colt 45 and two zig Zags vs Team Decerto (8384 views)

gb Kamz
gb sqzz
gb R0SS
ca bN
de Bl4d3
nl saKen
nl xperia
de kresti
fr An7ho
fr karnaj
Evolution Challenge - Winner Bracket Final

nl OVERLOAd defeated eu Jungle Brothers (Click for match)
gb colt45 defeated eu mPG (Click for match)

Winner goes through to the Grand Final! Statements
29.07.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Evolution Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: KAMZ (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 66137
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 102


lol bn will play for 2 teams at the same time? :DDD
bn is able to do this!
if u say it, then it must be true ;D
Sorry in advance Kamz :(
an7ho will deliver as always <3
an7ho will deliver as always <3
kamz winning pocals in comeback straight away what a man.
trololo? :_)
colt 45 and two zig


gl R0SS.
thx Carlos
Flossed my ass with your towel, bro.
Ok, I'm avi!
win those mousepads bN
lol razz and kamz in one team I lold :DDD
I dont no why i am in lineup plz remove
why no play with ur best friend kamz ?
lol? u sure ur not just dreaming m8?

your team is in the loser bracket, we are in the winner :]
will final also be played today? :p
maybe a bit after midnight
Won't be played today, stay tuned :)
good news =D
we will be taking the forfeit then

we don't have a particuarly active team, i have told all my members that we will play tonight because u agreed on it with me

in future, i suggest you don't agree on a time unless ur sure u can play it

Unfortunately you have no such option :)
well u have lied to the admin saying u did not agree on this time so like i said, we will take the forfeit as we cant play next week

if u didn't lie, i'd be more sympathetic
let's play kamz :)
accept forfeit result at ESL page
de kresti instead of nl joshua :)
you're meant to ask the oppo if they agree to the merc, as u did not.. we do not agree
rules are rules

17:11 ESL|Gabri22`AFK • if your opponent agrees you can use mercs

all saken had to do was pm and ask, but he likes to think he's in control of everything and do things without asking, so we dont agree to the mercs
what are you talking about these people are on our roster 0.o
prolly they joined 5 min ago =.=
nl xperia instead of nl lampje
overload suckers
what is now :/
will razz and bn play for colt45 or not, I have to fix before I go...
lolol razz

he is shit and i would never play with him
but u will play this match at 22cet or not?
yea anim plays with us
here i am hehe
why u not playing with the kamz le pro
dont know :(
would be almost team uk then :p
inb4 antho highest fragger
inb4 kevin on pliers
u mean bn with pliers
u mean kamz with pliers
You have € 67 on colt45
Possible win: € 207.7
gl colt45
good gaming
gg pakibro
Another easy victory :)
Are these pliers sharp? oVERLOAd.kARnAAAaaAaAJ . 10 deaths without fragging

I see what he did there :)
You have € 192 on nl ovr
You won € 468.48
You have € 1040 on nl ovr
You won € 2537.6 bestest prac partners
You have € 190 on gb colt45
You lost
fu kamz
You have € 2000 on nl ovr
You won € 4880
ty froggies
You have € 6666 on nl ovr
You won € 16265.04
You have € 4500 on ovr
You won € 10980