Stable vs raw (4652 views)

us parcher
us moses
us donkey
us boo7y
us Nail
us shrubnub
gb sqzz
gb jam
de fro
nl mirage
nl twa
nl playa
RtCW Fall Cup 2012

Playoff LB Round 3
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Fall Cup 2012
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite

Total Pot: € 6716
The bets are closed.

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Language: English

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so ...raw lost vs one soldier
Oops LB

GL guys hf
did they lose? thought one took a forfeit for some silly shit?
yes, they took forfeit. one refused to play vs raw, bc they had a dif. lineup with xpr and nait.
one took a forfeit from raw (they wanted to take mercs while they already had a +11 player roster)

showmatch was played after on stream and onesoldier won (sqzz/jam didn't play though)

raw: fro mirage xperia night sirkka playa
one: crmbs juncie owzo merlinator clown (+abort replaced by leonneke)
gl raw

raw lost vs one.soldier but raw didnt have the best plauer of their team
so uh, what lineup is raw going to use? :D

(and dont allow the americans to play on UBIK server) they have a avarage ping of 100, while you are stuck with a ping of 150 on the american server :)
so Europeans can have an average of 50 while we are stuck with an average of 150
seems fair.........
you want a server in the middle of the atlantic ocean?
u choose your server we choose our one... thats all. u dont choose your and our one... ^^
I was just saying that because crabje was saying that the EU players shouldn't play with a higher ping
no, zed made us play on the Ubik server (as our server choice).
"and dont allow the americans to play on UBIK server"

sounds like you were saying otherwise..
my bad, should have written it differently
my bad for coming at you :)
now make a 69 both of u

scared so far
ubik server is Australian, your pings would be much higher.

anyway isn't each team allowed to play on whatever server they like?
I have EU and AU ubik servers FYI :p
fix line up, Nail as Shoutcaster, CKY will play for sure
gl sqzz jam twa <3 !
hf gav (:
Weird watching some raw players priming nades, from way way back in tunnels, before stable players reach bit they can be seen from...

Jam especially :<<<

No way can hear players coming, and always starts prime just before players come into view - too often to be coincidence :<<<<<

game is broken and players too :<<<
kamz, stahp
Know the opponents spawntime and the time it takes them to get from spawn to the end of the tunnels. You don't have to hear them coming when you know what time on the clock they will be arriving.
No, is the real way to guess - but not true since times are not same - count on stream to see, times are not guessing on spawn to tunnel.

nades are primed for player coming, not spawn times - count and see.

sorry... :<<<<<
last 1min30 on ice? I think just a call on vent.
yep, could be possible - but if it was what went on then why not say so instead of bs 'count from spawn' excuse that didn't happen...?

fail again tbh, pretty dodgy play - wonder if anyone else will look at these guys closely next game?

wonder if the magic 'counting' skills then suddenly disappear?