colt 45 and two zig Zags vs to Make odds even (9750 views)

ca anim
in Kamz
ee mant
is phyZiC
nl xPERiA
be chry
pl dialer
pl Frag'Stealer!
pl Aima
pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl zMk
ESL Storm Assault
Loser Bracket Round 4


23.10.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Storm Assault 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: KAMZ (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 82458
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


might need a 6th for this, either objective eng or some good medic who don't care for damage :)
might be avi
chry :D
yah he said he can play before lan but dunno if he'll still play now but we shall see
"who don't care for damage" :D
you appreciate him all wrong :/
he isnt a dmgwhore, maybe often in 3o3 but not in 6o6
he only goes for frags, I think you didn't spec him enough. :P

one of those guys who saves his whole sprint bar for 20sec, waits til he can rape his opponent -> smash shift. like menth and some others I cba to mention. :)
not really , i play like "that" only on publics,random mixes or against low oppos ;)
+ i dont save any sprint o.O
I've seen you playing exactly the same on ETTV. d;
fanboii :D
No cant be, depends of the opponents tough :p
I can promise you I am not a fan!
stop asking me for my cfg plz
google translator fail
Avi! =)
You have € 350 on colt45
Possible win: € 630
AVI :D !
Kamz still got team of merc
GL Kamzy
gl fysiek+ peria :)
- ANIM + BIGGIE and we got the best team in ET
to predzej - kamz nie anim ;p
- kamz + razz :D
razz is shit
How would you play with inverted mouse and headset the other way around your head and numbpad only as keyboard, this kid is a genius haha!
what? :D
He playes with inverted mouse, headset the otherway around on his head and only use the numpad part of his keyboard to play.
how the hell is that possible
gotta love kamz fake accounts brb shining gold medal
too little amount of nations
some good medic who don't care for damage :) sounds like me.
gogo bencherrrr
GL Maciek :* & tMoe :)
time for kamz to get carried, hope xperia u don't rage quit like in 3o3
man u so cool
xperia lan winner so stfu low nerd without face or muscles
You are always saying "get face and muscles" or smth, I will really start to think about you to have hang-ups with it :D
hes just another internethero dont even bother spending time on him

ow and edit: now he is gone say: say that to my face @ lan
say that to my face @ lan i'll smash the shit out of dumb jew face
Oui monsieur :D
You laugh now but when my fist meets your face you will cry
ye, you wont find it funny when i smash your face to oblivion
you puny nerds would get demolished by the likes of me kardon swizza anim and Joker. Bonesawing bitches since 05. CU@LAN getting beat up and your wallets stolen.
Oblivion? god u fucking nerd
you know oblivion is actually a word before a game u dumb niggah jew?
you calling someone a nerd? cant wait to face you at lan.
fuckin with my boys? better watch your mouth!
Yeah motherfucker Canada going to fuck you up
yea, Kenny and Spenny gonna bust ya ass
kamz knows how to pick his players
mant recommends WALLE
GL tmoe :)) Stawiam na was cała kase dacie rade !!!
cloux chyba cie poje... jak oni to wygraja o0
pewnie jak najszybciej:D
Good luck c45
thanks MOTiF vriend : D als je wilt mee doen moet je zegge ik regel wel ;-)
zou wel eens willen deelnemen samen met de LANWINNER !
gl 7-22, and kamz mate!
X to the peria gonna roll
go anim team sandy vag got your back homie
hf kamz & brandon
izi for tMoe :)))
good luck kamz
poor kamz
dobrze mitro i Aima :)

srsly why...
all aim no gamesense? :D
You have € 44220 on gb colt45
You lost

quitting et bb
Kamil 1 liga :D!
shut up fucking nerd
rofl nerd who just came from lan playing sat night at 4 am :XD:X:D:X:D:XD:X:D:X:D:XD:X:D:DX:D:X:D:DX get face and muscles
You have € 60 on pl tMoe
You won € 532.8
THX Frag'S :P
Are these pliers sharp? ,=- kaMzZ 45 13 deaths without fragging

You have € 500 on tMoe
You won € 4440
You have € 873 on tMoe
You won € 7752.24

dat feel when u see kamz in line up
przekupione ? :XDDDDD
oh dear
kurwa a juz miałem na colt stawiac XD
lost soldiers > colt 45 ? :SsS
nice team kamz :PPPPPPPP
well nobody knew how to rush and revive, people were making stupid mistakes they don't normally make and not calling stuff on comms ;[
The effects of playing a good team. Oh boy.
oh rofl
That is what happens when I don't play kamz, you lose breh
You have € 4550 on gb colt45
You lost
You have € 163 on pl tMoe
You won € 1447.44
Awards awarded to for

Lady Macbeth _!_ Frag'Stealer! 78 kills
Killing Spree _!_ Frag'Stealer! 9 frags without being killed
Accountant _!_ Frag'Stealer! 124% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! _!_ dialer 28 gibs
...and stay dead! _!_ dialer 44% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning _!_ Frag'Stealer! 77 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! _!_ zMk 32 SPAM kills
Fragstealer _!_ Frag'Stealer! 152 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! _!_ Lukey 220 damage per frag
What objective? _!_ Frag'Stealer! 513 XP
Red Shirt _!_ Lukey 98 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? ,=- kaMzZ 45 13 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore _!_ Frag'Stealer! 175 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut _!_ dialer 4 team kills
Gingerbread man _!_ Lukey 32 /kills

where is oppo?

Are these pliers sharp? ,=- kaMzZ 45 13 deaths without fragging
You have € 34 on tMoe
You won € 301.92
You have € 1000 on pl tMoe
You won € 8880
You have € 500 on tMoe
You won € 4440
You have € 500 on tMoe
You won € 4440