Slovenia vs Hungary (6490 views)

si M1tja
si Kwizlord
si ToHaj
hu Nonix
hu sebi
hu varadi
hu powi

ESL 3on3 Country Championship
Europe Qualifier - Round 2
04.04.12 18:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship Qualifiers » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Kwiz (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 79486
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


no aNze no win
gl eXe oh wait.. :D
gl SLO!
gl kwizman gl SLO :)
gl Slovenia :D
no squaze no win
olga! <3 stop hidding and come online for god sakes! :(
wrote you on fb, but I will come online this evening :)
you didnt write to me :(
najbol da vi igrate za slovensko :DDDDD
so ble quali tko da ja :P
jao jao , almighty ciril ni pršu naprej jao jao :/
2 stars..plz
dafuq is this slovenian team
lineup at its top
oh wait..
dont worry, you'll get rape
yes i see.. we were in spawn :D
Are these pliers sharp? si m1tja 12 deaths without fragging
yes and?:D
tohaj most dmg on adler.. yes spawncamper :/
The bets are closed.
4:0 please, Hu
I like how cbbanned nerds play NC qualis
Tohaj has 4 CB banned accounts
Nice way to spend your birthday
got plans for later on, u mad?
Nice way to spend your birthday
got plans for later on, u mad?
this nigga t0rm laughin and shit
ESL 3on3 Country Championship
CB multi-accounts bans never had anything to do with ESL.
you might still want to think about the reason why are 4 accounts of him banned , and actually, why he had 4 accounts ;)
CB bans idiotic these days... I won't waste time watching their banlist & reasons.
The ToHaj's case -> even though I doubt that he had the kev255 tzac account that was banned, the ban is expired now so banning someone for an expired ban is impossible in ESL, but seems valid and possible in CB.
I would not call following the rules as an idiotic action, but its your opinion.
I didn't say you should follow CB and ban him, I just said, that if someone gets banned the 1st time, and tries to make a fake account the second time, he might be suspicious. :)
Tough game between those who have less traditional.
Good Luck to all.
GL powi and HUN.
Go SLo <333
gl Kwiz & mitja :)
ahahah hav :D
":DDDD" ich begreifs nicht

You have € 2 on si SLO
Possible win: € 155.72

You have € 5 on si SLO
Possible win: € 387.4

oO :D
You have € 60 on si SLO
Possible win: € 4648.8
You have € 1688 on SLO
Possible win: € 103677.84
match will be delayed, we can't play today !
you need 2 players max, sup sup
they must be so scared...
pretty much, but look the comments under us how they want that forfeit win :-DDDD
haha bitch please :D gg mate :)
if we would want forfeit win we would take it :) please :P
you have 4 players in your team. And first of all, match should be played on 1.4 and that time you didnt even play first one. Then u wanted to play with us at 22 CET when ur match scores were finnaly accepted. Ofc we werent avi since we didnt even know with which team of hungary we will play. Then you set up date to tuesday without asking us. Match gets removed you again set it up without asking us to tuesday. In meanwhile i told u 100 times we wont be able to play and that we didnt agree with date. Then u finnaly got the point that we are not able to play and we schedule date to wednesday 20 CET. And when i saw this bnc msg

[15:41] <-psyBNC> Kwizlord'Wed Apr 4 14:04:08 :(seb1! we also gave you the chance to put the match onto an other date, you should do it as well for us!

You didnt gave us any chance ^^ you just set up ur time that fits you after i told you few times on irc and esl chat that we are not avi that day. You have 4 players shouldnt be hard.
Still, didnt take the forfeit win, but put the match on today. And about the first of april , you could see the qualy match on gamestv at 20.00, so you could have thought about planning your qualy match right after it, couldn't you? Don't tell me you couldn't. I didn't go in to your delay because ESL Kartez said we MUST play it on monday as the last date. After you asked Foamea, and he allowed us to delay it, I went into your business, and accepted the delay for today. Now we are asking the same from you, to delay it, but you just come with your arguements , and ignore the fact, that the only reason why we would play today, is cause we GAVE you the chance to do it. Selfish Slovenian.
Kartez said tuesday foamea said same minute we can play on wednesday. After explaining to you our 3rd is not avi on tuesday and we have to schedule to some other day you just ignored that and set up gtv to tuesday. Match got deleted, you did that again and set up to tuesday besides match was not forced to tuesday so dont talk about forfeits. Just that ignoring from your side makes us wonder why should we schedule match to other day? Should we be same as you were or should we be nice and try to play match fair?

Now about that 1.4 what you dont get on that your match scores were accepted after 21 CET? more exactly 21:18 and untill that time we didnt even know with which team we should play? Ofcourse we didn't play that time, besides u contacted me at 21:30 that we should play asap.

With me its ok to change time, but again our 3rd is not avi tomorrow, so since we want to play match fair we need to find date that fits us both, otherwise i hope match wont get forced coz of that to tomorrow, so there will our kindness give you forfeit :) So just contact me about possible dates ill ask ESL Admins to which date can it be delayed max and my team if it has that day time.
You are presenting the story a bit fake mate, but no problem. We don't really want to win by forfeit, not like you. Any day is good for us in the upcoming days.
"almost same minute"
You have € 29 on si SLO
Possible win: € 2014.34
You have € 60 on si SLO
You lost
You have € 1 on hu HUN
You won € 1.02

Sorry Kwiz ;-)
hehe :)
You have € 29 on si SLO
You lost

why kwiz tohaj nab mitja