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CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Playoffs - UB Round 1
20.11.12 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: koop (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 59964
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 81


no offence but shouldnt it be double forfeit ? 1st matchweek has gone and you are not some kind of gods that u dont have to follow the rules
We already had won by forfeit, but it wasnt easy to arrange the match anyway with the rtcw cup etc. I guess its better to play and have a match people can spec rather than taking forfeits :p
I understand that u don't play every day but brackets was announced on 8.11 so u had more than one and half week to make it. ofcourse its better to play it than taking forfeit but u can't blame rtcw cup which just started. gl
Like koop said, we could've won by forfeit as tag couldn't get players for Sunday. Admins gave them another deadline: Tuesday.

Rise the issue with them if you have such a problem with the game being played.
i dont have any probs just try to follow the rules
And you try not to make rushed assumptions, pin it on us when it isn't our bad.
well I dont know the reason u didnt play it on thursday(also forced) but btw have you done anything to play the game in time, not just wait for force ?
I've kind of lost interest in et, haven't been bothered.

Good to know that poland still cares about this game
you're talking like you've been playing on a higher level since 1999
No I know I haven't, and that's what's sad.

I'd like to play actively but praccing against med-skilled mixes isn't reason enough for me.
Hmmmmmm go play in a med skilled mix as well. This way you will not be carried anymore and praccing against medmixes will be challenging again!
haha ye I'm so bad, the worst, most overrated player in game

and you are so good - the best, i'm jelly


haha ye I'm so bad, the worst, most overrated player in the team

fixed it for you


I am the worst player in that team, I thought that was obvious.

poland with the iq of 20 shines on
thats what I meant with my first post so seems like me 20iq is still 10 points above you :D
ouch that hurt.

really, nice comeback. n1 mate, you're awesome <3

I've got no idea what you meant by the first post, you just come off as if you're mentally ill. I may be the worst of kings yet I always get picked to better teams that you (I might be referring to med-skilled mixes here, who knows?)
you seem to be pretty mad bro :s

My first post was rather straightforward, didnt expect someone insulting others of low iq would to have a problem with understanding it
who hasn't
maybe not care but want to finish the tournament as soon as possible and ofc not by giving forfeit wins because it's not about. well i cant check it in logs but it seemed that some1 from tag just challanged u for thursday u couldnt play then game was forced to sunday and u blame them because they couldnt get 6 ? corrcet me if im wrong
Well tbh they should of asked us if they were going to challenge, which they didn't. Then the final force was Sunday, and on that day we happened to have a lineup and they didn't.
You are not gods that we should contact on this, I challenged every game on CB like it should be. Nice blaming us for not able to play, while you didn't show up on Thursday and next to that you haven't played 2 of the 3 group matches and still ended up first in the group while number 2 in group has more wins. So fck off.
Lol not sure why you're so mad at me :D It's common for when challenging that you ask the captain/player from the other team if they can play or not. IF you had done this you would of known that we couldn't play Thursday
and since you didn't, I didn't really care for contacting you that we couldn't play or that the match would be forced on Sunday. So instead of flaming me consider yourself lucky we didn't forfeit this, mostly because of Hope
also wanted to ask about it and also want to ask about final in esl storm (decerto folded after ec ?) .. i know i have nothing with it anymore but isnt it a shame again ? i see there is a protest there but the fact is as u said "I've kind of lost interest in et, haven't been bothered." why do you play then ? it's rly sad that ppl have to beg you to play a single game(or ask as u wish koop) .. and irc isnt the only way to contact you
we have not folded :) final will be played as soon as both teams will be available to play it.
You should be lucky the admin didn't fill in the noshow for Thursday or even kick your from EC just cause you only played one game in group stage while other teams in EC played all games and didn't pass on to playoffs. So get of your high horse and stop making it look like TAG did it all wrong in arranging.
The reason he didn't fill a noshow for Thursday is because I told an admin we couldn't play, and I don't get this whine about the groups, eA and k1ck noshowed against us

gg cu
Would have just come through the loserbracket to win. GG
You fat arrogant cunt.... like anyone cares... be proud that u made to the top in a dead game when there was 2-3 top teams left... fucking morron
I'm not blaming anyone here, guffy, I'm just politely telling you to fuck off when it's none of your goddamn business. Seems like the word politely doesn't go through very easily.
politely u can say that im right and try to change your attitude .. shouldnt me write it all but admins it's just my opinion i dont care you agree or not.
Being polite doesn't mean I have to give in. You're not right, it shouldn't be a double forfeit (which was your first point, no?)

I couldn't really make out anything else from that blabber, but I don't blame you, I blame poor education.
and still is because match wasnt played in time(according to the rules) but still better to play it anytime rather than double forfeit
You shouldnt even be first in your group, let's all be friends and play and eat toasties.
Kingz will roll them
GL sitto mud
Why you think you're gods??????
gl kingz and have fun all :-)
GL Kirej!
WTF Gods ??!!??? Hate you guys!
Every1 except Koopert. <3
All in on sitto med1xza
gl med1xza <3
This is still going? oh
hf mud and sala!
TAG godslack
hf sally
kill em koop and sally
gl salaneuvos
queens > kingz :XD
gl koop and scarzy :)
haha all that prac and still gettin rolled
Nerds forgot this is just a game lol
ahaha faggots
-kingz & koop [Intermission]: cu lightning

where mAus?
? why should maus miss?