outlAwl1z3d vs tohaj (3518 views)

27.04.12 16:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Int. 1on1 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: outlAwlicious (Requestee)
Maps: Tournamentdm2
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Total Pot: € 3503
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


more obvious :D
You have € 27 on nl outlAw
You lost
I keep it to 3on3 offi's
tohaj is ook wel een van de betere 1on1ers van nu,
dus maakt niet uit
outlow :DDDDDDDD
nice! cheater losing to cheater whose cb banned till 2022. absolutely stunning
e: guess he isnt esl banned since hes plaiyng together with some random esl admin.
haters gona hate
it's normal to hate on cheaters though
Any proof of me cheating ? no .. okay =)
both are bad tho ;(
most are still playing shit and dumb. but tahts not the point here ^^
sure.. i pwned you .. what does that make you :DDDD? better... oh wait..
you lost tho
doesn't matter still owned=)
Well, you lost. Just stfu and face it. Don't answer to this fucking fag
doesn't matter still owned=)
When did you own me ? First time I won 3-1 (lost a round cuz I threw an AS :D which didn't work tho but you took the round like a fag) and second time 4-2 becuz I didn't play ET since our last offi (sc2 > *) and still you managed to loose :D

You will never own me since you are aim only :D deal with it brah !
check the stats bro :D if 1k dmg more than you isn't ownage.. huh :D
yes dmg = skill for newfags like you, sorry ;D

he's only registered on ESL with new TZAC he made, only caught with old one which isnt on ESL anywhere, no ban :)
pathetic "system"
he's also not tagged on CF because Killerboy refuses to tag him as he has no rights on CB and foamea said he doesn't care about CB bans
I will be unbanned in a month. i hope you will stop whining about me beeing a cheater =). I understand your lack of skill makes you angry, playing vs other people and getting owned. I understand that's hard for you, i know you have nothing to do in your life but whining on gtv about my ban. Well on 2nd tought, if that makes you happy.. go ahead :) but you wont achieve anything, just a couple of smiles on my face. Have to thank you for that.
well unbanned on TZAC maybe, but tbh you should be banned for eternity for evading ban :)
I am not banned on TZAC. Check again =)

created new account while other was still banned, please gtfo retard
http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=1557 = kev2555
http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=17941 = tohaj (me)
Sorry but i guess you mixed us with different persons. No need to use offensive words.
too bad kev555=banned on CB and somehow that banned account matches 3 other accounts and all of them are yours. get the fuck out
Yes, that's a mistake. I am sure CB will fix it, the C&A tickets are slow, so they need some time before they can look at my case and unban me. Why would i get the fuck out ?
1489 total screenshots
I am surprised you were capable to walk to your computer. if you know what i mean ;)
No I have no idea what you mean, you subhuman inbred demented MUTT.
Yes i am not wondering you didn't know what i ment.America= bunch of low-inteligence, egoistic, fat people:)
tbh they are not that slow with tickets, usually few hours, 2 days max
ok first learn to fucking spell you fucking full blown retard. you are never suppose to go full retard.
second i'm not low and i go to college and am graduating in computer science , yes i have a big ego, and im more brolic than you will ever get mother fuckerrrrrrrrrr
lol outlaw l0ose :D WTF?
srsbsns tiss gtv bro me scared