In Ya Ass vs bSTURZ (7448 views)

fr An7ho
ca bN
ee freeze
ee Sinnu
ee subbi
lv Clown
se fuchS
si sLy
fi vokki
cz milhAus
fi Swanidius

CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Playoffs - LB Round 3
10.12.12 22:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Sinner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 47938
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 63


gl in ya ass
tuesday what? did i miss sth sinnu :P
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah, my bad! Monday! :D
aight :)
pm on irc when you're online, lets sort out the server :P
gl both
no joshua no razz no win
gl branimal
Ehté est mort
Heureusement que EhTélive arrive

EhTévivant est mort XDDDDDDDDdd
gl swani
Im praccing whole weekend for this one!
gl specula and anim
and RapK of course
stealing Antho glory (a)
Game of the month?
easy 4 syndra and co :DD
GL bSTURZ underdogs ftw
theyre not underdogs LOL, beat us 1st time, nP
eeNait underdog then?! gg nait ETdead
Might be! Atleast you guys are playing some nights :D were not, havent played 2 weeks properly :D
Teeme pela
i think our last game was EC offi : D and before that EC offi also.... HC praccing
same as u we didnt play together since the last ec offi
so dont worry this match will be equal :D
gl subbi
still waiting for you brandon.
Saw sinnu searching for 6v6 two days ago, also for offi on last night
Played 6v6 mix against swanidius on friday's night
I think those guys above me are lying
Just saying
2on2 offi last night, did 1 6on6 mix with completely none of my teammates in it, which only lasted for 1 map. Well done. Just saying that I'm really really unfamiliar atm with this game :)
6o6 mix only 1 map
I can approve that!!
was a funny match =DDD
its not a shame to play ET mate :)))))))
"were not, havent played 2 weeks properly" WERE
"i think our last game was EC offi : D " OUR
I guess they arent lying, they didnt say that they (each indivdual sinnu and swani) didnt play for few weeks, they said that they didnt play with their own TEAM for few weeks ;) (BECAUSE SINNUS TEAM DIDNT PLAY FOR 2 WEEKS :))))
so ur comment is invalid
just saying
thanks for highlighting these very essential words, really helped me with understanding your statement ;)
FEW weeks? your last offi was ONE week ago, and as far as I'm concerned, FEW means more than ONE.
so ur comment is INVALID
i'm done, GL

(you see I highlighted for you few vital words)
I just wrote "few weeks" because sinnu`s team didnt play for 2 weeks and as u know 2>1 => so more than 1 week => few weeks ;)
I didnt speak about us sry that I didnt mention it ;)
but I gona fix it

(you see I highlighted for you few vital words) thx that u did it

enjoy ur day
"enjoy ur day"
"Specula Sunday, 9th December 2012 18:09"
gl bSTURZ :D
gl mantho à fourrure & sinnu
rumors say map will be train station :x:d:x::D/:x:d:x::D/D
hahaha :D that's a good one tbh :D
How did you know ?! ^^
gl sPECULA !!!
gl specii
an7ho IN YA ASS :DD gl bro !
I think IYA needs more rifles
gl fuchs, specula, slyz and an7ho :)
gl antholowgik
hf both gl bsturz
go An7ho mon ptit coco
primoz peterka
new server?
close game :_DDD

gg guys
wp :)
wp ladz was tight
Wp ggl. Deserved 4th place.
You have € 152 on IYA
You won € 241.68
this bN is so bad
You have € 2000 on bSTURZ
You lost
fck :]
what the actual fuck. Is this what passes for eurocup these days?

Wheres kamz?

crossfire 4.0 is shit, as appose to THE shit

later bitchezz
yo cuppppppper, et is dead
epic coming coming in the new year, gonna revive et personnally now cant let chumpzillas like this return my beloved et