Netherlands vs USA (8996 views)

nl xPERiA
nl joshua
nl saKen
nl L4mpje
nl miSe
nl SQuid
nl MOTiF
us Bape
us Godfather
us Hayzay
us Joker
us Kardon
us Larky

CB NationsCup XV

Group G - 3rd Matchweek
12.02.12 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: xperia (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 72060
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 43


first :D
gl usa and squid :)
third D:
izi for NL
hf nl, gl usa : )
need ati_
joshua is doing better
good comparison there mate
guess you dont know joshua is playing rifle atm for team nl.
how silly of me. i do apologise.
he is good with rg but i prefer him as medic
Cant we hear one of those grandma cheating jokes again you guys have been making every time?
SQuid gonna roll
never thought i'd back USA but since my old buddy bape is playing I guess I can make an exception lol good luck mate
i quit :) nice to see you too, log on xfire?
went to bed after I made that post, i'll try and get on at some point this weekend
xPERiA has lag that implement problem to provide headshot to him
You can shoot headshots on him, aslong as you do it right away. Else he will just teleport 2m to the right or left.
Never heard of any of the yanks lol. Only kardon and that's just because his name rhymed with hardon.
Getting back to your old level brah, keep it up
Thanks man, it's nice to know my efforts are not going unrewarded :')
I know Kamz because his name rhymes with parrot.
gl bape
where's 7ele?
same place he has been for years probably?
haha reminds me more of you, still med despite active like hell for last 5 years with razz,mind,kartez and fanatic etc :D
uh oh truth hurt so had to google random pic lololol
i still am surprised you can be active on gtv/xfire... But not playing ET anymore, playing BRINK 24/7? Or found other awesome game?
Yes very active on GTV. Infact these comments take me very much long time to write.

Brink is dead (getting 1000 euros from gamescom this month anyway so care). ET is becoming stale, only things that interest me nowadays is drama and flame and banter on comms. Don't play any games. Go to university. Party hard.

Fuck off fat parrot boy.
Americans calling others fat. Wat?
pl .................... HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA
You seem mad. Did somebody miss their lunch today? :$
Sorry, I just find it amusing that a Polish person would ever have the balls to talk down to Americans after America saved their entire country and continent from being turned into little Jewburgers.
Yeah this is all true but the fact still remains that you fat brah :x
Already ate dozen of burgers?
they only did it because the communists were going to claim europe :D
LOL... America!?... HAHAHAAAAAAAAA... Read some books instead of watching propaganda movies made in USA. Nobody really helped Poland. Realistically, Only Poland helps Poland.
The Americans sold Poland to Russia and Stalin despite Churchill wanting to push on (cowards). Poland last for centurise and USA ?only years... Tadeusz Kosciuszko fought in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel in the Continental Army so it looks like Poland helped YOU and you betray US... sad but truth...
The funniest is that USA join the war with intention not to help anyone but to defend their country.
Please write some more US "propaganda" storys... they are so deplorably funny.

Americans... HAHAHA.....
I'm not fat though, but you look like a terrorist. Wat?
I'd rather look like a terrorist though. People will look at me and be afraid. I like that.

Whereas if I was fat, or ok you said you're not fat, so let's say overweight, people just look at you in pity :(
you probly weight 350 steady , lmao
Yes I probably do maybe weight 350.
So you're an overweight terrorist that has a Jewish nose that I have only seen previously in Jewish propaganda put out by Hitler during WW2. Yikes!
Damn, that was some real ownage right there. I''m so mad right now.
its okay man fat niggas need love too somehow
swizza u gota search for his lan pics ask phokuz we was dying from laughter
What's this? The American Bandwagon? Sure you can get enough of you in there at once? lolz

Hey, here's a thought parrot boy. How bout you tell us via crossfire on your phone about how you're at a club and totally drunk. 2c00L.
KAMZ got a squirrel head with a shrimp body looking all dusty , lol comonnn mannn
I heard the last time you were near a club was when it was filled with chicken. LoL

Fuck me, destroying yanks single handedly. Really do feel like a terrorist up in this mofucka.

Al Qaeda coming for you brah.
i doubt you ever even been to a club with that shrimp body of your's , lmaoo the bouncers probly kicked you out the waiting line cause you some ugly ass kid , haha
Why you checking out my body bro. That kinda gay you know :s
no one checking your frail body , its just so noticeable from the coner of my eye's haha, Someone give his guy a cheeseburger to gain a pound lol
That's how it started with you americans didn't it :(

But then you had one too many cheeseburgers, and ... well we all know the ending to that story :$
lol if i wouldve said somebody throw this guy a carrot stick that wouldnt of helped you right? o ok , light weight
Well, this comment draws us to the end of the discussion.

A real convo killer right there. No idea why you had to do that :(
you soft , shrimpbody , pce
Well it's more about a guy who goes to uni, has more as 1000 euro's and is surprised once line ups change in ET. Then commenting about it and saying it's all about the drama and flame. "I don't play games". Creating your own game and party hard it is here on gtv imo. At least you seem to enjoy it :)
I just like getting a reacton. Don't confuse it for me caring about anything.

And 1000 is just from brink. My real account has around 20-25k in it. My bracelet is 22 carat from Dubai and worth 4k right now and 7 in the future. Chain 1k. House 33% ~ 80k. After graduating, starting salary of 30/35k.

$$$ Bling Bling Money Ain't a Thing.
Hello pal.

How it feel knowing I played brink for a month, earned a G, played in front of thousands and you've dedicated around 5-6 years to ET, played everyday and won nothing but maybe some pads with cumstains on them :(
the fact you're so fucking happy with your assumed "1k" earned brink money says enough :)
It's ok to be jelly sometimes. Enjoy your cumstained mousepads. Rofl.
oh shit you got him there
Nah, you care about internet? Never... Funny how in the past 5 years you've averaged almost a post a day on this stupid gayming site. Parrot boy.
This stalking needs to stop.

Reminds me of the times when half the finnish community would be browsing my facebook and saving pics of me :$
Clicked your name. Saw ~1200 posts. Account active for ~5 years. 1200/1800 = 66%. Seems pretty easy to figure out. Good at math, unlike you obviously because you've already lost money on the $1000 you're owed. How bout you learn about the time value of money and learn something important at college. Parrot boy sayyyyyyyy squaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwk
Be honest. You used a calculator didn't you?

And no, I was never very good at Maths :( The problem was that when I got my grades, I couldn't work out the average mark so I never knew how I was doing :<
Nah, us americans are smart. Leading technological advancements since a bunch of rebels whipped your ass in 1776 then again in war of 1812. goml.
Damn :P

Wish I was good at maths like you, doing all them fractions and stuff :[
LOL kardon going h.a.m
cant see that in ur gameplay >.<
+1 zak
5 years
149g pays out 14,900g Come on U S A :P
149g pays out 14,900g Come on U S A :P
149g pays out 14,900g Come on U S A :P
149g pays out 14,900g Come on U S A :P
Go USA !!
Bape <3
Did you just ruin our chain? :\
mad nerds being mad at other mad nerds. unexpected
Wow those americans above got destroyed.
scumbag slick
Maybe he applied for captain, looked at the players and thought fuck this, I'm out
hf NED
gl saKen
gl hayzay
el oh el at this fat indian talkin shit...go lose some weight you fat motherfucker
replying is one of the many very underrated features
yo 2pac, didn't know u were still alive bro

first your mates called me too skinny and now im too fat :( can i please get some clarification because then i will adjust my lifestyle to please the fat yanks on the internet ":D"
stop picking on kamz dudess, hes just an poor english lad..
fat yank still mad lolz
not all yanks are fat!

only like 95% of em..
So out of 6 people in the USA team, 95% are fat which is 5.7, round it up and you have 6. They all fat :S
lol gl squid and mize
hf nl :*
pr0 lu

nl xPERiA
nl joshua
nl saKen
nl ZaK-
nl Lightning
nl SQuid
outlAw moet erbij dan wordd et makkelijk
good luck incon miSe & MOTiF
Interesting hate going on here... too bad Kamz is on a winning streak, guess you guys will always be 2nd best compared to him :XD
lololol who was the shitcunt "firsttimeplayingthismap" ? way to go making yourself look even more retarded than i ever thought possible.... FAG.
haha yea oh well, sore loser x)
Me the best NA player to ever do it. phOkuz is #1 Carry in the world
you're a cunt tbh. give up ET.
your obviously mad that i'm the best thing to happen to ET.
yes, 13 year old americans with no idea how to behave decently often make me mad... :/
Sorry I couldn't behave over a video game, i forgot how serious this game means to you euros

nigga learn to speak
is that an excuse for being shit? :DD
I troll NC matches, I'm amazing.
lol americans mad cos i just single handedly trolled your whole community.. rejects lol
gL NL!
never would have guessed the scores on this one
haha guess I made them mad so much that they sucked like hell .. unless they normally suck that much :D?
usa will always suck because NA is dead. so i wouldn't say you made them suck
surely they can't be that bad?????? it was embarrassing, like watching jaymod players?