Finlantic6 vs Anexis eSports (10486 views)

fi twidi
fi Matias
fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi Salaneuvos
gb R0SS
gb Sqzz
it XyLoS
ee Night
fi Squall
be mAus
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Adroits ET Masters LAN 2012
Hosting: Adroits
Manager: Seanza (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 80447
The bets are closed.

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Video Streams
Adroits TV #1
By: Seanza
View on GamesTV (external)
Language: English

Viewer Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 325

Overall Viewerpeak: 325


what a game ! pls there's a stream for this 1? want to see this from work (:
btw whice hour is final
whens the finals?
So fucking easy for anexis
shotout androits tv :D
gl hf both
Good luck R0SS
night's team gotta win from loser's bracket, so...moneys on fins?
viel Glück
Anexis :)
hyvä pojat!!
going to be nice match. gl f6
You have € 1222 on F6
Possible win: € 7099.82
gg 3-0 anexis
You have € 9000 on Anexis
You won € 10890
Med Pack Whore anexis@mAus 172 damage per death
Die! Damn you, Die! erase Element 265 damage per frag
Do you not understand "Med Pack Whore" ?