so basically i stop replying now.
" cb system works just fine" --> i am in the irc of the match, you are not...? just saying-.
gl s1LENT
hf silent, kresti noob and butchji :D
ich bin ein noob :((
und zwar der größte noob ;DD
nein scherz :P
GL germany
cu @ spawn columbia, hitlers too strong :XD
dare u gonna say that again :-b
gl GER
gl .de mates :)
butchji als einziger ohne nen einzigen Großbuchstabe

would be nice if shmoe would join irc., considering all his whine about using cb system .. or any german join the irc of the match.-
Gl dAvid! :D
Fanboy spotted :)
yea :) allways cheer your namemates! :)
2 bad he cant quote this, because it would look like he is talking to himself
You have € 60 on COL
You lost
gg butchji
Blades maus scheint ja sehr kaputt gewesen zu sein. ehehe
no gg Colombia for the groupstage
they played every match. got to give them credit for that.