overload vs Vicious and Evil (9166 views)

nl bullvox
nl ins
nl Kitty
nl modus
nl spho
nl Wesbo
nl Azz0r
nl BuLL
ch gifty
nl M1lk
de snoop
nl teKoa
#ET-Cup - Groupmatch
03.09.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET-Cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: SPU9 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply Depot
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Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de dropshot's ETTV
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de pWend!!! ETTV1
By: mUnduS (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 253


1st :D gl both
2nd Go kreaturen
gogogo Kreaturen
kreaturen !
gifty !
Where's Lunatic?
Broodje kebab eten in de stad
Ook weer toevallig...
Dat die cheater plots niet naar de LAN gaat.
Wie zegt dat ie niet naar LAN gaat?
Wie zegt dat hij wel gaat?
Ik ben al met luna naar een lan geweest dus sorry maar hij is lanproof. :]
Ik weet dat hij niet cheat op die manier, twas gewoon grappig dat hij na al die commotie toch niet gaat.

Trouwens, aanwezig zijn op een LAN is geen garantie voor het niet cheaten.
hij had al betaald en was klaar om te gaan maar kan niet genoeg praccen. dus is hij vervangen. en hij heeft aimbot. aimfov320.
go wesbo
Nice match, allthough I expect an izi one for K
de ins LOL
spho said so ;)
Spho is stupid.
do not use the capital letter pls.. he wont like that, btw kom is op irc
gl krea pwners
Your bet: 5€ on oVr
Possible Win: 180.10 € (+175.10 €)

gogo ovr !!
We have modus, so np.
you also had modus vs phan and still lost
GL 2 all the dutchies this night
er is een wnb in overload dus mn geld op kreaturen!
snoop :D
m1lk!!!! unexpected:) long time not seen
Met je bruine snoet! GL Boys!

modus potm!
|K| offcouse.
izi for k
I trust on you oVr
gl modus & spho euners.
gl spho mate
de ins zal ze wel even eunen, ja denk!
hahaha n1 flag @ ins gl to all dutchies and even gl to snoop!
gl spho and ins!
lost against team massacre:D then you will lose this game too
they played 5v6 and almost won:P
they didn't play 5vs6 and I got demos.. Who said they played 5vs6?
Its just whine.. We paused for them like 2 times and gave them ref.
so they didn't play a sec with only 5 players.
mhm, adlernest was REALLY close.
and they never had the obj in the truck on gr.

if this is what you get if pausing for a team which already used all their pauses and even making them referee in order to be able to pause if there should be any more problems later on, i just gotta say once more that the ET community is stuffed with stupid kids.
i'm loling since the guys who are whining are over 20+, gg fucktard...
makes their move even more pathetic, doesn't it?
blaming the kids while the browing up are the whiners is pathetic.
what's your point man?
it does mate ;)
Now they have snoop.
maybe they will get snooperized
match of the week
ins mooie mof
izi 4 K
since when is nl ins german ?
M1lk > overload .
gl dutchies:D
gl Kreaturen <3
GL vriendjes en vriendinnetjes <3
gogo kreaturen FTW!!!! gogo giftty :D
go spho & modus! gl
Azzor geen probleem jij pakt iedereen :D
gl spho homo
lol @ Welcome Kreaturen as the new vae ET Squad
ezbash for ins
hf teKoa :)
gl Kitty :***
gifty = win
Deutsche und Höllander passen nicht zusammen :<
Lunatic die pls HAXOR! Admins are retardet.
gL |K|
snoop ftw!
gl iNs @ snoop
LOL vae
LOOL Kreatuern join v&e ? oO
more vae squads plz
why people keep betting one ovr :/
Your bet: 5€ on oVr Possible Win: 175.15 € (+170.15 €)
gl spho !
Who will replace bullvox?
how many squads got vae now ? ;D
et? 1..
GL oVr
what's up with sheep ?
he is kicked out of the team :S
they got kreaturen now and sheep didn't really have a lan team i guess
tekoa was average at best so far...
very dissapointing
3-0 tekoa
3;0 for tekoa
for snoop!1
4-0 vae
4-0 vae

Too easy :)
wp tekoa:D
Demos of nl teKoa
gifty my idol :lol:
teKoa rox :D
wp tekoa :)
potm : gifty :D
good to see tekoa finally own again