Queens vs TAG (17446 views)

de butchji
gb razz
be chry
pl wiaderko
nl xPERiA
ee freeze
is phyzic
nl Lightning
nl aphesia
gb griim
de stownage
de kReSti
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle For Berlin II » Matchlink
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: SimonKinsler (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 134044
The bets are closed.

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gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 66

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Overall Viewerpeak: 244


gl TAG u must win :DDD
no 3 stars?
tag fucking nerds who prac 7 days perweek fyucjking niigger
too much pracc hits you really hard bro
so much prac bro, hard to deal with
gg incoming
et is alive

oh wait, takes gaming mice and headsets to make nerds play, lol.
manj ur pretty much on fire aren't u? :D

haha all good matey, just checkin this website from time to time and doing some random comments

sup with u
nm neither, intership in paris (nigga in paris brah) and don't have much time to play ET, I do it when i can. u stopped ET for good?

Ur such a naughty bastard with ur comments, but that makes me laugh
haha ';d

yeah i dont think ill ever play again active
becuz you shit BOOOM G5
gl chry! you better call someone a pussy!
i call everyone a pussy bitch pleaseeeeeeeee
chry you pussy
gl queens
******the****** magic********triangle*
*************** <3******************

gl TAG
*****MAYBE***** YOU SHOULD******STFU*
*************** <3******************
*****in the******************ASS****
*************** <3*****************
Hahaha kamz , u kill me!
good luck griim :) I see that you replied to me :) yet I don't see a reply :) what happened son ? :)

best of luck griim

g r i i m
money on dave, because money on dave
i know i read it somewhere but... is lightning rifle for TAG?
Ofcourse he is?
couldve been flopjehz just as easily..
Have you seen flopjeh play SMG lately?
i think you wanted to ask:

have you seen flopjehz play RIFLE lately, as the obvious answer would be NO (to you)

I havent watched anything lately.. thus i asked.
Ofcourse he is?
deef gay:SSSSSSSS
GL FLoPJIZZ st0wn4g3
gl krest,flop & simon :)
nice game, hf !
izi for grime
xperia razz <3
You have € 62 on eu TAG
Possible win: € 1181.72
You have € 100 on TAG
Possible win: € 1866
gl Wiaderko :)
gl xPERiA & Wiadro (obys mi tu nie lagowal :DD !)
queens got best etplayer...butchji!

gl both
2:4 for TAG
GL Krest & Flop
lol at odds, this match gonna be close
money on TAG
watch chelsea vs barcelona or this? i can't decide.. such difficult choice
this. simply because chelsea vs barcelona will be played on Wednesday. q:)
trolled hard

still won't watch l0l (madrid bayern + et boring)
"trolled hard", nice comeback for your self ownage xddd
Hey just because they bad mix of players doesn't mean they won't roll us! :D
dave taking his prefered underdog position ! :D gl
u mean preferred underdoggy style position ?!
get a life .. champions league day gtfo
get a life .. siesta day gtfo

Especially germans, they rather play ET than watch Bayern vs Madrid, what's wrong with these noobs!
It's forced.
I'd rather watch CL but admins fucked up schedule.
no wiaderko, pokaz na co Ciebie stac :D gl!
gl flop
b 2 the b
Tam mocno Wiaderko pozamiataj ich! :)
go team, go team, go go go team

easy für krestdibilis und die andren deutschen nubies

and gl xperia
wiaderko pokaraj !
gl 2 stownage flopje krestiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

TAG is on fucking fire.
e: can't believe queens won that
gg wp
gg wp u too (too bad that chry and dave started acting like babys! :p)
just for you griim and the nice server
allmight UK player griim speaking: haha terrible mix of players, have fun with your highest dmg competition on ts.
how is this related to anything?

hes right after all
so how terrible mix of players must they have then ?
cherry so mad, no friends beside the internet
wow you seem so mad about an internet game, go outside nerd
haha :D nice ownage

ps its entertaining to see how easy it is to make you mad :D
ps it almost lost us the map at bremen we so mad :D
ps its entertaining to see you try to get the tank
Its just a game, relax :P
U are one fucking nerd full of care dude :D
SIT DOWN! He has a point with that comment, that doesn't mean you guys are bad. Anyways, flaming non-stop because of a 85 ping for xperia??? 85 PING? That's barely a disadvantage, compared to 200ping. Get over it.
Are these pliers sharp? wiaderko.qs 15 deaths without fragging

can't kill with pliers bro!
thanks for shoutout bro :3
You have € 10000 on Queens
You won € 14000 thx