miNd's Pro Gamers club vs to Make odds even (9309 views)

fi miNd
nl perfo
gb Baggiez
gb razz
se NuggaN
nl SQuid
pl fanatic
pl zMk
pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl cwel
pl Frag'Stealer!
Grand Final of the ClanBase EuroCup XXV

tMoe needs to beat mPG twice to win this tournament!

For the betters:
We will not split this match in two (if required)
10.07.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 115754
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 157


kurwa co buggs robi w tMoe?
nie wiem...
cwel to buggs? :D
Ty idioto... Pomysl jeszcze raz :D
No kurwa nie mam pojecia jakie ziomy.et graja w tmoe.

e: Jak myslisz, ze nie zrozumialem tego zartu od Roberta , to wiedz, ze zrozumialem lolololol
ja nie zrozumialem, explain me.
no wlasnie po tym Twoim pierwszym komentarzu mozna zauwazyc ze nie zrozumiales xD
zaawansowany mindfucking to sie nazywa.
mind gonna own
GL Macius :) :*
thought the same xd

ec really has lost all its glory :p
Another EC pocal to add to my display :)
And You are 100% sure u gonna win this? :P
Even if we lose there's still a second place pocal!
Pocals everywhere ;x;x;x
nice ec man rofl

i guess sqzz wont be playin cos evo challenge offi with c45 tonight
izi mpg
heard tmoe raped u hard bro?
hummel shining winners medal
well at least we didnt get spawnraped and play with 2 mercs!!!!
lol mad :XD
1 star ec final ? is there a stream will be avi ?
EC Final 1 star match. EC loserbracket Final 28 total viewers.
colt45 pdeg random ladder offi at same time got 4x more viewers
ye, EC final, should be best match of the year. 1 star GG.
gonna steal the viewers again heheh
et.tv streams gonna try to be on!
mPG probably going to lose, I'm not playing.
what a pity
et is dead
gl nuggan
wierze w was pl
gl fanatic ;)
cwel? przeciez fanatic juz jest
SQuid going for ec gold! I'd say gl mpg but err... :D
go tmoe
gl tmoe!
gl razz
not even a shoutcast, and 10 minutes after official beginning, its not even 70 viewers ^^
Viewer Peak: 82
down to boring teams imo
would have been 500+ if it was ovr
no1 shouting the finals ;D
nobody shoutcasts EC finals for years except 2010 fall
no1 shouting the finals ;D
why is calling other people mad considered an entertaining past-time?
This match summarized:

GL tMoe
Baggiez's taunts are definetely the best :D
too izi mpg
whoever would come by watch that game and think about giving et a shot just sees baggiez talking and turns around and fucks off ^^
Baggiez ur fucked up
thats who you become after 15 years of playing computer games
wonder how arguing about life success still happens after so many years of not winning a single argument with it on the entire internetz :P
CHATTERBOX most mm1 90 mPG x/ Baggiez
Baggiez my idol m8!!!

one day i will be as good as u in making my opp so maaaaaad! well done bro^^
its so funny when this guy is a pussy irl who comes up to u to shake ur hand and says hi in a girls voice whilst looking in the floor :D
:XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD well your my idol #1 anyways m8
you can be whoever you want to be on the internet
r u rly serious there? :p
No, he's not
yup, he was some shy kid.. everybody was taking the piss out of him about how he talks so much crap online and looks like that :D
have to agree with u on that
just turned up to read the chatbox, thx for the entertainment, thought he stopped after the lan :D
gb Baggiez - the one, the only.
and the question remains, who is cwel
GG mpG :D
forever 2nd
hahahahah was isn des fürn finale :D

ramozz bleib noch paar jahre aktiv dann wird das was
You have € 246 on pl tMoe
You lost

A bylem pelen nadziei ;/
HAHAHA looks like i haven't missed much.
Second [1st] for SQuid in one week. Beast.
I think now everybody believes me finally when I say EC has lost its glory, it means nothing at all anymore. It's not even worth playing or signing up for, not even spectating (150 viewer peak:D). Sure I could make a team and win EC for the first time, but it's not even worth the effort. Only thing that keeps ET going is the lans and the random cups with prizes (like evo challenge e.g. colt45 and junglebros comeback). Nothing else matters. I'd say EC and NC achievements post 2011 are pretty much worthless.
your comment is worthless
It is not our fault that some of the best does not sign up or care about that. For what i see, tMoe and few other clans, keep playing all these cups and tournaments for fun, but still at least some kind of level is maintained. If those few clans didnt play now, our lovely game would sink even lower. You should not say a word about that, because you sir did not play as well, it just means you abandoned your game and let the level of ET cups sink [even if you can manage a team that will carry you like you said:D]. nuff said
Sorry for abandoning the game due to being at university. My bad. Should have got my priorities sorted.
So you sir are not too smart. Last year I had 2 courses, gf and still played hard. Now if you still whine its just you beeing dumb ;)
Yeah but I doubt you studied anything at the level I am studying. No offense.
IT and Bioengineering, so i guess that your lvl is : Einstein:D? umad?
IT is easy shit. I am mastering in mathematics so yes, my level is a lot higher than yours. This is of course expected anyway.
since i have joined gtv and read some of your comments, i ask myself if they are just retarded,fcking funny or the product of an attention whore.after 3 years i finally realized that this mix makes them so fcking hilarious.thank you&pls stop never writing comments.sincerely yours mr.noname
Your comment has been noted
so we got a guy that can solve math problems:XD rotfl thats some creative work you do there, only smart ppl :D
lol polaks learning mathematics
Nah Kamz smarter than that ..