miNd's Pro Gamers club vs #sticked.et (8525 views)

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fi Lepari
mt toxicc
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se NuggaN
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Evolution Challenge
Loser Bracket - Round 5

08.08.12 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Evolution Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Provok (Requestee)
Maps: Missile_b4
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Total Pot: € 134085
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 85


GL Sticked
please dont accept esl matches when they are not confirmed
Please don't discuss these matters in public
I didnt know where to write...
But please dont do it!
@Admin comments
did on other matches, but he didnt reply...
GTV also has a pm system^^
mPG < Sticked
no offence but sticked getting bumfucked
have you quite finished?
easy sticked
gl sticked !
gl mpg, you'll need it!
gl stickies
GL yoko Taishit, Provok
gl sticked
GL sticked u beasts
toxic :D
gluck yokoo, no twidi no win toxic :D
GL les sticked mais je penses que cette fois vous allez morfler.
Bon j'pense que brûler un cierge à Lourdes suffira pas cette fois, j'vais brûler la ville entière.

gl hf mPG
good luck mates
hehe mpg changing their lineup since their loss to colt45 :p
What are those changes?
toxic playing for baggiez since he is at holidays

lepari playing for us since last offi and most likely will continue till the end of cup, basicly replacing subbi/squid whom both havent been much avaible lately
taichi out
new fag in
omg lepari omg
Will sticked upset again or will we see the much anticipated rematch of colt45 vs mpg?!
taiichi not there, Air dodging cause he is scared. :D
take maxuh, he's always on bio
We won't take EC players as mercs, we ain't this kind of team. Gonna play with our friends or backups, dunno who's available tonight :(
u can safe bet on them :<
come on man, this is the most important match of your lives .. shape up!
nah the most important is the summercup final, this one is already lost :D
Epic match! GL both!
nice pot
gl joris , sticked
too izi for mpg. hf.
Score please?
2-0 mPG

sticked set like 11 minutes on goldrush
so close on missile, gl for next matches :-[

gg wp
les mecs font trembler les gros calibres
nice sneaking on missile, but the engy should have expected the kill out and moved towards the box or something

ggs though
gl for the rest of the cup
dat panzer
U denied so many attempts :(
HF with LAN bags !!! :D
They have to go through us first !!
Thx Mind

You have € 5000 on mPG
You won € 5450

WP Sticked
Joris pour m'envoyez des sms quand je suis travail tes fort !
mais tes pas capable de gagnez se match , tu me déçoit

YOU FAIL !!!!!!!!

ps : love you ;)