Chickens With Guns vs Loca (4770 views)

ee Cannonize
de violy
fi Good
nl Testi
se forever
si seareal
fr KareN
fr kartez
fr didi
fr menth
fr talG
fr Bowler

CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Qualifiers - Seed #2/3
03.10.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: seareal (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 40638
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 22


This match was supposed to be played by Tuesday 2nd, and since groups are scheduled to be published on Thursday 4th, it is now forced for Wednesday 3rd.
gl seareallllllll
gl cwg
You have € 32 on loca
Possible win: € 96.96
Easy for menth !
lol odds
np 4 u

You have € 23 on no ceWEge
Possible win: € 48.3
You have € 47 on fr loca
Possible win: € 299.39
gl Good
gl mate!!!
+1, they added our match like just a few hours before our deadline
Not really...

Loca finished their game on Sunday, and this match was forced for Tuesday on Monday - hardly "just a few hours before" the deadline.
its just a few hours before the deadline, do you expect us to refresh cb every few mins everyday? we got jobs,studies,real life

Our timezones are obviously different, but you can still see that the match was forced almost 24 hours before the forced date/time.

No, I don't expect you to constantly refresh the website; however, you are expected to actually read where it clearly states (multiple times) that all EC qualis were to be played by Tuesday 02/10.
gl bro <3
All my money on loca

<3 talg menth
all my money on Chickens With Guns (10e :((()
<3 violy
izi for Violy <3
Qualifiers - Seed #2/3
Are these pliers sharp? QPAD.MYS Kamz 15 deaths without fragging
sponsored by qpad, u mad?
gl violy et ECtalggggggg
actually ppl who cannot play a game in time shouldnt get any chance to play in EC or any other competition, that's an every year problem .. seasons are longer than they used to be so admins take care of it
You have € 73 on no ceWEge
Possible win: € 271.56

in ec cereal i trust
"The French rooster of Loca will need to puff their feathers and turn their recent form around by quite some margin to take this one out but with power of Kartez and team-play of Bowler they might be able to push a close result. - Australia biggz"
fap fap fap
c'est quand on essaye de faire croire qu'on connait les joueurs

bowler very good teamplayer
That is true, outside of bowler and didi, I do not know your team.
Line-up was different! If I had of known didi would play would have been definite 4-0 Loca prediction ;)
loca is nowhere to be found atm, this might not happen.
4-0 loca
You have € 10 on ceWEge
You lost

thanks !
You have € 1000 on loca
You won € 1430

loca good pleyers
You have € 2735 on loca
You won € 3911.05

talg best <<3<3<3<3
come #loca we have to talk about OC 3v3 game ;)
i blame testi noob -.-
I would feel offended when i actually played bad.