Finlantic6 vs Queens (15755 views)

fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi Matias
fi Salaneuvos
fi twidi
de butchji
gb razz
be chry
pl wiaderko
nl xPERiA
gb Baggiez
26.04.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle For Berlin II » Matchlink
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: SimonKinsler (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 139107
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 139


I'm really looking forward to this one.

Gl Queens :)
You have € 536 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 1195.28
gl finboys
Izi Q
will be hard and tough game but a nice game :)
goodluck my fellow fins robocop ftw
Queens vs Queers

Real shame I wont be able to cast this but Chelsea vs Barca y'know :x
we'll probably use wildcard but i'm not sure, told razz that I won't be online when Barca is playing, but who knows what razz will do.
ac milan > barca

just stating the obvious.
bitch please barca > ac milan forever and ever :D
+1 wia i wont be here also :p
jij MOET spelen owner! dan maakt queens nog een kans! :))
wasnt the BFB crew not gonna put the matches when its champions league.............. i wont play it gonna watch barca man
again playing on champs league night.. even tosspot refuses to show up and it doesn't get much nerdier than him..
Champions league < ET i though its obvious ":D"
not for razz, he's a huge real madrid fan

jesus christ (he should tidy his room btw) got blue screen cuz of this pic ;s
xPERiA is fan of bayern munich

+1 :D

PD: ¿Diógenes room?
no comprendo, como es diogenes? aun que hablo un poco espanol ;P

Nah!, era solo un comentario (una broma) sobre la habitación desordenada ;)
aha no se
jaja* no se. You got a poor spanish, dude.
aha means haha
and jaja means aha.
jaja isn't a proper spanish word.
jajaja means hahaha as far as I know, cuz spanish people pronounce it completly different (j -> h). Easily spotable in names like Guadalajara. Thats what my Mexican buddy told me.
but it aint a proper word
well, spanish isn't a proper language.
it's more proper than french :c
spanish? pls
gl razz!
ez phyzic
Close one but Queens got some many good aimers they will take this one!
teamplay beats aimers buddy
nee joh, ik ben god, mijn wil is wet en ik wil dat queens wint oke?
gl butchhhhhhhhhhhh & co
wia and chry not gone play?!?!

lineup queens?:
they will, we're going to reschedule. (or wildcard) + phyzic will be back this week aswell.
If squall plays F6 will win, if not I doubt they can make it.
So basically what u're saying is matias is shit??? wtf sup3r :X
I think he meant that squall would replace me and it would be team fi
Matias is far from shit :D squall is just a mean mean killingmachine and I think u will need his aim + experience instead of either salaneuvos or jewe (don't know their roles and certainly not saying they are bad, just saying squall tops them:p).
well ofc squall tops them, no doubt about that but jewe & sala are doing just fine job!
ahhh the difference between fin and uk..
Why do i never hear Kamz saying that razz is doing a good job?
cos he's rubbish. one of reasons i dont like this game that much anymore is that brainless players can be effective. that's why brink > ET, you couldn't just be rambo otherwise you will fuck your team up big time. but not just razz anyway, most of the players at ec/nc level are the same.
Thats why u begged me for all of your teams :D
Not my fault ur mad because you best team was zZz/RAGE haha
woops looks like that one got to u :<
:D hahaha love it
:D haha how u been matey, how's uni? what year u in now and how many exams u got coming up
Yea not to bad thanks yourself? End of second year now, just finishing off some coursework at the moment :/ First exams tuesday but ive only got 3 so not to bad. What about you?
7 exams coming up within 2 weeks :(
oooh shit man best be revising hard! ;)
squall is not allowed to play with them on BFB2 because he's playing for Anexis ;-)
Since Marseille is eliminated from CL I can cast this.
e : still got sick monster voice will be for later
we gonna reshedule this
yes please do that i mean CL is more important than ET..Soccer>all

gl both anyway
I got a genuine question. Do people enjoy watching ET matches?

I mean, coming to think of it now. When I tune into ETTV (maybe watched like 2 games this year anyway). I end up just typing in chat out of boredom rather than watching the actual game. Unless it's people I know well..

Back in the day, it was quite enjoyable to see people do new things. But now it's all the same :[
pretty boring, indeed
there are still some good matches, not as many as before, though
Never found it enjoyable i'd always rather be playing ET myself rather than watching someone else.
true, RTCW matches were mostly always interesting to watch. As everybody is speccing the same guy it's much more fun in the chat too when they fuck something up or so. besides rtcw games are better to watch because it's faster gameplay
yep.. watch the game 5 mins and then ciao
in freeze i trust
nerds playing while barcelona plays chelsea
they probably think they can request the barcelona chelsea match on demand
they actually can, its called interactive television
ye but thats dumb, because u know the result by then.. unless ur a no life who has no friends.. ok i see your point

enjoy speccing
I am not interrested in soccer
Maybe you're interested in football then? :>
gl xperia!!
Gl Queenz ! :)
gl matias & freeze! :)
gl mates, if olbaa plays well they got dis, freeze n xperia lows
gl Queens and Finns!
gonna be played on thursday @ 21 CET
europa league night, omg nerds :\
I'll be watching cherry bomb <3
dont watch me rosskobossko my pc is almost dead :D at supply max 100fps :p goldrush between 70 and 100 :D like a boss
excuses already.. atleast I can compete with a pc like that :))
but for you matias i will try to shake some kills out of my hand :D
damn, you should steal quinton's computer and call him a pussy after :D
rossbossko you got a point there sir then i have fucking 125fps and 125hertz screen headshots would be flying everywhere :p now its only 70 / 100 fps and 60 hertz :(
why 2 epic matches at 21:00? anexis offc and this 1 :O) not cewl yooo
we wanted to play at 22cet cause we didnt play this week some warmup would be nice:) but forced to play at this time my friend :)
rossko. i love you.
wiaderko a gdzie grabki
haha nobody is gonna even watch this match :D
kamz maybe here more then the other match :D
cant do it later, cuz anexis vs mpg..
or why cant they do it laterz cuz of f6 vs queens? :|
gogogoo butchji
everyone welcome queens.baggiez
cuz not more than 25 viewers :D
ettv pls
2:0 queens on supply now bremen is broadcasted
GTV wasn't there for first map. Queens won supply 2:0. Now starting bremen with gtv
yoohoo !
OLBAA fucking rox :) i never watch ettv, but he is keyplayer for sure
indeed. for me i have never watched jewe or salaneuvos play before but if u ask me, they are both key players.
butchji saved victory,ur the best!
Nice cp deff queens!
Nice queens finally have some balance to them! Baggiez saves the day.
indeed, way to balance up a damage whore team with an engineer who plays for top dmg !!!!!!!!!
Baggiez gets dmg (on his home pc) but he plays obj, also good calls ingame! Exactly what queens needs :P
if you are getting loads of damage as an "obj-minded" engy, then ur doing it wrong imo ;]
if ur getting dmg as eng and being and obj minded player, ur just carrying ur teammates so bad
Not at all. Engineer gets a lot of damage on some of the strongest defensive stages (supply flag + depot, goldrush tank + barrier, radar main), so if the team holds any one of those stages for 5+ min then as smg-eng I'll be top damage 9 out of 10 games. Attacking as engi sucks as I'll have my pliers out and I'll typically get low damage, but if you're winning then attacking round doesn't last long.
Way to damage whore, faggot.
Not quite. It just means you are playing your role wrong. The top damage should be going to your rambo medics and field ops, unless of course there's a long hold on goldrush tank, supply east, radar main, etc.

For example; ensam, sheep, and even clown are prime examples of good engineers. You can tell I am not being biased either because my theory disproves the likes of chry and kresti as a "good" engy and I'm mates with these guys. Also, I don't particularly like Clown and he's not the best of players but he's a good engineer and if the team has enough aimers and damage whores to make up for his lack of other skills, then he is effective.

This is what I see anyway when I see a good engy. It would maybe make sense that I say this because I play in a similar way but whatever :)
I couldn't care less what you consider to be playing the role right or wrong, or who are good and bad engineers.

this reply was not to you.

funny though that you thought i wrote all that to you. i don't even read your comments let alone respond to anything that you have to say lol. you are quite insignificant to me i am honest.
Still couldn't care less what you consider to be playing the role right or wrong, or who are good and bad engineers, but it's pretty funny that you think you're in a position to judge.

now you feel stupid because you thought i replied to you so u had to write the same thing :}}
Kamz jelous he never made it into Queens and Baggiez his rival did :D
my rep is way too high for it to be lowered by playing in queens, let alone playing ET

whereas ET = everything for u :PP
I often wonder what you are trying to gain from all this GTV-banter.
Kamz is just a dick
what banter?
so much hatred just because i called you a no lifer that plays ET all day. in my opinion, you would only take this to heart if it was the truth.
Kinda strange that you always feel the need to wind everyone up and start senseless discussions about stuff happening in "a dead game you no longer play".
Just simply because he has no real life or mates its the only reason i can think off boredom thinks hes "cool" on inet when actually hes a donkey
e. do you ever notice hes always on gtv everyday and comments back within 30 mins everytime
i heard kamz is a gay parrot
well i didnt attempt to wind anybody up in this discussion?!

but if u mean other comments then sure, a bit of fun here and there, most people find my comments funny but there's also a small minority of nerds who get really wound up by them (see above) which makes its all worthwhile.

i mean how u can get so wound up over comments on a gaming website, i have no idea.. too much time spent indoors i guess :'/

"dead game" -> successful trolling, i <3 ET

how can u throw the nerd card man, you have played ET everyday averaging around 12 hours a day for the past year :DD (and that is not even a fucking exagerration!!!!!!!!!!!!)

then there's me who doesnt play at all, spend maybe a few hours of my week on here/irc .. i could safely say you spend more hours online in one day than i do in a whole month razz!! and not many would even argue with that.

you are too much of a pussy to reply directly anyways, have to reply to super about me haha such a wimp =D just like at lan, you were a pussy who just gets stoned all day because he has nothing better to do :(

fuck me that was harsh but whatever, give a shit lol
Lol kamz i must of hurt you. Dont take it to heart :DD
nice edit. u said something about u playing 1 hour a day.

fuckin hell, thats even more than i thought razz :DDDDDDDDDD

rofl you have played every single day of the month and have like 50 screens a day :D

jesus fucking christ
I play on average 2 hours per day i enjoy gaming so why not :) Now i have a job again it will be alot less
When you played games you just took it to far and people just laughed at you, now you think your cool? Go stay in your room for the rest of your life you curry munching big nose faggot :P
Off to party now gl in your room wishing you could cut your nose off to get laid maybe finally, to do well in your career maybe make 40 year old indian version D:DDDDDDDD:DDDD
i know u enjoy gaming, doesn't take a genius to figure that one out lmao

but u enjoy it too much, you are constantly at home getting stoned and spending your life behind a pc..

but good news about the job, hopefully you don't get fired/leave this time :x

stop editing man, i cant keep up.. stop getting mad too, im saying these things to you for your benefit but u just getting mad and flaming me :(
butchji chet
Baggiez rollin like a boss.
NC winrars repping Queens like a boss
You have € 4750 on eu Queens
You won € 7885

: )))
so boring my friend so boring :D
You have € 17909 on Queens
You won € 29728.94