Poland vs United Kingdom (4589 views)

pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl fanatic
gb koop
gb razz
gb jam

ESL 3on3 Country Championship
Lower Bracket Round 3
12.07.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: fanatic (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 82222
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 68


gl fags
z Hubertem bylby easy bash a tak to chuj...
go ed jam
gl UK
hf jam :D
Gl UK !! jam u legend :D x
You have € 340 on pl POL
Possible win: € 646

cu lan...
where is upload
lesti got it under control, he did 2 courses, gf and still played hard

i just read that mini convo on the ec final game
omg so did I, we have soooo much in common xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
i still winz and you know this biatch and u mad coz u bad:D if you were on such a high lvl at least you could come up with some nice excuses, jokes or whatever but you aint even close ;] lookin forward to see pakiface with noble next year 8D go for it smartass :D
nobel prize*
lol u also smart as paki number1 you solved it, 5 points for you but sry kamzface ownz you coz he is good @ math ^^
that's very nobel of you
that's very noble of you
that's very noble of you
sellin truth since '90, thx
polaks.. selling anything to make money :\
fair trade, on the other hand 'some' ppl like to blow themselves up
good comeback. nice ownage.
thats ok, i dont mind beeing ahead ;]
the only thing you are ahead of is the amount of toilets you have cleaned compared to me
lesti uses 'pakiblocker'...
'pakiblocker' is super effective
you're embarrassing yourself m8 :(
also would appreciate if you stop beein familiar with me, thx ;)
shut up you fucking mong. Are you really handicapped?!
heard u scared to play me
gdzie hubert? 8(
nie ma, wypierdalaj :(
ja pierdole gl & hf
hf jam<3
gl jam!
jam 8) Good Luck =P
gl jam mate
gl fanatic :XD
jam too strong
go for it!
Comptuer fucked, Will need to replace me in NC sorry guys goodluck
You have € 30000 on POL
Possible win: € 46800

Jak przegram to wpierdol fanam8
gl panowie, wierze pl

Make me rich! :PPP

You have € 50 on POL
Possible win: € 78
8DDD jakos tak bez przekonania? (:
Gl jam m8
gl lesti
jam bloodbro pwn them <3
whos gonna play instead of razz?
jam jam
polaks scared to play vs the one and only kamz, what can i say boys.. what can i say
You can say u are too pro for ET scene 8D
:D i got such an egoboost right now xd
jak ja kurwa nie lubie tych pierdolonych anglikow, cu@eliminacje do MS skurwysyny.
kurwa polaks scared much :ss
You are too low for Them. It's waste of time to play against you, sorry bro.
w/e, i feel like a pro right now, never has anybody been scared to play vs me :_D

i'm not even that good at 3on3
I always turn off my monitor when I am bored to play bad enemies.
Kamz embarrassing, still think ur some kind of hero >.<
nie zagracie z tym pakiskiem? :(
plz tell me its the esl admin not allowing you to play and not POL taking a forfeit just because they can...
Poland taking forfeit :_D

Admin said we can use kamz if they allow, and they're not allowing him xdd
simple, 2 niggers in 1 team = not possible
I'm having trouble solving that equation, can you expand on it please?
they not allowed so u cant use that cunt - this is simple
about niggers, that was only my part ;]
Please elaborate
you actually want a NC game to be forfeit?
where them ballzzzzzzzzzzz

rulez are rulez but skill is skill
:DD someone got owned there and couldnt come up with a come-back x)
what did i tell you about leaving the trolling to the proes?
polaks suck
what has ET come to :(
there was always players who acted this way ;P just think back to your most active days and im sure you lost a fair few matches to sad forfeits :)
actually I've never lost to a forfeits in big games, but I get your point :P
even jakazc caused like 3 teams to be kicked from an NC a while ago, some people just don't care about having fun and prefer this route ;d
you just saying that cuz zZz not coming lan
blame lazio :(
blame Lazio's greedy gf*
we could have met dave

we could have met

we won't meet

i'm crying
why u no come lan
cwane polaczki :D
fucking niggers man ruining polish pride

fuck you all
ww3 cooking up nicely
Retardation sir, that is all :D