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ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 3
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
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trudny mecz wiec gdzie hunter?.. gl abj, dialer
kurw pierdole jestes chujem ty kurwa szmato spierdalaje pedaly chuj kurwa bic match, kurwa bic mac kurwa kfc hamburger, kurwa chips

One polak = Chuck Norris

need one bullet made in poland for kill 3 mans

gl PL
faggots gonna get bashed
I guess Germany and UK out of reach, but I wish you better performance than last time ;)
wtedy specjalnie tak zagrali :) taka taktyka by pokazac ze chuja graja a tu surprise bedzie :pp
oni graja tylko w lola caly czas
I co a nie mowilem ?? :D:D:D
gib gas stefan
gl Simon!

NRW regelt das schon :)
Gl andre ter reuschel!
gl Abjecto :)
GL Poland !
01.04.13 21:00 CEST

nice april fool ;d
GL Lesti,Lukey,Fanatic,Wiadro,WuT
not gonna happen, 3 ppl from this lu were off to Easter and they can't play on monday.
oh CB
they dont wanna let me play and win nc... true business ;[[[
Daj karabin a wygram ten mecz
gl kids
easy Germany
3v6 :))) nice match gl
No kiwi...
no upload no win
gl Polsko :)
ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABA KURWATWA, mamy te same nazwiska a Ty mnie cisniesz publicznie
and CB admins strikes again. It's 2nd game for Poland in a row forced by admins in the day that we can't play. Group stage was a joke in this NC and you still want to see matches finished by forfeit in playoffs when you could have nice and skilled game. Dead game is dead.
:( czemu tak
atleast last NC your nation was allowed all the time in the world to find a day that suits you and the whole cup was delayed by a week or two because of team PL, so maybe the admins learned their lesson :D
no idea what happened in last NC (played only in final + wasn't paying attention @ et tbh), but what's the point in playing this game with lineup that have never played a single prac together. We have a lot of subs etc. and im fine with changing 1 player from lineup because he can't play, but changing 50% of main lineup just to play this is a joke.
and Team Poland strikes again. It's 2nd game for Poland in a row forced by admins because they failed to schedule the match on their own in the 2 weeks they were given to do so.
as far as I know fanatic (our captain if you don't know) asked us when can we play, and dialer said that he can't play monday/tuesday because of work, and lukey/lest were at home for easter, but ye force us to play at time we cant play.
so schedule the match in advance on a day that you can actually play? you do realize that it's possible to schedule the match yourselves, right? you don't have to wait until it is forced

though I guess it's easier to wait, because then you can take the easy road out by simply blaming us for your inability to schedule matches on your own

if we didn't force matches then the cup would never end because teams would take a month to schedule every match (kinda ironic tbh as lesti was just complaining a few weeks ago about how "slow" this NC is)
As you can see in war's challenge history I proposed last Tuesday evening to play this. Germany didnt even suggest any day nor they accepted/postponed my challenge. Also they can only play on Sundays - strays words. Then kresti says they cant play because of holidays and lets play it after the easter. And now suddenly they can all be here tonight on Monday and of course any other day is not good for them :D so yeah lets blame just us or me whatever
+1 my Cpt.
ogarnij to tam z jakims adminem :S ja jestem ale tez moge byc podpity wieczorem. nie nasza wina to nie grajmy tego wlasnym kosztem
what are you talking about?.. we couldve play the 1st time on a sunday where you guys wanted to pracc! ye you didnt wanted to play the offi.. so it got delayed the 1st time. You pmed me on irc and said that you got a hard time to schedule n stuff and i said we got it too.. and we are most available to play und thursdays+sundays.. and we couldnt play this sunday cuz of eastern... you agreed! and i dont even know why you are such an badass now to blame germany now how pathetic is that even?.. i said alot of times that we want to play that match with your real lineup and we can switch it i said it even to ohurcool that we would like to play that match... after it got forced i just said my mates be here on monday.. not our fault.. but i guess i can say whatever i want you will never blame yourself.

true story
cant u guys gather the whole 6 in the upcoming days? i mean almost every day is fine, except today :P
We blame cb mostly, trying to say thats its not only our fault we havent played it yet. If you want to play vs our full lineup just agree on playing some other day ;) You are just as guilty of not playing it yet as we are ;) About the cup schedule. It rly shouldnt matter if the cup takes longer. Any prizes here? Cash to be taken? The principle about the best nation taking Gold is what this cup is about, not about some stupid schedule CB came up with not givin us wildcards, and not taking events like Easter into account...
please enlighten me as to why this is CB's fault, because I would love to know

Quotesome stupid schedule CB came up with

are you serious?

Mar 01 15:02:48 <_lesti> [CB]ohurcool tbh its so fuckin slow
Mar 01 15:03:00 <_lesti> i almost forget about nc -_-

>complain about NC being "so fuckin slow"
>complain when a match gets forced after 2 weeks

make up your mind please
cause it was like that ;) dialer started working some time ago and it became hard to play anything when other teams are also limited with such things:ASD
so how is that our fault again?
Just let us play tomorrow and thats all ;)
fana ma cupika !
not unless GER agrees, today is the last day of the matchweek
so what that we wanted to prac something more before offi? I can say same about you that you didnt want to play the other days (when we could) because you just couldn't or wanted to prac undercover maybe?? and you can't say that it is delayed because we didnt want to play last Sunday. It was 24th of March and officially Matchweek ends today, so we still had whole week to schedule this. but

stRayREPLY 23 Mar 2013, 14:18

he asked for a Sunday 1 day before sunday. I told him that we want to prac instead of playing offi tomorrow and suggested him another days in a week. (tuesday or wednesday or whatever). yet he didn't even bother to message me until I had to pm him again and ask him sup with offi, again I got reply like this (on Tuesday) - "well we can only play next sunday^^". Next Sunday? OK it was yesterday but -
16:43:13 KRESTi • we cant paly at sunday also
16:43:15 KRESTi • cuz of eastern
so what, he meant another Sunday - 7.04.2013?

so why the hell do we have to play offi in a day that only is good for you and not fur us? (according to stray its only Sunday cuz 2 dates that he suggested are Sundays).

And now you are lucky that it's forced for Monday because you are available to play and we can't, so yeah let's say that you suggested 2 days and just because we can't play on Sundays its our fault :DD I suggested like 10 days already but they were never good for you.

I bet that if I didn't pm either you or stray first (which I have to do first all the time cuz you are too lazy? or think you are too pro to pm anyone or what?), you wouldn't even bother to write to me and try to schedule this game.

However, we can play this tomorrow with a normal lineup, for example after SPU9's cup - 22:30-23:00 (or just when all players are knocked out already)

(sry for the mess in this wall of text, all these quarrels are pointless anyway)
you don't even need to attend anyways, my boys will bash you without any problems^^
I'm not blaming you or anyone else in particular, just pointing out that it is ridiculous for your teammates to flame CB because a match gets forced for an inconvenient date/time after 2 weeks of no scheduling
Some guys from various nations work or cant play because of some reasons, and it makes it hard to schedule sth ( like vs ee, naits and dialers work). Most of the players arent 15 years old anymore, we have some things we need to take care of or other guys do. Take it to your mind.
Then build a team of players who are actually available when they have to.
this gave me cancer :XD
we're available most of the time. is it that strange that people can't play on easter holidays?
No, that's normal.
It's strange that you couldn't play 2 weeks before that though, don't you think?
we were supposed to play last tuesday but ger guys couldn't gather the whole 6 or sth. didnt think it would be such a ruckus now :d we just shouldn't be forced to play with mercs as i believe noone wanted this to happen. it's far in playoffs now so teams should play their best and that means with their best lineups. i know that admins might see it as bending the rules and might be mad and strict about it but it just kills the whole idea of the cup so i'm just hoping we can work it out somehow and play play team ger at their best but with our fullest as well
Two weeks has fourteen (14) days, and yet you keep repeating that one day where you did the effort to do your job.
You are both in the wrong, Germany is just the lucky one.
true :p
at least I made a challenge on CB for last Tuesday! :D they didn't even bother to challenge us on Clanbase, same with writing a message to me with they proposition, they were just waiting for me to write to them. I'm curious what would have happened if I acted like them and didn't write to any of them either. they are just lucky that the day that it got forced is good for them :-)
ye idd :)

contrary to what some may believe, we don't really enjoy forcing matches and would much prefer if teams could agree on a date/time on their own

but shit happens I guess
Wpiszcie kto bedzie gral bo nie wiem na kogo stawiac moje dolary
Afaik few other matches were rescheduled like 10 times (cze vs be for example), dunno why anyone would force a match when Easter is not even finished... :O clap clap clap cb :D
dunno why anyone would fail to schedule a match after 2 weeks then complain when it gets forced... :O clap clap clap Team Poland :D
guess we cant play vs someone who we cant rly msg on daily basis ;) sooo onesided, 3 of us from original lu wont play, thats lets say a little not fair? its not some groupstage match with one nation beeing a clear winner even changing few lu members ;) how is that for a point?
but still it's easter man :( can't it really be played some other day? like sunday and then nextround match on monday? :P

the match can be played tomorrow if and only if both teams agree, but it is not going to be moved all the way to next Sunday
it doesnt matter if it is easter or not imo. If u take a look on games like cs or lol, they had a whole lan through the whole eastern time, and noone gave a fuck so dont blame eastern for ur players not showing up. Either u play a game or u dont and have real life. simple as
man if your life is gaming that's ok but soem of us are students and don't live in our hometowns so easter is the time when we come home. today's still a holiday and people are still with their families. u think that the nc game is reason enough to leave home on easter?
po zwycięstwo
will be nice ...
lecimy z nimi
no i co .. przygotowac sobie popcorn ?
gl WuT
nie podoba mi sie to. denerwuje mnie.
easy Germany
gl Tim und Rest!
Alte Leute regeln! :)
gl ABject,WuT,zMk hf fanatic
Gl Polska
easy Polska
are zmk and FS just jokes on 1st April or really playing? :I
Chlopaki zrobia nam zarcik na 1 kwietnia i wygraja :XD
Zbyt poważna sprawa by robić takie żarty
gl WuT
Kokja cieszy sie ze powolaliscie Abjecta :DDDDDD
You have € 50000 on pl POL
Possible win: € 89000
o boze co za dramat o meczyk w et :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
gl kresti!
You have € 132 on POL
Possible win: € 409.2
With real lineup or not, pl will not win anyway.
You have € 100 on pl POL
Possible win: € 314

Może coś ugram :P

gl POL
hf GER
np for wut and abject csgo progamers
jako, ze opor jest duzy, przeciwnosci sypia sie z nieba, trza bedzie to wygrac w ladnym stylu , good luck polaczki :)
nie wiem ocb ale chyba dawno nie byłaś łotoszona, jak co to wal drzwiami i oknami, gang bang czeka
leci monstrum styl pijanego kota D:
dobrze, Tobie gl nie zycze :P
Az sie zalogowalem. hahahaha :XD
Jueguen luego po, Europeos culiaos y la conchetumare. Estoy aburrido en casa. Paren el faranduleo y a jugar paises de mierda.
we are avi to play this today at 22:00 CEST. cba to pm any of deutschlanders on IRC anymore as it doesn't give anything
co sie cfele nie zgodzily:XD?
nein, gdzies tam ci odpisalem z logami od cfela
w sumie oni sa slabi na tyle ze mozecie i teraz ich zgniesc:D i believe:D
yeah keep on blaming us for your incompetence in managing a team :D
gl&hf team germany
gl team speedlink
stream plz ????
nice cb admin nice !
hf jungs
So many polaks here
Shut up
Member Since
26th December 2012

this is by far the most exciting NC for a long time
Shut the fuck up.
Wesh le tard d'ET !
hahahahaha i co jest kurwa Pizdo Grzyby Niemieckie ? 4:2 PL
ts fans team jest dumne
You have € 63 on pl POL
You won € 137.34
You have € 100 on pl POL
You won € 218

You have € 90 on POL
You won € 196.2

izi money
wp both teams.
probablya rematch in lb final :D
zapomnialem czipsow wiec nie ogladalem ale widze dobrze rozegrane
lol @ those wall of text
wp abj wiadickhole
AoW wie man sie kennt, LoL
lol hop off cb admins you god damn inbreds
hes gave u 2 weeks to schedule that shit, too bad you couldnt
suck this dick
gg hunter, abj.. dziwne ze zmk nagle sie pojawił i napierdolił wiecej dmg niz inni hah
zmk piekny gracz
no to kurwa niech dalej rozpierdala! gg
This is what happened when pl played with "2nd" LU
son im proud <lzy.et>
You have € 110 on POL
You won € 239.8

I knew i could have trusted you :D
Go Poland!
You have € 109 on POL
You won € 237.62

You have € 50000 on pl POL
You won € 109000
n1 zmk
ladnie zMk =)
schande .. gegen diese honks
No kiwi no win ...