l4z vs Provok (3655 views)

pl l4z
fr Provok

ESL 1on1 Spring Series 2012 - Cup #1
Playoffs - WB Round 1
13.05.12 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Spring Series 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Provok (Requestee)
Maps: Multi_huntplace
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Total Pot: € 11048
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 30


izi l4z
gl l4z
izi Provok
gl Provok
Lazu, grasz na jakies low elo. Jak wejdziesz na ulti to gg
O_O magu :D:D gl l4z;D
gl provok je crois en toi :D
thx, ça va être dur :(
You have € 250 on fr Provok
Possible win: € 1002.5
will be a very nice game 2 pro's vs eachother GL l4z & GL provok
chce ci sie grac jeszcze witek :D?
jak nie zapomne o tym meczu to zagram, ostatnio zapomnialem w jakis tam 1/4 finalu i cwel wygral forfejtem :XD
taaa jasne, na tsie mowiles mi ze posrales sie ze strachu :D
Nigdy nie watp w Wytrzymalego Wiktora!
stare czasy:D nie za latwa mature dostaliscie w tym roku :D?
podstawa prosta jeszcze ustne czekaja, najwiekszy koszmar :)
gl provok <3 mon poto :D
gl hf l4z
gl bro
Gl pro to vok
Gl provok
best of luck provok!
Omg provok omg !
Gl provok :)
omg lAz omg
loosing to lowskill playing randomly and knowing everything.
u mad ?
I'm not cleaning toilets so I'm not really mad at all


You have € 30 on l4z
You won € 123.3

owned by l4z:D should be ashamed.
bitch please


You have € 23 on Provok
You won € 46
doesn't change the fact I owned you every time I played against you :-)
doesn't matter.. still lost to l4z:D gl in your loosing bracket :XD
yep, cu there, gonna kick you out of the tournament asap :)
not gonna happen :XD but it's okay to dream =D
yea cuz you are in a lower division sorry !
yep that's why you wont kick me out of the tournament =D
TAMj isn't an ESL admin so I can't suck his dick hard sorry !

PS: nice ears
cu LB bro
You have € 500 on pl l4z
You won € 2055
You have € 25 on l4z
You won € 102.75
You have € 75 on l4z
You won € 308.25
thx mate :)
war of the mad tards
OP laz
et dramma :XD
You have € 100 on Provok
You lost

omg ta foutu quoi...