STAR.ET vs Nothing But Skillz (8023 views)

de Kevji
de humM3L
de criatura
ru JOkE
de violy
de kiwi
se slajdan
ee yEnch
ee Sinnu
nl MOT1F
ca bN
be fostruM

EuroCup XXV - ET SW 6on6

First Round Qualifiers
16.04.12 22:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: criatura (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 58986
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


avi ,when needed :)
Not gonna be played on Thursday..... I don't know even why do you schedule it...
i pmmed 2 guys of you... as they were off and on...
And when im off, what does that mean? That im off, and i came online tonight, saw you having forced the game. That's like pretty bad you know.
Well criatura pm'ed 2 guys of you , i was at my parents place over 3 days and cameback aswell today. And you never answer and we had to play it untill tomorow thats why he request it, and like scatti said its forced we had to play it tomorow, 2nd qualifier week starts soon.

Well after i check CB last date to play they force it now :D
So basicly we had to play it tomorow or friday? :D wtf , sinnu would be great if you can get 6 and no more trouble and we play that shit.


Agreed: Fri 13 Apr 15:00 (forced)

it's actually forced to friday lol
Its forced to play till friday by CB :X
Well sunday is to late for us, we arent avi there 3 of us are out. So basicly we had to play it tomorow.

Hope NBS can handle it and can get 6 guys, would be great.
This game wont take place on thursday, pretty sure about that :p
like i said, then we had to play on friday, sunday is impossible for us and CB forced it allready to friday. Sry about it : / we had to play today or tomorow up to you guys.
guess we'll play it tomorrow then!
dont think so!
ich bin avi am freitag? Tut mir leid dich enttäuschen zu müssen, aber nein o.O
Du bist jeden freitag avi du hast kein leben :D mit deiner SC2 scheisse.
Dann denk das mal, ich bin morgen abend aufjedenfall nicht da
Ja wir spielen ehh morgen net lass die doch denken :D
Gut, das wäre ja die Krönung am Freitag nen offi spielen o.O
haha defnition of a g33k
zu mies
;-,...EDDD)))]]]]], humm3l hab dich hässlicher in erinnerung. Tue aber mal was gegen deine Kellerbräune. :D
hf sinnu, bn x
If you cant play today, we can play it on monday 22cet.
Lets continue this convo in irc!
izi NBS <3
hf viol :)
/ref /kick ;D
lmao /net_port /net_restart /name SEMz CARRYS ANIM LOL
Wont be played tonight!
nbs dont have 6 : / prolly rescheduled to monday 21cet
The game will be played Monday 22.15cet
good luck, have fun draqii!
bN you pussy
g sinnu, player & motif 8)
bN is gonna blame his teammates to to the win!

Have fun Brenda :D
izi for fostrum :))
gl draqqiiiiiiiiii
wodka ololo
lineup will be:


6 of them for tonight.
lets play it earlier since ur game against polagz wont take place.
we would like to play both quali games tonight :)
zMk not here tonight.
Well tmoe cant play today, and we dont know when criatura will be back tonight so basiclly 22.15 are fine for us

We allready rescheduled for you on thursday. Would be great if you can handle it for 22.15!

cheers im off now im online around 20cet.
gl guys

- PlAyer

+ slajdan

cant make it today
soll ich spielen oder nicht? geht auch früher pm auf cf oder fb :P
hf MOTiF
gl motif pwner
izi for brandon and fostrum <3
gl nbs <3
- draqii @ the other 6 will play.
gl branton
GL guys :)

kevin schgucke! :D
You have € 66 on de STAR.ET
Possible win: € 671.22
gl kiwi <3
gl stars!
fostrum beast :)
Well Played.
ganz knappe kiste.
/R/ gtv server 1 or 2 for next game, admin?
den motif :)
gg bro's BN bEAST
kevji nice 3hs colt 100m
star|humM3L :* 70 deaths

But you can act like a fag to random pugs though!