moomoofarm clan vs Impact Gaming (20359 views)

Not Announced
fi Xpaz
fi mystic
fi Jauhis
ch gifty
nl Azatej
mt Toxic
01.11.07 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: h3ll (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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By: miTTi
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Total Slots: 500
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1st :>
gl impact:)
izi bas for impact x)
gl gifty :D, nice maps
giftyyyy your chilean fun club was here :D ... gl (:
Possible Win: 10,000.00 € (+9,900.00 €)
impact for sure, want to see TLR vs Impact :>>
impact should lose 4-0 that u would see it
then we (mmf) and mod will go tru to play-offs. but thats not gonna happen ;P
so, they should lose 4-2?
lol don't think so
ez for impact !
easy for utopie !
we're praccing liek mad, no worries
we'll win
gl jongens!! met wat praccen maken jullie wel een kans ;)
met wat praccen kom jij mss boven je low+ niveau ;)
zegt de lowbie
ga gij nog maar wat met hackers spelen, tgaat u af
zegt de lowbie
zegt de lowbie
hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDD

impact ofc.
5$ @ mff , make me proud kiss
izi for kiss :]
Easy for kiss & co.
mmf will take this :o)
Your bet: 60€ on mmf Possible Win: 6,000.00 € (+5,940.00 €)
another easy win for mmf, gl @ playoffs
2 easy 4 gifty
gl xpaz!!
Your bet: 5€ on mmf
Possible Win: 500.00 € (+495.00 €)
want to see MPG (PGM) vs Impact :D
mmf med max.
2 easy 4 mystic
4-0 to impact no point in playing the match mmf although they aint bad dont stand a chance in hell of beating impact

gg in advance
MUST BE CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
long time ago; ! :D

kiss , laat ze poepje ruike knalkanon :D ! gl mmf
too easy for mmf
i mean, they've got superb-aimers like kiss
kiss soms moet ge eens tonen wat je echt waard bent, pak ze!
die altijd wederkerende whine & flame
easy bash for fimystic
easy bash for be powerhouse : kiss
u made a typo, its I-D-I-O-T
zegt een flaamse friet... lol
Gl nEkz others :ddDdDDdDDdd
Fullhold at flag for impact np.
Match of the year!
in the next game/community you must the following to reach EC:
-Be admin of some 1 day cups
-Spam nice phrases @ crossfire
-Play nerdish 24/7
-Be gay to "known" players and do a lots of <3 or </3
-Say to everyone that you have a life and girlfriend while in real life you can't even talk to your sister.
-Spam crossfire
-Update ur ego, even if you dont have the "thing" to have it.

well basicly, 90 of the "new" community its like this, that why the game its ruined.NC and EC dont have prestige in this final stage of the game.
uhm, maybe im not 100% correct but some 'big' teams who used to play EC left, so they have to replace it with something, and since there aren't a lot of those big teams anymore, 'nub' teams are playing EC now ;x

btw; are you jealous? :O
I don't think it has to do with jealousy. and cb could have gotten lesser teams in stead of "nub" teams. I couldn't agree more with Mr. Spender that this EC is pure bullshit in the starting phase, but on the other hand, the big teams will have eliminated the "nub" teams so it might get interesting after all.... DILLEMMMMAAA
nop...its not about being jealous, ive alreayd played 2 editions of EC 2/3 years ago, played some qualifiers aswell, im just saying that today the EC dont have any prestige thats why dignitas etc left. If u go back 2/3 years you would see a clear high skilled/paced EC because since it had a great prestige every top clan wanted to play in it and cb only selected the teams with best results, not the stable factor inspite of bad results or the weekend teams of the "known" monkeys on the scene.In that time if u had won a summer cup, open cup or any other big event you surely would get an invite or a qualifier, now with almost the same system u can see that to get in ec u must be an admin,xfire spammer or a "known" asslicker since that guys cant get results to prove themselves
Quite funny you attack me on the fact that I hosted some cups :=).
Update your ego, it is nice you have an ego on an on line game :=).
I'm totally on your side in this one (btw a shame you didn't win), but the smileys are a bit over the top :(
I think that most of the teams are now waiting for RTCW 2 (i hope without vehicles to use) because ET has too many cheaters. Imo RTCW will not be for free and we will have to buy it instead of downloading it. Just like bots to this great game, you can easliy dowload a bot too..;/ it shouldn't be like this. I'm truly convinced that the great teams like dignitas are waiting for this supreme game...
Talking about supreme lol.. dude.. the game isn't even released yet !

I'm not saying the game will suck or rock for that matter, but talking about how good it will be is pure madness :\

Well, let's hope for the best :)
Im just a great fun of RTCW that is why i think it will be a great hit its like playing final Fantasy (alhtough i don't like it) you can see about 15 parts of this game and still coming more:D i'm just a great fun of RTCW i didn't say sth bad about someone just looking forward to this game:D
easy 4 gifty
4-0 fsjoooooooo
giftjy <3 !
mmf noobs
says some random 7th devision player
marco borsato - de waarheid
but they are noobs right?
7th division?

make me rich moo moo farmers!
Finally a real opponent for impact/mmf.
too bad, i already bought popcorn and beer for tonight :(
gl mmf
LU ?
gifty </3 :--d gl
omg mmf ....
yea ur EC worthy we raped u in pracs all the time so don't bs
wie heeft uw teugels losgelaten?
Your bet: 23€ on Impact Possible Win: 23.92 € (+0.92 €)
omg, i gonna win so much money!!xD
easy for kiss n co

another easy win for mmf, gl @ playoffs guys (no sarcasm)
stupid fuck
ok chefkok
moete ne pannekoek hebbe? ;XD
hou gewoon u bek en stop met wenen
da mag wa kunde nog, aléja in de keuken voor de rest moek ni veel verwachten:)
iemand heeft uw teugels ook losgelaten

de mmf koets hol geslagen :(
easy for impact
zul je net zien dat mmf wint.

ja echt heh. xd
impact will really have hard time on this.. mmf have reached the highest level teamplay you can ever achieve and their aim abilities are not bad either.. lets say it goes to decider and mmf wins after radar beeing played as a 3rd map
i have to agree with u
GL and HF both...:D eVo btw my friend said once if mystic is playing the score is already known 4-2 impact but he said it in the past. Now i will say Aza, Mystic, Gifty<3, own them and HF. mmf GL you will need it:D but show some skilled actions on supreme Impact:D
Serrano's family! <3
Chmpp im polish but temporary i am working in England that is why i changed my flag and time zone:) in this way i can bet and watch ETTV on time:D oh Gratz for Incomplete looking forward to see "Inc vs Impact" its not my family:D
I talked about spanish tv serie which rocks =)
Sry for misstake:) but thx for replay:D
:D i didn't know that FIN TV has spanish series:D
unfourtantly we have some aswell ;(
I like your hair, you're a good guy
impact 4 sure! :P
(btw, Slarto is gay)
no gl 4 mmf, worst opponent ever
Hf impact. :>
izi bash 4 mmf
2 easy 4 impact
izi bash 4 mmf
gl Impact owners
hf gifty... izi bash for impact ;)
woooow over 1,000 slots :D
Radio Show will be starting at 21:30 CET. So be sure to Tune in.
hf mitti :)
gl mitti, im gonna tune in fo sure :p
MMF lineup for tonight:

be utopie
be p9k
be Malaysia
be nEkz
be kysr
be Sn/)tch
why no Mztik btw :=(
because Jauhis and Gifty:D
naiz... Your bet: 1600€ on mmf
Possible Win: 73,056.00 € (+71,456.00 €)
who's betting on the farm? :D
Your bet: 5€ on mmf Possible Win: 274.00 € (+269.00 €)
i am
Your bet: 5; on mmf Possible Win: 273.90; (+268.90)
Your bet: 5€ on mmf Possible Win: 273.80 € (+268.80 €)
Your bet: 5000€ on mmf
Possible Win: 272,300.00 € (+267,300.00 €)


toxic not Toxic :(
shut up you blatent nob jocky
go eat pizza
i was replying to gjerry but anyway your a cunt
it was a reply to gjerry, genius

and im a nice guy!

@ Kris btw
someone record mystic please and post it here thx :D
<3 azatej!!!!!!!!
Your bet: 5€ on mmf
Possible Win: 252.75 € (+247.75 €)

go go mmf!
al men geld op dnzlke en snotteke <3
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COPYRIGHTS HAVE?!!?!?!?!?!?!
KRP will be coming for him!
Easy for gifty & co.!
score ?
2:0 Impact
2-0 impact
nice whine mmf :o
4-0 impact
what happened, how could impact win???
hahahahahh xD
thx mitti <3
bb @ ET
someone got stabbed at the internet by the legend himself -,-
Grats kiss, 387 people watched you get knifed.
I would be glad to say the same about you, oh wait, just OC ;(
AAHHAHAHAH flame off : ) be cool
dude ur random cup leader and u rly think if u got to EC as backup that ur a EC skilled and EC year ur premier maximum so keep ur dirty comments beacuse u are childish ego noob
ey , keep cool mr AR mAnaGer
Oh dear, you've just made a total fool of yourself xD
ur random and get used to it and i dont come here to show my wnb skill like u do mr nobody and from now on keep talking with ur self
true et ge gekeken vindi ?
I'm a lot less random than you, meaning that I know kiss's situation and background, and you don't. Stop talking now, before you humiliate yourself even more.
nee, twas de boerenstiel op tv :P kga wel nog es replay kijken, naart schijnt zijde geknifed door mystic? xD
ja, maar naar het schijnt heb ik mystic met een triple en double gepakt ook he! :D
Kzou het ni weten :P
lul, nice knifed.
so sad, that is starting to look more and more like :( damn idiots..
mystic came, saw and conquered
stormG: everyone keeps saying we suck but we showed smthing today
Yeah, that they actually do suck :o
Getting bashed and still flaming
zAlig comment van den prydz in ons matchpage!
kerels echt waar. Wa zitte gulder ier allemaal te zage?
Die manne die hebbe teminste tege Impact gespeeld ok ze hebbe verlore. maar ze probere het toch hé? Ze hebbe NOOIT gezegt da ze ginge winne dus SU. Van mij moogde zage zoveel ge wilt als ge het beter kunt. maar jullie zyn wss allemaal lowbirds die geen clan kunne kryge en stoer wille doen op gamestv.

Good Job mmf !
merci <3
inderdaad, mmf doet dingen waar mensen als nunca al jaren van dromen, deze toch wel verdienstelijke daad verdwijnt bijna in het niets omdat "et dood is" , maar slechts weinigen slagen erin te doen wat zij nu verwezelijken, hoed af voor mmf, niets aantrekken van de whine, jullie doen het toch maar mooi!
"mmf doet dingen waar mensen als nunca al jaren van dromen"
stout, maar toch :D
als ge da denkt is het ver gesteld met u, agree ik wou wel graag EC spelen , maar er over dromen ...
goed gezegD slimmerik! Omg, dat sommige belgen nog altijd niet weten hoe de dt-regel werkt is echt wel het toppunt vind ik.
Jonge die stomme dt-regels zijn zo belachelijk eh.. Opt school let ge derop maar op gamestv fzo dan moet ge der ni oplette zh. Da boeit dus niemand als ge da verkeerd schrijft zh :p
dt regels zijn uitermate belangrijk! Ook op het internet jongeheer!
Jah men gat xD
dt regels zyn belachelyk !! =D
really fun to read comments here, u really can laugh a lot, guys play against these teams and u'll see that mmf is ALIS, strong on paper, not even close to it in server. flame on me if u want, but it's truth
wtf :/ , we never went for a win / close game w/e. We know we suck, so np
i have nothing against u guys but i get irritated if i read comments from really stupid ppl who know nothing about the teams :/
we wouldnt care as well if you would hate us ;D
ok, from now on i will hate u :P
mmf is ok, it's you that sucks. Replace you with for example ME and mmf would've won vs MOD. No hard feelings tho !
I guess you just busted me :(
But no hard feelings !!
kiss + stormG mr. frostbite only, gtfo hairy cunts

fAcK yOu StUpId CuNtS wHo KeEp CaLlInG mMf NaMeS yOu FrIgGiN nOnAmE NoSkIlL lOsErS !!!!
who is mmf?
Who is the bitch who has had the nerves to not kill you right after you were born?
Your mother made a huge mistake
Alas, nobody is perfect my son !
True, but then again, not everyone are complete dicks.
i still think my comment was appropriate
Neither am I Cupper, neither am I.
I beg to differ.
I'm only a dick towards people who deserve it.
From what Iv seen, your a dick to people who have done nothing to deserve it, and you flame randomly. Kinda like MMF themselves.

But If this is not the case, then prove me wrong, and I will gladly apologise
Blizzard deserved it, and to an unknowing mind it indeed appears that I flame randomly. But I don't ! There's always a reason, and a damn good one too. You just gotta be a bit brighter to understand it.

And I don't need your apologies.
wayta go, I hope your mother is proud of what a arrogant little twat her son has turned out to be.
banged! Rhand your dad blatently touches you at night
Kinda difficult with him living 100 km away from me.
Can you live one day without even thinking about mmf ?
Heil moomoofarm _o/
u talkin to me kiss?
@ cupper
Das echt zonne fag nie normaal. Ask die tegekom irl dan slaagk egt op zenne smoel maat 4sho !
ne fag ist idd :=D
you should care more about random comments
kiss l luv you <3
well played mmf, very close game :)
yeah , we almost won :(
met een tijd van 7 min werd hun ego wel snel gebroken imo =)
iNeteGo sEriouS sTufF