tohaj vs magico (3925 views)

ESL 1on1 Spring Cup 2012 - Cup #2
Grand Final
siTohaj has to win twice!

Second match will be played later
14.06.12 16:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Spring Series 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: ToHaj (Requestee)
Maps: Ctf_multi
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Total Pot: € 11591
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 5


GL Tohaj pwner
gl tohaj
izi magico :P
GL magico! :)
izi magico
gl teamplayer!
izi magico
magico will do some magic here
gl tohaj:)
izi for magico, tohaj nerd lowZZzZzZ
Tohaj Cheating on a public server h3ll 22 May 12
GL Tohaj pwner
gl Tohaj

is not the real Tohaj, i found the real
You have € 35 on tohaj
Possible win: € 186.55

Thx m8
que te jodan magico :D

You have € 11 on magico
You lost
You have € 5 on tohaj
You won € 26.65
good that you add the "Second match will be played later" 5mins before the match starts, that's pretty cool for betters.
wasn't even added before, more like 5 minutes after the match was over :)
wouldnt be surprised if tohaj turned out to be some newschool hacker gettin busted again after his first fail/ban
(2nd ridji inc?)
how long have you been playing this game, tohaj?
(inb4 tohaj replying with "get skill" and "1on1? I'm better than you!")
If a player wins a match vs good players, that makes him a hacker ?
u got slacd with ur old slac account ( it was slac back then )
you didn't understand my point dear vATUh.
no, just statin It's always a suprise to see a noname roll experienced players
in most cases a bust is gonna follow sooner or later (that's what happend in the past at least)

no offence tho (if you're not cheating)
u replied to me, atleast it notificated me.

Well Tohaj was busted cus he hacked with Slac under Kev2555/heker name and he got banned for that (CB), he came back with new fake identity "Tohaj", he claimed hes not the same person, he got catched and eternity banned from CB(i guess), and hes allowed to play ESL only with his buttbuddy ESL admin Kjizzlord.
and you mad coz of that?
esl admin player with cheaters, are u licking his balls or is he licking your balls?
ull never know, just try to guess
just one thing,he didnt roll me at all,he just knows how to play that shit multi_huntplace and i got a stupid full on ctf_multi which suposed his victory,nothing else.

Still,and this is just my opinion,I totally agree with that classic sentence "once a cheater,always a cheater"; your example with ridji was perfect for this case.

looking forward for our 2nd match,cheers.
Well ok call me a noname. I am playing this game for about 5-8h a day(for few months now). I think me "rolling" good players is expected.
But if you think alil different. If a player calls you a cheater and you are clean. I can take that as a compliment.
sup with ridji?
busted multiple times but somehow people still trust him
(inb4 ridji commentin "ROFL AHAHAH IM SKILLED WTF NONAME")
You have € 50 on si tohaj
You won € 266.5
You have € 10 on tohaj
You won € 53.3
You have € 3700 on magico
You lost