No Pressure vs flowerpower (6588 views)

no Kris
de fro
ee mata
nl bully
se askungen
be homie
eZbash RtCW ODC 3v3 #5 Finals (Decider)
Last sunday score was 2-2, but nP had to go. Decider will be played now.

More info about the first part of the finals:

Stream will be lag free this time & there is more chance of having a WTV server by colonel Sipperi
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Miscellaneous » Matchlink
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: homie1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 17000
The bets are closed.

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Malmen's Stream
By: homie1337
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Language: English

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gl homie!
real mystic?? :SSS
real bully?? :SSS
real kris?? :SSS
there has always been a norwegian kris and a dutch kris. The dutch one however stopped playing years ago.
your sure? lol....
Not quite, he played EC for euclan not so long ago :P
lol funny how no one talks bout the real key players ther... mata and askungen!
real homie?? :SSS
gl homie<3
kr1s ;) gl
noPressure win
Mystic my example forever :D
fra's CFG:
bind g "say ^6mystic from zero(rtcw) to hero(et)"
mata :)))))))))))))))) Gl
Gonna be a total FLOP IMHO!
Tonight IS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE....pfffffffff :P
gl mata, owner
GL kris mata mystic eat the flowers <3

and ofc bully askungen homie GL!
HF guys!

You have € 100 on flower
Possible win: € 455
wtv awaiting connection 99... IP PLS
better stream than any ET stream have ever been, good job :)
gg nP ; )))
Stats? wolf statisztika 1.15