PowerPlay vs Fuck The Name (3034 views)

be slyZer
be miQi
fr Snatix
in rAmbo
gb clarkee
fi toNi

ESL 3on3 Summer Cup 2012 - Cup #2
Playoffs - WB Round 2
09.08.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Summer Series 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: slyZer (Requestee)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Total Pot: € 12162
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 9


inb4 snatix lady macbeth
Succes EEF'MiQi
niet nodig wij komen nog zelden samen om ET te spelen en als we samen zijn dan is het maar voor 1, mss 2 wars die dan toch helemaal mislukken :D maja who cares
still nerding master nerd :D
no we hardly play any games nowadays :D at least I hardly play :D
dan speelje wat met de wijven fso ?
Succes he miqi :D
You have € 300 on be Power
Possible win: € 678

Tu fail j'te frappes
retires ca xD
You have € 300.52

Possible Win: € 0
gl rambo & toni, but fuck u clarkee :)
gl bros
gl snatix and rambo
izi for Snatix
gl rambo!
gl boys
gl & hf both
You have € 96 on Power
Possible win: € 466.56

gl snatix miqi and all:)
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
hmm Snatix.
cccccombo breaker
hmm Snatix.
cba to play