moomoofarm clan vs SixthSense (9407 views)

be malaysia
be snatch
be swa
be utopie
be p9k
be kysr
pt QkR
pt d0g
pt Sexclick
pt ag0n
pt archy
pt jet
EuroCup XVI Qualifier
07.10.07 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: h3ll (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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us Radio iTG
By: GLH-Candyman
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
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By: h3ll (ettvd)
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 105


gl mmf!
gl 6s
eentje gefrustreerd
ni echt :)
vwa zoude ons dan geen gl wensen?
rede gnoeg:D
dus frustratie danku om mijn standpunt te bevestigen
als iemand u zo door het slijk haalt (al dan nie terecht) dan wenste dieje gene gl, das gene frustratie, das gewoon negeren of gewoon normaal zijn :p
ik zeg hiermee nie datem nie cheat ofzo zenne
jere suckt :)
da weet ik :D
GL both
Allez Allez Zimbabweee !
gl 6s
gl 6s
moomoo <3
hf 6s
gL 6s
gl 6s gl archy gl sexclick gl qkr gl agon :D <3 all :p
gl mmf gl snatch gl utopie gl kysr gl swa :D <3 all :p
gl both teams
GL ag0n! Gl 6s!
gl 6s
pt QkR
pt d0g
pt Sexclick
pt ag0n
pt archy
pt jet
no setup no win ;(

gl though
gl 6s

kMt and koto return!
gl 6s
lol kMt & Koto :)
they were from clan playboys, not 6s, man

kMt has played with 6s.
long long time ago, been here a short period of time, left, and founded the clan playboys next, more than a year after that he has been busted in that nationscup

but anyway sexyhot, torspo, arci and de57 also played with 6s and in the period when kMt was here
when they will unbanned them???
gl pessoal os tugas todos a apoiarvos <3
good luck archy! <3
boa sorte primo

*** sTm :)
utopie is a good nick for this match :D
gl :)
wouldn't be supriced if all the sudden agon had a bot from nc!
idd !
what you mean writing nc? team portgual nationscup or netcoders? XD
gl 6s <3
gl 6s mostrem o que valem ( :
gl 6s
p9k how read it ?
Good luck sexclick mate!
6s imo
gl 6s
hf 6s
all my money on the farm (€33.5)
gl mmf & rfki <3 :D
GL mmf ! rfki :)

Your bet: 20€ on mmf
joEeee de belgjes gL !
im naked
Good Luck Agon eventhougt ur mouse is broken
gl both teams but i still hope 6s will win mmf :{ mmf is full of kids
thank you, hacker <3
if hope hMg wont play EC cause they have haxers, oh right they arn't playing EC, they lost quali
25 € in 6s :)

gl 6s and archyyyy <3
gl mmf <3
gl mmf! I Hope that superstars like ag0n, x86-nmu and luficel or smth play! EC skill!
im sry mr unknown, x86.nme :)
yup, atleast i dont act as a winner of any EC or any other major event like you guys.You guys suck, dont have skill and didnt achieve anything! If you pass remember, you aint EC skill, EC died the previous season.

do we act as EC winner? omg, are u having sweet dreams with me or smtg? give me some quote where we did act like it.
Well, EC is pretty lower then the last seasons ye, but who cares? im at qualifiers, what about u? 5th div? stop being so jelous.

Tosco do caralho :)
You are fucked up, you dont play a shit, never did so why you came saying crap? You played with sinner you think you pwn, ag0n does movies and thinks he ownz and hes lickbooting its simply outrageous...fucking dickheads. About me as a player, if you dont know me dont talk, noname.


Dammit, u must be a retard or smtg, anyways, some ppl call me cheater, you call me noob, nP even.
now go play with your barbies

End of the Story
Hope u eat your words today night :)
selfconfident ! ;D
hf gl, not that you will need it : PP
dont tell me that you are high skill now? By the way, improve your english fucktard.
Vai-te foder otário. Aborto dum cabrão.
gl to both clans, gl to you too, our belgian mates :)

have fun all
gl , boys :)

btw pilu, i dont play et anymore ( ;
Boa sorte!!!
ez bash for us !!!! go QkR & agoneta <<333333333333333333333333
the amount of whine and shittalking we'll see in this match is beyond my imagination xD
gl oewelenaar :)
GL 6s!

iz bash <3
hope 6s will win
gl archy, sexclick & ag0n <3

izi for 6s
Gl paneleiros <3

I expect a lot of whine :dd
Easy bash for mmf.
easy for 6's
vamos lá cambada! Esses "farmeiros" suckam!
dunno how good 6s is but mmf sucks balls :D
gl ag0n <33
score ?
2-0 mmf
omg jonge
ZOMG np4mmf
Thank you mmf, 4-0 for the belgians :)
3000€ in the pocket :DDDDD
4-0 mmf
Your bet: 36€ on mmf Won 337.68€

gj kiss, thx 4 teh 8300euro's <3 : ]
et = dead
Maar ik won wel geld!
en je deed niet mee met prac :@
Spijt me, maar ik ga volledig ET:QW :D
Yep :/
najs. mmf 9.38 vs 1.12 6s 200€ on mmf Won 1876.00 € thx
n1 oO gl @ ec mmf(:
6s goes moo! and agon goes 2-20 nice!
i guess u mean kiss ;)
ETTV never help pt
yep, we gotta hide hacks :O