Chickens With Guns vs TAG (7308 views)

ee Cannonize
de violy
fi Good
fi lEku
se forever
si seareal
pl Kirej
nl abort
nl Lightning
gb med1xza
fi lettu

CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Qualifiers - Round 1
27.09.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: seareal (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 36555
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 82


gl violy and leku !
cereal in ec, et is death
gl cannonaiz
gl tag
violy old friend, what on earth are you doing?
god knows... but probably not what u used to do for a long time, hackiíng... :)
But how is this relevant to niggers starving to death in Africa every second?
true, but u dont care about that either, ur a shit person :)
What does "ur a shit person" mean?
it means ur selfish as hell and aggressive and hateful person
that coming from you is pretty sad, you've been caught so many times and the only map you can stand playing is braundorf.
lol trance commenting on gtv, this doesnt look good
1) never hacked in any game
2) medskilled starcraft player after 7 days
3) i have no idea who ur
there is no low med high in sc2 you dumbfuck

l2p already
hes just describing how good he is using the med high low shit, since the guy hes talking to is not familiar with SC

no u l2p

thx for talking to lowlife scum instead of me... i dont have as much patiency with idiots as u have :)
you never hacked in any game? why do you have clanbase AND tzac banned accounts.

you dont know who i am? ive played with you atleast 3 times and used you as a merc, and ive declined wars against you because you hack and ruin this game. and all you play is braundorf_b4, quite the cheaters map.

tbh he doesn't have any tzac banned accounts and the only the he was suspended was for a cvar i dont see where it says "cvar" all i see is "CHEATER"
dont make urself look like an idiot by linking the wrong tzac account...

this is speedybozars account
yeah thats the 2nd account he made after he got busted
How about using the leagues? master, diamond etc?
xDDDDDDD you dont even have the game and you think you are med skilled ? :D
he was never busted/caught dunno what u on about there canadian
doesnt prove anything, i know a bunch of ppl who got tricked into typing cg_aim 1 and got kicked + banned, pb :))
He claims to be smart as fuck. Tricked by config you say.
whats ur point? 80% even guys with a few phd's of the et community doesnt even know about the timerset command :D
i saw a bunch of ppl getting kicked from cybergames, when one smartass said kik_aim 1 cmd improves ur hs ratio
He's been playing since RTCW he says, and says he knows everything. So go figure urself.
like i said, plenty ppl dont know most common cvars used.
not only was he cb banned, but hes also tzac banned on "SpeedyBozar". Since im not going to waste my time going find the link that i've already seen many times, maybe it's better to get off certain players dicks before everyone thinks you're gay.
idk what u on about, but "Speedybozar" isnt SpeedyBOzar" mr.brain
if this game still worths something TAG will make this cwg thing quit ET without a comment written
noob lightning
omg tomoyo le maitre de la baguette
putain les gens d'armerie de criss
fucking router going krazy all week, today even more, il be happy if i shoot 8%acc :'D
man up dude... i have bet all my money on u
oke then 9%acc for u :D
this gon be rape
+ abort
gl seareal
gl ciril & TOMOBRO
in lettu I trust
lettu needs no luck, luck needs lettu
gl Kirej
inb4 abort lady macbeth
yo ma tagasi gl cannon
cocks taste good cannon
lol tag loosing qualifier xd
You have € 350 on ceWEge
Possible win: € 3416
gros skill tomoyo

dans ta phrase j'ai retenue 'gros' :d:d
4-2 cwg
wp violy !
how did u upload a picture on gtv? :XD
ha, cwg win XD
Well... that was ackward
You have € 40 on no ceWEge
Possible win: € 390.4

exspected wp cwg
gg :)
You have € 250 on ceWEge
Possible win: € 2440

In violy i trust
wtf this shit.
You have € 250 on ceWEge
Possible win: € 2440
le fail continues i see
lowest EC

omajgad.. :D
cu ec = )
my bet for EC final: provok vs seareal.
seeing my name near seareal's one hurt my feelings, I hope you don't think I'm as dumb as he is :(
oh yes, i knew it... i know what game to bet all my money on
you didn't even make a bet rofl
he is always living in his fantasie
welcome to the life of speedy bozar - telling random shit because he thinks nobody will notice. :D like in every journal he makes he mentions somewhere about how good he is, too bad 90% of ET players played vs him and knows he is shit.
was expecting this

forgot to bet :<
You have € 1850 on eu TAG
You lost

BOOM there goes all my money
cannon too stronk
seareal finally ec player
expected, ty for the money, lightning an co playing with noobs
weren't u the one asking me once to join tag :)
oh you
sooo mad :D
he didnt join, so u see the result.
When did i ever ask you to join tag?
Fliptrix - see the sun , Fliptrix - drifting , fliptrix and much more of english rap dude.... check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you didn't bet xD THANKS FOR WHAT MONEY??
canno my man!
dat TAG,
gg canon
close one at grush , wp cwg
You have € 250 on ceWEge
You won € 2440

thanks :)
expected since tag is barely playing :P

You have € 200 on ceWEge
You won € 1952
You have € 21 on ceWEge
You won € 204.96
wow nice violy ;)
germans ftw!
Everybody is saying expected but the weird thing is that they didn't put more money in it while they some have like 1k..
Everybody is saying expected but the weird thing is that they didn't put more money in it while they some have like 1k..
ET dead??? wtf team in EC
WTF ?:D EC without me?
ale z ciebie lamus tikej ahahahahahahha
ceWEge 9.76
1.11 TAG
You have € 21 on ceWEge
You won € 204.96

ceWEge 9.76
1.11 TAG
You have € 250 on ceWEge
You won € 2440
this game is fucking dead :)
I am disappoint abort ;d
Thanks jam :(
haha violy :D no offence bro but your the only decent player on that team. must be carrying hard
You are wrong bruv... lEku is a fucking beast !!!
My teammates are better than you think, they just lack experience :o
What a shame to see old exitium player playing with such nerds and retards. 8[
I like them. Why do you hate them so much? :o
you leku and cannonize are nice and decent players, but cant understand why would you want to play with the most nerdy person in ET scene (seareal) and most dumb fin (good) who I ever talked to.

et = dead
good job violym8 :)
no samraj no win
fresh blood