Controlled Gaming vs orzel7 (5885 views)

gb Gnome
fi Legion
de g4mma
gb Prodigy
us Equanimity
ca CrimZon
pl brAhi
pl termit
pl znajda
pl samraj
pl feanor
pl buggs
pl rozpro

CB 6on6 OC Fall 2012
Third League - Semi Finals
11.11.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Mccloud (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 8821
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


fucking gnome
~ E Q U A N I M I T Y~: cause he's low
g4mma94: k :D
~ E Q U A N I M I T Y~: :D
[14:25] ~ E Q U A N I M I T Y~: low rifle
~ E Q U A N I M I T Y~: I also had shit mouse, wireless
how comes ctrl in semis
how comes using banned player?:DD
?? who
;ooo ah well gl, if u win it we know we are the true victors!!
not really, I would love a rematch outside fallcup with a proper server to see who are the winners. pretty funny to play 5vs6 whole match
true victors? i dont wanna know the reason why this player is banned XD
change lineup - n00n + buggs
GL Orzel7 :)
Gl buggs jedziesz z nimi !
et dead as fk, ppl trying to make it active, caring so hard about 1 banned player. btw mccloud, rematch? Cmn. We never played 6o6,we signed up by accident. u should roll us 4-0 with any lineup isntead of getting owned 4-0, rly :D

Gl prodigy';)
Who are you and why are you so mad? I'll take a massive steaming dump on your chest and grind on it until you look like you've been tarmaced
gnome spoke!
ye, kill me over the internet captain ego, gogo.

Im not mad, facts man. U got owned by ppls who never played 6o6, deal with it.
mccloud had whole match highping cause you guys "chose" a fcked up server altough it was ctrl-serv from beginning... so this match was everything but fair
u see my careface?
dont see any whine in my comment, and i still got no answer from u why u took random serv... its was this server from the very beginning, and in fact we didnt lose as u can see :DD breaking rules like a boss...twice
Ur whining bout ur lose becus of the server. I didnt organise this offi, so ive no idea. You could easely ask to switch server, but you didnt, so invailed argument.

Ye ur in halve final, goodjob. But you, me and lots more know you got owned there. And ye, breaking rules, stop taking this game so srs man, all these links and shit just play for fun?

Now im gonna stfu, got more to do then listen to this crap.

gl, maybe u can win now?:Ddd
People mad because I destroyed them :XD
you couldnt destroy an asian virgin
Can't feel insulted by random nonsense comments, but yeah I pretty much smashed your team.
i had a fluctuating 300ping but i didnt complain. you guys just arent very good :]
I didnt play bro
If you signed up by accident, why is your teammates posting links and shit in the clanbase forum trying to progress to the next stage? You obviously wouldn't be saying that now if it weren't for the banned player. stop spreading bullshit m8, Not believing one second either that this is your "first time" playing 6on6. this is why I see you searching low+ in the 6on6 channel. prac hard for something you signed up on accident.

#CTRL.d doesn't expect to roll anyone here... we are expecting to play our best. we haven't practice/trained or made any tacts since the first round in this cup. nor have we kept a stable lineup. we just pick whoever the fuck is avi and we play.

and mistry you did not keep a 300 ping whole match, lag spiking and lagging is two different things.
idk what ur so upset about. the game wasnt even close xD u got rolled
Not upset about anything but when your m8s talk bullshit, I need to correct some stuff, don't see why you need to talk big like this happened and that happened exaggerating things like little kids. Like I said, if you wanna brag about shit rematch us with a proper server. or don't talk at all
first time" playing 6on6. this is why I see you searching low+ in the 6on6 channel. prac hard for something you signed up on accident.

XD talk more trash please. We never play 6o6, we dont even like it. I signed up for 6o6 cus i thought it would be funny. But must of our teammates didnt want to play after i asked them for their opinion, because we play 3o3, and thats it. Then we deciced to just play this1 for fun, and thats it. And ofc when we play those matches we wanna win, thats what this game is about.

U will never see me searching 6o6 with Chaos, maybe i will merc someone, but thats it. Dont talk at all?Dude ur the one talking bullshit. if the server was bad you could say that before the match started, but nooo you have to do it after cus we owned you pretty hard there.

Just fuck off with those bad arguments why ur losing, idno why u are so mad. u just got owned there, nothing more.
I never denied losing moron, you started this bullshit talk about et is dead and other shit no one cares about then brag about how your team never plays 6on6, when quite frankly all you did was get carried on a shit server, that's the reality of it there, and you still losing in 3on3 matches. go to bed kid
Our banned player has no reason to be banned tbh ... with our without him u got bashed , stop talkin trash .. all that base said for this match is gl with the finals... stop raging for no reason .. just say ty and gtfo
:Dddddddd still so mad about losing? Ur trying so hard.

Ru gonna say in every post that the server was bad?Its a bad argument and its getting annoying now. Ye we got carried, but owned u 4-0, and thats where this game is about.

Now just stfu with those bad arguments, ur not rly adding something useful, repeating the same things every time.
you sound mad bro, editing post trying to make it sound so dramatic. just go away kid.
Na, cus my grammar was bad, kid;)
Occupation: going to school
Age: 17

says the kid XD
gl orły
gl ctrl

fking prodigy
gl Oreły
pOke gonna destroy blondie polak
ok et= death
you're quite a bit late there, it's been dead for a good while now
izi ctrl hf orzel
haha p0ke vafan, pinsamt
7v8 here it comes
Gl orzelki :)
izii #CTRL.d
gl brahi rozpro termit hf buggs
no dzieki :) hmmm patrzac po kursach wiele ludzi sie wkurwi po tym meczu XD
Total Pot: € 5011 -- chyba raczej all nas maja w dupie
GL RoZprO, brhi, buggs :)
gl cTRL
^ nerdfight
Krazy in...
gl ctrl gl g4mma
gl buggs cwelu hf brAhi :)
dziekowac dydziu! rozjebie ich kurwa spina jest od kad wstalem XD
GO g4mma, schön schamhaare entfernen du weißt!
gl ctrl
gl orzeuuu
ee powodzenia brahi
You have € 183 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 263.52
gnome sick dmg :D
You have € 1000 on #CTRL.d
You won € 1440

easy for ctrl
shoutout to legion

Are these pliers sharp? #CTRL.d Legion 10 deaths without fragging