insecure vs disQonnect (4100 views)

se pesh
se jonas
se uniq
xi TBA
xi TBA
xi TBA
25.12.07 00:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: XMAS cup
Manager: FaKy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
nl _Snake ETTV.1
By: Snake (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 38


okay. gtv is dead.
nice geek !! playing ET this day :D
why geek this isnt an official 'party' day
it's a familly event honestly, isn't it? :(
not even the whole night i think
not for everybody this day my family does it tomorrow and my gf family does it on wensday

nolife ;>
Whats so nolife about this? There are enough ppl who dont go to the church.
nolife cup
why no bets?
semi final still has to start ...
Disqonnect vs. Dignitas imo :D
Normally eNorma would've reached the final, but pesh and his admin friends lost from us and kicked us because of "red yawns".

Sorry fans, but you'll have to hope pesh and his boys don't kick disqonnect either for some "red yawns" or it will be one boring final :(
we have no red yawns fortunately :)
Make sure you have demo's, and find your CB profiles, and find a link to your pbguid yawn, etc. He will find a reason, I'm sure of it.
we cant do much wrong on ettv and he checked our yawns :)
It's pesh, you never know :(
but you got red yawns.. so..
Niet echt.
yeah i think so. already got theres yawns and noone is red. so we will play and someone will win. but you got red yawns so just stfu
(in)Famous people always have fakers that use someones name and etpro guid to cheat. My pbguid is clean, but you just tried so hard to find a faker with a red yawn, that you found him.

But I guess you're too pathetic to accept it that the great fi Matias just owned your pretty lowskilled line-up.
Rhand you arent that famous ? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
infamous I said.

Nice yawn from uniq:
Neither did pesh good research, but he kicked me anyway. Sorry, I have no red yawn, only my name has red yawns cos of fakers =<
Well, I was not here to know this. But what I heard from my mates out there they said that pesh made shit. :( I feel sorry mate if it is like this. :(
Ah, nevermind. I had my fun with disrupting the war a bit.
ahaha rly u always make me laugh :D plz upload ur pic and post it I bet ur really retarded :D:D:D malczik 2 :D:D:D u suck cock u can only win when u play with cheaters and when u lose u kick the opponent for some stupid reason :D:D:D HAHAHAHAH kankernurd :DD:D:D

zielig kankerventje ben je gewoon :D te grappig
Spielen schon längst :<
Gibt nen Bug, wenn man 0 Uhr einstellt. :(
This is semi-final
Why does Snake even support Pesh? I think he should not support him with server and ettv. :l
i dont support anyone. I told him that he should be fair with the rules.
Atleast this is just a cup, and its hosted to have some fun around there.
So the players should have some fun, instead of whining and flaming over eigh other.

As i sait, i dont support anyone, im not taking the side from pesh, neither from Matias.

And about the server and ettv, its a normal match. And its abit a call of beeing in this gamestv organisation. Anyways im neutral and i try to help when i can :)
Even if its Pesh or any other guy who wants to host a cup!
I can only agree on this comment.
nothing to disagree here :)
<3 Merry Xmas mate
score ?
3-1 for insecure
more ETTV coming ?
ru jago
be Nick
at Link
btw Rhand you children its christmas so stop whining
and that is a very nice cup :) we played against insecure and there were 2 insecure shoutcasters
pretty nice
We got kicked by admins because they lost against two semi-active low+ players and they couldn't accept that :x

They had to use a fake red yawn from me to progress to the next round. In was just repaying pesh's kindness with my spamming on the server. If I would've liked you and your team, I wouldn't have done it out of respect. But I hate you anyway...
check uniqs yawn and you will see that he was spoofed
but you are right pesh is a poor guy
So was I, but they still kicked us for it.
rhand it amazes me how retarded you can be ;s

Red yawn of me? do you know what spoofing is your little idiot? and fanboying matias wont do any better either retard....
Do you know what spoofing is? You guys keep saying you were spoofed, but so was I you numbnut. But still that's a reason to kick us in your eyes, so don't come with that bullcrap that you were spoofed.
hey idiot have i ever talked to you? have i ever said something? fucking retard. How the fuck has pesh "moves" to do with me? idiot
be the bigger man and drop it...obviously everybody knows they got the same iq as their acc :/

either way...big up for owning the crap out of them xD
nice knowing pesh
hahah so unlucky Rhand

pesh do u have down syndrome??????
kiddy pesh won ? omg dQ what a shame :D