Team-Unique vs aToOn (4822 views)

nl joop
ee DeepFreeZ
nl ovrboost
be leito
se nils
pl God
gb Azrael
fi boski
pl errol
pl jebutor
fi miks
pl stn
xx backup
se dott
20.11.07 22:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: FiF Cup
Manager: DeepFreez (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 92


1st :>
dont bet on unique
we get bashed!
gl freez owner :>
gl freez
gl overboost nils & kiitos!
gl edwin
gl overboost
GL joopy! :D
GL joop en overboost!
leito @ clan ? zomg since when
not for lan
kiitos isnt able to play this match
lol edwin
gl :D

ohja dupertje natuurlijk ook
Bedankt, maar we weten allebei dat dit best wel een blunder kan zijn, van mijn kant. :P

Jammer dat ik jou niet kan crouch lamen..
hehe, je weet het zelfs nog. :D
Uiteraard, dat soort momenten zijn gewoon grappig. :p
Please bet on unq, then I'll win loads of cash!
gl nilsiboy!
God <3
joop wasnt ur nick before duper.. (if i can remember) ?
yawn him!
Yup, and I still use it sometimes.
gl owners
gl edwin :)
Your bet: 65€ on aToOn
Possible Win: 572.00 € (+507.00 €)

gl gl^^
:< twinzzy
leito low+ @ ettv np for atoon :D
gl nils
aToOn lineup:

gb Azrael
fi boski
pl errol
pl jebutor
fi miks
pl stn
gl leito espece de 26eme back up de chez nous.
27 stp
non le 27 c'est toi :)
more mytho :D
a non j'avais oublier que toi tu pouvais même pas être back up tellement t'es low :s
voila c'est ça qu'on voulait entendre
DJ-freeze ??:D
Fran in unique? Plz, more low. :x
nils = mt tnx
izi 4 unq
good luck unique!
good luck leito =) <3 weareobvious ;)
gl aToon, especially Azrael ;)
gl pl Azrael
GL both team.s
SügavKülm !
they ain't started yet xD
gl DeepFreez and Nils !!!!!!!! <3333333333
4-0 team unique??
unq 2 - 2 aToOn

decider: sd; fullhold atoon
uniQue a team with good invidual players but without any teamwork.
overboost proberly the best one around there..

welcome moneyyyy thanks aToon !
unique sux :X
unique sucks ...
they will lose 4:2
thx aToOn :)
Final Score; unq 2 - 4 aToOn
+4euroes , awesome
unique were like 6 random heroes running on the pub ^^
kiitos was missing and new player was added joop
nice game and next week we will play against Aero #teamunique
Thanks. I enjoyed playing this match. Even though we didn't have too much practice to start with, you deserved to win.

Oh and to the people screaming I'm leaving over a loss (on ETTV and IRC/other), please stop, I'm not. :P
(20:16:08) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> aTooN|miks
(20:16:13) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> here?
(20:16:20) <aTooN|miks> hi
(20:16:26) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> hi
(20:16:38) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> are you ok if we added 2 new players tonight?
(20:16:55) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> beacuse renegade said if atoon accepts this we can play
(20:24:05) <aTooN|miks> no its not if u wanted our persmission u can ask me a bit earlier for example yestarday not hour before match time
(20:24:14) <aTooN|miks> anyway u have wildcard
(20:24:25) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> there is 1,5 to match
(20:24:31) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> and fif admin wasnt here
(20:24:34) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> so i couldnt ask u before
(20:25:10) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> then we play in 1 week
(20:25:21) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> if ur not ok tonight
(20:25:32) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> we lose tonight anyway of random lineup
(20:25:54) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> next week lineup ovrboost,nils,kiitos,joop,god,deepfreez,
(20:26:06) <uniqu`DeepFreeZ> if u still intrested give me query

ego? how :D
my team made 1 prac before the offi and we only had time to play grush once
lolerd >
Ok oke! ik stop al. Maar alleen omdat ik altijd met je kan lachen