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no Domi
nl Eddo
gb medixza
pl dialer
fr soma
fr teki
fr Provok
fr Taichi
fr yokoo
fr AiR

#et.tourney II - 2nd Division
Grand Final

sticked has to win twice to win this tournament as they are coming from the Lower Bracket.


Crossfire Newspost
26.08.12 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 18340
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


game forced because none of you bothered to fix the date of this game
hey I just saw your comment
and this is crazy
but we already play at this time
so put it later maybe ?
i don't see any other game on gamestv by you on sunday so maybe put that other game later?
Nope, Jacker will reconfirm tonight but we'll probably play the second match this sunday 21:30 :(
And by "later" I meant another day in the week because we won't play another match at 22:30 since 3 of us have to work on Monday (including me)
nope. how long i have to wait till you play 1 fucking game? last game in this division was played 3 weeks ago
I heard there is the Badminton Euro 2012, maybe you can delay your cup again ?
tomoyo vs provok
super izi for dev bros!
gl stické
gl les gens :)
gl sticked !
You have € 100 on sticked
Possible win: € 576.

Gl both
I cant play since im on holiday hopefully we can get 6
Good luck sticked
tag vs sticked :D
hf lettu
tag vs sticked
gl sticked
Lows needs to be carried as usual and since fanatic is their friends there is no problem having ~15 players in your roster while rules says 10 players per team maximum.
That's the last time we sign up to this cup, it goes worse every season.
it seems that he changed it :)
ye changing rules during a competition is totally normal !
too bad it's never changed on a positive way for us, maybe we have to be friends with more admins but it's not really our vision of sportmanship.
you have such a great vision of sportsmanship. We saw that by the past already.

Good luck for tonight and have fun
Exactly what you mean by sportsmanship, this starts with respect, and you're far from being respectful to any of those myself included.

Now die and enjoy
jep that is true and it sucks
if u have an admin as friend then u got a big advantage, but sth like that shouldnt be :/
but now its fixed
Someone is upset, again. Only "new" to this LU right now is dialer, and hes been playing with us for a while already.
if you have such a big problem with this, I will delete 9 of their players and only leave the 6 that will play tonight. happy? it's already 2 months since the beginning of this cup so I don't mind using more than 10 players because i understand teams have problems. such a small cup like this should be finished already and it last waay too long than it should + holiday time and stuff. also I can't see anything about max.10 players/team in my rules (i didn't edit anything) though

and that's the last time you signup for this cup because there won't be any more seasons anyway
Calm down it's just a random game, can only be good for us to pracc against these boys.

gl & hf for tonight
You have € 250 on sticked
Possible win: € 2377.5

You have € 250 on sticked
Possible win: € 2377.5

eitje voor domi en eddo
sticked too stronk sorry
Frenchy's too scared to play???
wanna play second game now ? :DxXFDdF
How do you want to play the second game you fucking inbred? We won't change the LU.
sticked second division champions !!
oppo left, gg.
gg inb4 50 ppl in next dev roster
gg sticked =)
Sticked win easy !D