Frogs of War vs (4258 views)

pl upload
is phyzic
gb razz
de kiwi
nl xPERiA
fr kartez

CB 3on3 Ladder
04.02.13 23:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: upload<3 (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 19855
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 63


gl atoon :>
You have € 250 on echelon
You lost

u fucking noob
damn, I don't have R0SS to tell me who to bet on, I guess I'm gonna lose a lot of gbooky :|
If you dont know who to bet on, look for the french flag.
once the french flag is located, bet on opposing team 8D
that's not nice :(
sorry bro :S felt like a good reply at the time
actually it was very predictible no offense
everything is predictable after it happens :} hihi
go razz :D
how can razz play 2 wars at the same time ?
OMG match of the year !!! SIKEEE
dla takiego meczu jestem sklonny zainstalowac ponownie ET tylko po to zeby to obejrzec, gl both :)
You have € 25 on fROGS
Possible win: € 47
I see what you did there kiwi :DDD

gl kiwi upload & phyzic
well that was closer than expected :D
:( ggs :D
back to elohell
lol how could you win something when playing with kartez
easier then with you cu xD
no why should I be? topic is about this game and kartez, your troll just failed cu. Not related to me atm :P Thats why i'm not posting that kind of comments on first place. CU
u so prO :----------)
Stary, I really dont understand where do you get your ego from. From these links you pasted? I see all those names 1st time, gimme some link where you owned 3v3 heroes like irc is full of nowadays. Youre actually a low skilled player, playing for Romanian NC team which cant even win 2 rounds in group stage and calling others low skilled from time to time. You should get some reputation to yourself before saying those things, or actually lets call it a skill. Just to let you know, outaiming some high skilled player isnt "skilled" skill, if you think that.

go back to your cave where you came like, month? or two ago. Mongol.
mad coz i play twice per month and still rape ur anus
never had the chance to own you in 3o3 but looking forward for it wannabe skilled player
xd bitch pls

ur like low+
lol, Kartez was one of the greatest 3on3 players, how dare you say those things ? lowwnbcunt
"Kartez was one of the greatest 3on3 players" made my night i can sleep with the smile good night =D
you really need to shut up
dont mind him, he has calculated by his skilled statistics that eesti has this season 75% players that are low skilled in 6v6.
mad cos i dont play but can still rape ur anus?
dear stary and ksky (whatever your name is)

u both suck so why are you even flaming him ? :D

flaming ? :D dear kiwi i don't even give a shit about a dead game, maybe your poor life does :{D
this whole raging and trying to be the most skilled player killed et and the ego's are left^^
No, competitive behavior didn't kill the game, the lack of actual competition did.