KiH vs raw (5094 views)

se FeTTe
se malmen
no zerom
se askungen
se ozzmosis
be syL
ee Night
gb jam
de fro
nl mirage
gb sqzz
is phyzic
RtCW Fall Cup 2012

Playoff LB Round 4
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Fall Cup 2012
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite

Total Pot: € 19616
The bets are closed.

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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 206


gl raw and askungen! :-)
gl malman fro and cunt (aka sqzz)
william wallace
without night, xperia or clown i guess this will be a lot harder for raw. will be superclose! my money is on kih thought
stronk game! gg haz fun
Good luck to raw and KiH, both filled with great guys!
going to be a good one, looking forward to it :) gl KiH, jam, sqzz, fro

fro: rup quick cos owzo going nuts
fro is going mental on vent
gl raw nice team :o
KiH almost 5 to 1?

I think it will be closer than that...
that's et players betting for you.
indeed true, et players have no idea so bet pretty off :D like last night, mystic omg mystic.
Seems like rtcw players dont know phyzic enough.
omg sooo nice stream
epic stream, epic battle, epic ending
Best game EVAH
One of the most entertaining matches i have ever seen and have it shoutcasted by Warwitch and his crew made it epic.
Great show!
You have € 70 on raw,
You won € 105.7
"BEST_GAME_OVER" - homie