bacardi gaming vs V. dieSel (4863 views)

pl sw1ruz
pl upload
gb razz
be dooppi
nl kARMA
no kris

CB 3on3 Ladder
23.09.12 00:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: m9veZ (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 10608
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 49


gl kArma
You have € 250 on pl bacardi
Possible win: € 362.5

GL Bacardi
bacardi bez dydzia to jak wiesiek za najlepszych czasów XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Gl karma kris doopi!
glhf both
You have € 611 on bacardi
Possible win: € 739.31
gl sw1ruz
same maps again dafuq...
Viewer Peak: 44

u say what :O
razz get skill next time pls.
take ec winner

still lose

obviously razz is the most overrated player in ET... hes braindead and a pretty dumb rambo... so why do u take guys like him?
who said I like him ? :D
he said why u take players like razz not if u like him, dumb polak:D!
lol ure so retarded bro... ever heard about sarcazm idiot? that ":D" was there for some reason
sorry sir,still dumb
beeing skinny ugly nerd not enough for u ? must be retarded also to get package on a whole new level :)
nah, u are just stupid,saying enemy is low and u lost TWICE ...looking for excuses that u were drunk and that ur 3rd was low and sooooooooooo on..get a life dumb polak :D
the first match we played with dydziu. no need to say more i guess.
the second one we played with stoned/newmonitor/rambo/low+ razz. no need to say more i guess.

and why do i even reply to some noname skinny nerd? now i must be drunk n shit. I wont reply to u anymore. dont even count on it noname
no comment... obviously i meant players like razz, cuz he isnt that good... idc if u like him or not...
inglesh skills ftw :)
"try achieve sth in internet game" razz bro, ure starting to scary me so much :O
You gotta love ET :D
dat is good game part 2 bra
You have € 137 on diesel
You won € 804.19
rolled twice
loosing to some noname guys make me rly mad. but ye, when ure playing with razz low+ new monitor shit thats so unexpected !
xd and the first war whats ure excuse there except razz ?
u have any idea who dydziu is?
nope :) u have any idea who dooppi is ?
I have no clue. thats the problem
so whats the problem :p ...
that he has no clue who dooppii is
player whos playing ET daily 24/7, thats who doopi is :)
good, but not awesome tbh (no offense doopi)
np I'm dooppi btw and I know I have mutch to learn ,but its funny 'high players' getting excuse i they lose match vs 'low-players'
I knew that it was you btw :P

yeah, well if sw1ruz says that it would be easy to win against you with wassabi, just match him and show him dat it was not a lucky game or smth
no names o please :DD Who the fuck are you guys then? only know razz
Swiruz, you have lost 10 out of 11 games to me so dont get so mouthy.
I have new screen thats why i suck
You have no excure just a random nerd from poland who gets mad about losing eveything.
10 of 11? wat? i remeber u were about 10-15 loosing streak to me so dont get so mouthy
lol nice live idiot hahha. im not fucking nerd like u to search matches vs G+ when we bashed u 10 times in a row easily. btw 0/4, ive never played in tmoe nerd
Haha, your just so bad and mad.
Atleast i can just plug in my old monitor and rage again.
Youll forever be shit
stop taking this game so serious. go out , gain muscles, height and get face :D
says u fucking nolifer playing every friday & saturday night stupud kut polak
Wat does G+ have to do with this :(((((
need decent 3rd for offi. pm upload
Die! Damn you, Die! kARMA diesel 475 damage per frag
dat is lols mohn
Are these pliers sharp? kARMA diesel 11 deaths without fragging
call us no names and shit.... you lost quit a few times now vs these nonames. and btw whoooo the fuck are you..... fkn rabbit jumping around
during duels... and the pliers award :) thats what you get when you play engi... you plant/defuse stuff and selfkill try to play for objective so called ''everytime'' when he playes ET he is drunk. Awesome life bra
everybody going mad over u on ettv kris!

wp diesel
best aim on the server :s
excuse me?
raped by inactive rtcw player gg
raped? excuse me?
not once but

i have no idea what ure talking about talib
bitch plz,dydziu > all ! :XDDDDDDDDD
Ye, that noname guy sw1ruz :D Good feeling to own polaks in ET again..
noname guy? read more books.
So you are in the books now :P
im afraid so :/
Eminem- not afraid
haha :D anyways, was fun playing vs you. Had a blast!
lets play again when our 3rd player is available and ure gonna see what the real blast is ;o
first comment since 2011 xD?
yep, don't play ET that much. I quit when sw1ruz was 10 :-D
no et ?. but im betting 1000$ ure nerding in rtcw and its almost same as et. so get normal face and muscles :>
Maybe you should come rtcw and then I can see what a real blast is since its basically the same. "sure" :D
Why do you even bother replying to him? He's just mad to loose 2 times in a row
Because teasing angry polaks is so fun :)
lol he is mad as fuck that u raped him....
just ignore that faggot
siruys madxd
no more upload ownage with this laptop i guess :(
ty tez kurwa get skill , ja pierdole sam meczu nie wygram
co ty dajesz, ja tam skillboost na lapku!
lol noob back then i was owning et with commodor 64

< kaze btw
w t f, u hooked up with portugese ET internet girl?

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• bacardi gaming vs V. dieSel

kris got so excited about random 3o3 match haha :DDD get life skinny nerd :)

Testing the new features :-) gamestv has some good stuff around
or features even
somebody mad?
and you got so mad you are following every movement he does xd
dat kARMA !
is kris that good to carry karma and dooppi or just bacardi fucking sucks now or karma and dooppi are actually good?
Hahaha You have € 250 on diesel
You won € 1467.5 Kris!! <3
Lol karma boy!!
karma is so skillet.
karma and dopi to stronk:D
what we needed was a decent 3rd... could be easily 4:0 if we found a one :/
and you were drunk:(..haha
or maybe if you had some teamwork it would help huh ?
we got great teamwork if we play with wassabi. thats why i said we need decent 3rd...
True, you where playing with 3 aggressive rambos, never works out :(
schlebiasz mi o:
mowie tylko o zgraniu. ogolnie jestes chuyjowy i strzelac nioe umiesz o:
sw1ruz gave some much care on this one
wut, razz razz razz ;D
New monitor playing in r_mode - 1
Used to playing with r_mode 4
Never played in widescreen mode
So looks like im going to suck ass now =D
Ill switch back to my CRT for Important offi's !
swiruz maddest player ever
nice lives nerds
kurwa jakis jebany nolife dooppi pierdolony cwel bije uploada, dobrze ze w to nie gram. Chce ktos moje konto na esl? bo na cb juz zbanowane
anyone got time to count sw1ruz comments on this match? Must be a record on commenting own match or something...