No Pressure vs flowerpower (9358 views)

no Kris
fi mystic
ee mata
nl bully
se askungen
be homie
Decider will be played later this week, as nP had to leave.

eZbash RtCW ODC 3v3 #5 Finals

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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Miscellaneous » Matchlink
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: homie1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite

Total Pot: € 9914
The bets are closed.

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Video Streams
RtCW Stream by ZeD
By: homie1337
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: unknown



naice, have fun!
gl mata
gl mystic ;o
lol people still playing this shiiiiiiiiit

gl anyways, but move on boys ;)
your shit mister :O)
hmm... and get nerdish like u? no thanks.. prefer to play couple hours per week and have a real life...
this game is 10x times better than et shit
move on kamz
gl and hf yall! <3 karma
gl homiee
real mystic?
config user imo
ye but NOT ET its RTCW

btw gl mystic <3
jij bent echt zo kk dom gdv :XDDDDDDDDd
real wedseck????????

if yes, what a fucking retarded lowshit you are, get out of here mister low smg med+ riffle 4on4 pwner

and when I played with you and marco some days ago you were even worse than by the time this screenshot was made, you had 0 revives on 3 maps, always the lowest dmg given and the highest received, fulls 24/7, accuracys of around 20-25, 0 gibs and always ramboed like a fucking moron... and that vs low+ opponents

start searching low- opponents and try to improve slowely like everyone else did... and who knows? maybe if god gave you just a liiiiiiiiiiiitle more talent you might would improve yourself to low+ skill till the moment ET dies
:D made my day
:D made his day
:D made nerds day
:D day nerds made
I demand copyrights for that :XD
lmao :p
he's not replying to u idiot..

also, get the fuck out and get your own name

and did you see my type somewhere that he actually is replying on my comment? kknoobje
it sounds like kamz, so change it now
it doesnt lol.
and why u stalking me.. im not in need of e-fans ;D
im not gonna ask u again, change your fucking name

you are ruining my status because people are thinking that you are me and starting to think im random lowbie like you, and then i have to explain to them that that is not me, it's just some random dutch fan
random lowbie like me? lol ur pro! u aint got no brain & no aim.. u havent got skill at all lad dont worrie, if they think i am you... you should be proud lol!
stop raging @ gtv cause of ur personal issue's ;D
god damn i hate wannabes
then u shouldnt hate.
no1 wants to be like you! xd
ok CHEMZ but my name doesn't even sound like KAMZ

still hope you have a happy life though :)
thanks mate.
u call me random, lowbie, idiot and now im ur mate?
u wanna be my friend?
only mon- friday :)
izi 4 kris !
gl team!! eat the flowerz
GG homie =D

aww not that shitface again :<
sick gl askungen
mystic back ? :)
omg mystic omg
mystic really?
omg askungen omg mystic omg kris
go go go bully homie askungen kris mystic mata! Keep the game alive, make it an exciting game :]!
Would be nice if the stream gets recorded... would like to watch this but we got clanpracc on this time :)
it's so depressingly that people really question the authenticity of mystic, especially as he is playing a game there that 99 per cent of em have never played

looking forward to watch it, good luck both :)
it's so depressingly that people would put such a name there.
du warst 5 jahre alt wo das game rausgekommen ist...
und? mein vater hat bei plan-B und für team österreich gespielt, ich hab schon rtcw gezockt als ich noch nicht mal die maus gscheit halten konnte
lmao im ernst? welcher nick?
gl mystic :)
np for askiss
Quotegl mystic

Quotehf mystic

Quoteomg real mystic?

shut the fuck up retarded idiots :XD
gl kris
yea guys its true, I made a comeback to RTCW again, calm down..
You have € 25 on flower
Possible win: € 42.25^

Win!! :P
plz its throwing money away imo :)


You have € 164 on eu nP``
Possible win: € 391.96
So you'd suggest me canceling the bet and to bet on nP? :D
no problem at all for mata :)
Can i spec this with demo version of rtcw? :D
hahaha what was your name on demo? :D
OMG mystic OMG !!! :D
gl homie
flowerpower ftw!! gogogo guys! D:
gogo homie! :D
GL homie!
stream sucks
you suck. its nice that there is a stream even!
ei se streamaaja seurannu aina tapahtumia :O)
Decider will be played later this week, as nP had to go. For the people who couldn't see it

rewatch it:
never ending story :D