United Forces vs Vindication eSports (7018 views)

ro blizz
ro danita
us Vodka
ch GirljZE
be BuNeD
de Miyuki
24.03.12 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Int. 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: GiiirljZE (Requestee)
Maps: Et_ice
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Total Pot: € 37021
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


hf miq bro all $ on you
<3 :* i HOPE u come back bro<3

BTW Thanks god 4 ET_ICE <3 !!!
danita <3 gl
gl danita m8
u_U nice joke

e: ofc u can win this
gl bruder <3333

e: You have € 10279 on vin
Possible win: € 15007.34
ur the one and only<333
hf GiiirljZE

You have € 61 on vin
Possible win: € 86.62

gl hf
gl hf
gl miqtoshi:D
miiiq: Was NL Holland oder was?"

GL miiiq
inb4 retarded flame about the match happening on saturday
we win xd
and pls change LU head out ...Vodka in (usa)

gl dantia
thx and lool i didnt playd offi for...idk xd
gl UF
gl UF, avi if needed.
You have € 20 on #UF
Possible win: € 333
gl UF, avi if needed.
gl UF, avi if needed.
WTF why all avi for UF??

there dont have players or whats wrong :D??

NP we can chance LU too :D
you can't ;)
you would have to leave your team, then you couldn't sign up in a new team before 5 days, but np.
who are you ?
u must be GOOD :D
why u post ur team??

hehe ja kein thema, sollten sich eh mal alle anmderst in ET verhalten dann wär es alles einbisschen mehr lustig und nicht immer alles so mad shit :) naja man schreibt sich bb
tbh idc about the team you're in, was just asking who you were :/
Or are you a team ?
izi buned you win this 1v3
Are these pliers sharp? v'B|_|neD.:> 10 deaths without fragging
blablabla buned win this 1v3 thats med vs low
who the fuck is even buned
who is
i will make myself heard soon :D
jealous ? UF is so low so np , cya @ the ettv
low? yaya but clean and we wanna have just some fun
so pls keep your oppinion about others for yourself
cya on the server med pleyers
greetz from danita


Np for le miiq ! :) <3
im clean too ..
maybe uf is med?
geek spotted ... play saturday nice, cyu when u have life bro
ok hater cu @ english lessons
haha get life tard
haha get decent english tard
Old, I am sure 80% of this community is just @ home on Saturday, but they don't wanna ruin their e-fame, so they won't play on saturday.
Or they just can't play ettv cause they have
_ No mates
_ No team
_ No skill

:/ And life does not consist only in Friday/Saturday nights tbh
u too u don't have the skill required http://www.gamestv.org/event/31645-executors-2on2-vs-afghanistan/statistics/ 2600 dg in 2 map nice damage bro
t'es lequel des retards ? xpl ?

Sinon c'est quand ton dernier ettv appart avec ma team ?
Y'a 2-3 ans ?
Ah oui excuse les dg c'est toute ta vie, tu trappelles dernier match, j'en ai fais plus que toi.
Voila rien d'autre à ajouter. t'es low quique tu sois.
np if people don't know what teamplay/objectiv is
Go play public.
who are you ?
Don't even remember, and even if, don't really care.
Go public to kill with your satchel, you'll be happy.

+Watch out for caps lock
Ok mate u dont remember it? Maybe u want a video of it? Oh all the people u lick ass will see it :(

And every 1 on public owns u
why you mad on me ?
Have probs irl or what ?
You're talking about ass licking ? ok bro, you're in a team you never played offi with .
only play against low, and get carried np ;)
i could do it aswell
all of them "low skilled" would own u with luger :)

And i didnt get carried in all of the matches, go to a barber shop u dirty whore
I just wanted to prove you wrong there about biggie not playing officials with ctrl.d, i don't give a shit if he was carried or not. biggie is actually a good player. + inactive and KG is not so low, they almost beat us and it was some nice games.

nice one insulting the opposing team though calling them low.
Then if they kill me with lugger, they'd get you with knife.
Sorry i have no more time to waste with someone attempting some funny talks on gtv. bb
I only called them low, that's nothing compared to BiGGie's insulting skill.
bb and gl on this official.

Coz you are the biggest pokemon in et scene :)

I dont give a shit about offis like u do and yes i played with ctrl.d :)
Yeah sorry if u're still fan of pokemons.
I really don't care about you, that's awesome :)

But nvm i enjoy wasting my time answering to jealous nerds flamming me ;)
Stop chating for nothing girlzje u r low it's all
Np u haven't understood any of the words up, idc about your opinion :)
It's not because you're low, that everybody must be like you.
biggie owns you any day. Now that is said, can you kids please shut it?
Keep dreaming ;)
i play my FIRST match on saturday since 6 years so i dont have a life ?? :D

gl ma juuung :*
gl miiq :3
nu stiu daca baietii de la uf sunt constienti ,dar numele lor e copiat de la un alt clan

cheap romanian copy cat?
the only cheap thing in the whole ET comuniity is you.

you are making a fool out of yourself every single time u have the opportunity.

gl with dat
omg miiqqqsaan omg :)
:p how are u?
waiting for my weed u ? :D
same :X but need to w8 long time :/
girljze gonna pwn xD
:DD Will try atleast :p
gl girljze
omg vodka omg
nolifes :D
OFC and 4 u again :)

de miiiq Friday, 23rd March 2012 15:26
i play my FIRST match on saturday since 6 years so i dont have a life ?? :D
not at you but buned and girljze "D
Jij moet zwijgen. Precies of jij weggaat je bent 13 jaar
lots of nerds @ gtv comments :s

GirljZE gonna roll though
They aren't nerds, they're just oppressed irl... :D
That's funny :)
+1 and accept your challenge in clan base libo best friend
you're not even worth answering to, that's why this reply will be the last one l0l
you're not even worth answering to, that's why this reply will be the last one l0l

typical low clowns who can talk a bunch of shit on ettv but can't show it
ouch, better watch out for this clever one :(
All-in sur eux les gars
avi if you need me broski :)
lol so funny chat :D biggie high+ :(
You have € 10 on ro #UF
Possible win: € 107.5

Simply cause I don't like the fact that Vindicaiton has a fat carrier

who ?
Not sure if trolling or retarded.
Not sure if trolling or retarded.
Holy fuck
GL UF & Miyuki
wondering why this ain't a 3 star match.
powiedzial kto?
lol ?
hes right, who the fuck r u?
nice joke
no, who the fuck are you?
just spec my bad skill bro :D
ur random low i raped shit our of your team last time and u didnt want to play vs me cuz u said im too skilled :DDDDDDDDDddd
I guess he is just another random, like u, like me, anyway nowadays who wanna be know in this game? lol
nice life nerds :D
i dont play so np for vind
keith stop maar, je weet niet hoe oud ik ben. je bent gewoon zielig ventje zonder vrienden geef maar toe
je kan zelf nog niet op reply klikken. Je bent 15 kk kneus..:)

je bent gewoon fucking achterlijk.
gl grilzjee & buned :D
go #UF
You have € 20 on #UF
Possible win: € 321.8
Gl Buned & Girljze :)
hi some1 from vindication ? we need sv ip pls
gl bro miyuki <3333333
hihihi :DD was funny, i got my new pc today 125 fps :DD Now i have to train with it ! <3
chinese bro
romanian bro
sorry thought u talked to me in chinese
ok, still better stats than u
just stfu plz
np stats are fucked up, look at dg given/recieved and so on ;)
you're making this up. Buned beast, you not.
i never said i was a beast ;) Just playing on new pc, hard to handle at the first game ;)
then don't say scores are false, that's my only point. :D

no hating <3
just check damage given/recieved of the teams, you'll see the mistakes ;)
I admit i'm not that good, just don't focus on the stats on gtv, come and look at the game next time ;p
wp gg
and what you say UF you want win this hahaha:D
BuNeD carrying but if I play with him I need to carry :<