Cave vs badazz (2880 views)

hu isl4m
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de Cliffdark
be homie
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Practice match RtCW Fall Cup 2012

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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Fall Cup 2012
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: homie1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Ice

Total Pot: € 235
The bets are closed.

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Video Streams
WarWitchTV HD
By: homie1337
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 161


n1 isl4m :P
amazing shoutcast amazing game
isl4m potm!

awesome play and awesome shoutcast
lol nerd watching rtcw at midnight :p
lol nerd saying he's going to sleep while commenting on GTv at midnight :p
ye, cant miss mates playing :)
was an awesome stuff :)
jo volt, bár a shoutcasterek azt se tudjak mirol beszelnek xd azert erdemes megnezni mert nagyon lelkesek, es jo hangulatot teremtenek.
razz played? thats a new 1
Well played guys, was an epic game!