to Make odds even vs Nothing But Skillz (5563 views)

pl fanatic
pl hunter
pl ska
pl syriusZ
pl voiler
pl zMk
be PlAyer
ee yEnch
ee Sinnu
se slajdan
ca bN
be fostruM

EuroCup XXV - ET SW 6on6

Second Round Qualifiers - Seed 2/3
17.04.12 22:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 40575
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 97


Powodzenia :P.
gl WuT
Waiting for comments on me being bad !!! CMON PPL
you mad brah?
mad cuz bad :<
you? because owned you last night 3v3 :----------DDDD
s1lent told me he couldnt sleep well :-(
Check logs, got disconnected in the grush defense 0.17sec before the end, had 6.3k dmg :< and it didn't count :<
gl motif!
gl Wut
me not play!
ok edited so i guess slajdan in? correct me if im wrong
You have € 2470 on pl tMoe
Possible win: € 9386

easy money
GL Polaczki :D
You have € 765 on Nbs
Possible win: € 1025.1

Gl Player
cant believe this, sinnu's been playing the game for what, how long.. 6-7 years?
The guy hasnt had a single break in the history of ET and is still one of the shittest players in the estonian ET scene.
Praccing on pubs daily and losing officials like a boss
fcking noob

NBS, you really should recruit a new 6th instead of this sinnunoob
I agree, this Sinnu guy..... always ruins everything(ESTONIA NC)
Best bits:
"hasn't had a single break"
"shittiest player in the estonian ET scene"
"praccing on pubs daily and losing officials like a boss"
but yes i have to agree :S:S::S:S:S::S:S:S
same, this isn't BEAST anymore, it's BADST
funny cuz it's true :)))
gl nbs
gl wutwutwut
gl WuT ! ;)
gl WuT !
Gl Flegmatic!
türa noob sinnu
käi vittu lits, tule ütle midagi näkku
võid ise siia tulla maeiviitsi mingi noobi pärast ennast liigutamagi hakata
Kui ei viitsi, siis ära viitsi enam pointless nonsense sitta ka suust välja ajada. Mr. Interneti Muskel.
türa ma arvan et ma olen sinusugustest poistest 2x suurem IRL aga vahet pole
ajan küll sitta edasi sinu kohta sest sa oled seda väärt ja enne kui sa midagi sellesuhtes ette ei võta siis see jääbki nii , ära nutma hakka
Minusugustest poistest? jutt jääb küll sinna poole, kes veel kooligi pole lõpetanud. Selline väike tatikas...
ära nuta nüüd kõvamies
GL ska
gl hunter!
gL hunter
hf skaa
gl fostrummmmm :)
wp tmoe ;)
wp lads
wp nbs

but who was west?
nice flag Sala :}
travelling lot when using phone. usually i'm in norway but now apparently pl :D
You have € 945 on eu Nbs
You lost

add 6.3k dmg and still player beat me with 1k :<
rather 24896-20389k 8)
well thx to my dc @ grush, stats got fucked up :/ ET just crashed
oh noez-.-
hunter jestes kozak
polaks 2 stronk 4 anim
chcialbys :DDDD WP PL !
You have € 765 on Nbs
You lost

You have € 250 on pl tMoe
You won € 562.5

You have € 250 on tMoe
You won € 562.5
tkt :p
You have € 2470 on pl tMoe
You won € 5557.5

Polaczkiiiii ; DDD